Hell’s IMPS Are Defeated by The Armies of the Living God!!!

  HELL’S IMPS ARE  DEFEATED BY THE ARMIES OF THE LIVING GOD!!!     By Dr. Lindy S. Diffenbaugh                          Hell’s Army is Strong, But They Shall Not Prevail Against God’s Mighty Warriors!!!     Across America today Christians stand in disbelief of the current state of their once great nation. A hell-filled system has belched out threats […]

Wake Up Church! HELL IS UPON US!

 IT IS TIME TO OVERCOME AND OVERPOWER HELL’S ARMY     WAKE UP SAINTS! THE ALARM IS SOUNDING LOUD AND CLEAR!                         BY DR. LINDY S. DIFFENBAUGH              Hell’s Army Now Contends For The Planet Earth     Why are we, or better yet,  why should we be, hearing this “silent spiritual alarm,” in […]

Trust In The Lord With All Your Heart And Do Not Lean in Your Own Understanding

        Trust In The Lord With All Your Heart And Do Not Lean in Your Own Understanding                                                       Proverbs 3:5 Draw Near to God In Your Trials and Tribulations, And HE Will Draw Near to You and He Will Release a Massive Breakthrough and Blessing from The Throne Room of Grace!       By: Dr. Lindy […]

Wake Up Church

It is Past Time for the Church to Wake Up and Fight for The Glory of God to Permeate Our Global Home By Dr. Lindy S. Diffenbaugh, D. D.    As you sojourn through the blessings that the Lord has bestowed upon your life and the lives of the people that you deeply love on this earth, it is likely that […]

Kingdom Leaders At the Gate

         Kingdom Leaders Ready To Serve    By Dr. Lindy Diffenbaugh        Kingdom Leaders Must Prepare To Serve God and His People on This Earth     I understand the topic that I am embarking upon in this message, that is “Kingdom Culture,” is  actually a reflection of the Lives that God Created to inhabit the earth. […]