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Jezebel Wants the Head of Every Forerunner in God’s Army



Jezebel Wants the Head of Every Forerunner In God’s Army



By Dr. Lindy Diffenbaugh, DD


Have you ever been in a position where you have no concrete evidence, however something in the depth of your Spirit being tells you that something is terribly off; in fact, you must work to discern what it might be.



After considering what you may be sensing in this situation, it may even give you a sense that this could be a wicked force of the demonic, or it could possibly be a prophetic warning from Heaven.



In fact, there is still something lurking deep in your spirit, that enlightens the reality of this certain situation, that clearly lets you know, that this thing carries a deep force of darkness, rather than a prophetic unction from heaven.



In fact, after trying to discern what exactly “THIS IS”, you begin to believe that it is more diabolically evil, than anything that could possibly emanate from the Throne Room of Heaven, where God’s Grace and Goodness bless and empower His people.



What really confuses you, is that it sounds very prophetic, but there is something below the surface of the communication, that would reveal enough questionable evidence, that you begin to recognize that “this thing” is forceful, it is intrusive, and the more you sense it, the more it robs you of your peace.


As it begins to unravel the depth of “this thing,” the reality of it begins to be revealed. There is no awareness of God’s redemptive nature – instead it leaves a sense of the activities of an unlawful operation on the Earth, as it might be in Hell.


While there is strong evidence that a spiritual dynamic is taking place, there is nothing about this “dynamic”, that could be peaceful and/or filled with the goodness of God; in fact, it leaves no sense of kindness or comfort, nor does it wreak of a sense of comfort, love, and genuine appreciation.



In fact, the longer you study this spiritual intrusion, the more you sense that it carries  a dark and sinister underlying agenda, and/or power play, within the depth of its being; in fact, it  shows up with an absolute, immovable intensity to invade, destroy, and annihilate any and everything that is true, good, godly, and is filled with a certain hope or the goodness and greatness of  God on earth, as in Heaven.


You must know that when this vicious demonic interloper  shows up on the scene, it comes with a determination to shut down the operation that you have involved yourself in and that you now stand at the helm of. While you may have thought early on, that this force did come to help and bless you, in fact, you are now certain that it did not come to help you or to bless you; in fact, it came to seduce you into what you may see as either a blessing, or a badly needed break. But, be aware, it is filled with deep, dark, demonic intent to release your ultimate, utter destruction.


As the move continues, you begin to recognize that this toxic devil, demon, has backed you into an inescapable corner. It is then that you realize that you have been seduced by a demonic, devilish force that intends to release evil into your life and the lives of everyone that you hold dear.


Know Your Captor


As you study your captor, you begin to recognize the unclean nature of this predator, by the unclean spirit that it carries; it unloads dark and devilish accusations that may sound absolutely true to someone that does not know you, but in truth, the only weapon that this demonic force carries, is  his ability to twist the truth into many, many pieces, and then to make it sound like you are the one that is packing loads of darkness and destruction.


This destructive force will surely contaminate the earth and the many “would be children” of God that live their lives above the darkness that Hell’s toxic forces are working very hard, to push His Saints into the quagmire of Hell’s Toxic Force of Utter Darkness and Destruction.


Seduction is one of the primary tools of the Jezebel Spirit; this is a rebellious spirit that you might run into in a corporate gathering. In fact, at such a gathering, this spirit often insists that they be the top man/woman to take charge of the gathering, and “run the show,” so to speak.  When someone else offers directions or advice, the “Jezebel Spirit” will not allow that person, or anyone other than this deep, dark Jezebel spirit that lords itself over the entire unsuspecting gathering.


How Do You Know When Jezebel is “In the House”?


The Wife takes over, The Husband is Passive. The Wife was lustful, the lust is cloaked under “God Spoken Statements,” that are in no way prophetic.


Jezebel also Gives Ultimatums to any and everyone that will respond to her. 


In her efforts to advance in business or in church and she Wrestles for Absolute Control.


Jezebel can operate under any gender. She is simply looking for a host to seduce and control and manifest herself through.


You must draw  a line in the sand and stand  against  Jezebel  and all of her minions. She has only one choice in the face of this demonic force. She must  repent and be set free from the bondage of hell that Jezebel brings!



You Cannot afford to be passive in spiritual warfare or the devil will take you out and Laugh the Entire Time that He us Unraveling Your Life


You Cannot Leave Jezebel Unchecked



Jezebel’s Evil Works Must Be Addressed


She is a Spiritual Assassin Who Takes Aim at All Things That are Prophetic!



The Key Component to Exposing Jezebel is Exposing Her Lies and Antics that She Uses to Puff Herself Up


If her words are prophetic, they will points back to Jesus    


Jezebel hates prophetic ministry because it prepares the way for the move of God



A Forerunner’s  Word Releases a Concrete Promise That Will Bless The One That Received It and Others in Their Lives


Seduction is Jezebel’s End Game


She Does Not Exhibit Natural Anger, But She Does Release Uncommon Spiritual Rage


A Prophet Cannot Be Bought or Intimidated


Jezebel is a Dangerous and Immoral Spirit


She Uses Various Means of Seductive Manifestations, Such as Sexual Seduction and Pure Perversion.


Jezebel’s Sexual Seduction Is at Work to destroy the Ministries and Spiritual Exploits of Prophetic Leaders.


Jezebel Has Strategic Plans of Distraction and Deception. If the Spirit Successfully Impacts The Head It Can Certainly Kill The Body.


In the face of change and reformation, the Jezebel spirit bombards them with a multi-pronged attack with the intent to cut off the head of destiny.


Jezebel intimidates in order to send prophets into hiding. She will go on a murderous rampage determined to slaughter the voice of the Lord that comes through the prophets


Jezebel comes to push the anointing into hiding, to tear down prophetic ministries, to overwhelm prophetic leaders, to steal the joy, rob the life, zap the strength, and quench the power.



The leaders will survive, but they will not thrive. Jezebel will strive to cut off the finances of prophetic ministries and prophetic people. She does not want anyone sowing into the prophetic voice in the earth.


Jezebel will work to put you in a cave of rejection, this leads to loneliness, and cut off from all others. Prophets must be infinite glory carriers, that will repulse Jezebel with the Authority that they carry.



Do Not Succumb to a Cave of Isolation, Rejection, or Fear.



Jezebel Releases Words of Witchcraft and Spirits of Fear.



Do Not Let a Jezebel Teach and Preach and Seduce the Prophets to Commit Sexual Immorality and Eat Food Sacrificed to Idols.


Jesus Warns Against Acceptance of Witchcraft Rather Than Genuine Prophetic Ministry.


Jezebel Does Her Best To Establish Her Own Renegade Ministry of Seduction.



Beware That This Spirit Reduces Leaders With Gifts, Flattery, Finances, and False Loyalty, to the Fear of Failure in Their Own Lives.



This Jezebel Spirit, Works to Prove its Spirituality of Grandiose Proclamations of Fasting, Prayer, and Revelation.



Jezebel is a Deeply rebellious Spirit that Will Not Submit To Ordained Leadership in Any Way, Shape, or Form.


Jezebel will fake anointing sometimes in order to be handed the reins of authority. It is a dangerous attempt at seduction in an attempt to wrestle power away from God Ordained Leaders.


All of this is done in order to fulfill its own wicked agenda…That is her ultimate goal…to take the reins of power from those to which they  have been legitimately appointed.


This spirit will move people and loyalty and alliance. But it is deceptive, and in they end, they will find that the movement directed them into the face of demons and, very often, into the face of the Devil himself! 


Jezebel is a Bewitching Spirit


One Sign of Jezebel is false Prophetic witchcraft. Jezebel concocts a Prophetic action from demonic forces of darkness, yet, she cloaks their appearance as a “Powerful Word From the Most High God.”


How can she get away with “words that are fed to the recipient” as The True “Word of the Lord”, and  how can the recipient believe that word will sound like they are receiving a life altering elevation to a new realm into Heaven on  Earth?



 Rebellion is as the Sin of Witchcraft and Stubborn Rebellion is as Iniquity and Idolatry


The first component of witch craft is rebellion. The Lord exposes the roots of rebellion as oppositional to anyone that wields any kind of  authority and dominance over the Jezebel Spirit.



God’s kingdom is a Theocracy.; It is not a Democratic Body…No one votes, there are no individual rights, privileges, and preferences.  As disciples of Jesus, we are invited into a lifestyle of surrender. We accept the need to surrender, because the Godhead, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, hold our lives in their most able Hands



God wants us to be so in-tune with His words, that we hear the secret whispers of His heart and know His ways. This type of intimacy fuels a life of  glorious God sent exploits.



A bond-servant refuses to surrender to  witchcraft; rather, bond-servant surrenders to authority. On the other hand, witchcraft seeks quick power and absolute dominance



A Bond-Servant is Disciplined, A Witch Is Unbridled



A Bond-Servant is humble, A Witch is arrogant and boastful. A Bond-Servant lives to please the master. A witch lives to please self.


Witchcraft is Self-Focused, Self-Promoting, and Self-Pleasing. Jezebel is All of These!


The Power of witchcraft, as judged by God will strike you dead because it operates in a realm of strange fire, it taps into spiritual dimensions that are not holy. Priests are called to be holy. Sanctified and set apart. Jezebel is Unholy, She is out of Control, and She is Oozes Out Pure Evil


The Motive behind the prophetic word is as important as to us, as the spoken lie is to the Jezebel spirit. She will use the lie to gain access to people.



If a person gives himself over strongly enough, the false fire can tap into information. The Jezebel spirit taps into the spirit realms and knows things, but it is the communication of devils and it cannot produce life or feel the heart of God.


In order to hear and listen to the word spoken, you must discern the motive, so that you can identify strange fire. In fact a Jezebel Spirit will sell herself for fame, money, and and especially a massive force of power.


Strange fire is spiritual power, manifestation and information, but it is not holy and the heart of the Lord is not in it, neither is the character of God in it.


Anyone who appears strong in the spirit, but is dishonest, greedy, has broken family relationships, or has a bad track record in relationships and business, should be engaged with much caution. Often strange fire manifests, deceiving people to unloose wicked plans.


Do not be fearful of Jezebel…but be armed and ready to deal with her. Be equipped. There is no time to be distracted or delayed.


Strange fire works through Jezebel, releasing false prophetic utterances and unholy encounters. You will gain great advantage when you begin to study and learn how these spirits operate  against God’s People. When you learn to rightly identify these spirits and their agendas, it will gives you a great advantage over the Jezebel spirit and the tactics that she employs. .


How to Discern Jezebel, Strange Fire, and False Prophetic Witchcraft



Examine the motive. Proverbs 4:2 warns us to guard our hearts. We must purify our hearts, examine our motives, and allow Holy Spirit to search us and reveal any improper agenda that we might carry. Jezebel always has an agenda, there is a wrong motive behind every move that Jezebel makes.


Observe the Jezebel spirit by examining motive and fruit. This spirit often has a track record of sowing discord, dishonor, and bad character. You must first look at the fruit in the life of a person who wants to speak into your life.


Examine the methodology … Jezebel does things in a sneaky way to avoid oversight because she carries a rebellious spirit. The Jezebel spirit is a forceful rank breaker, honoring no one but it’s self.


She has no problem dishonoring leaders, nor does she hesitate to breach protocols.  Where ever these behaviors are rampant there is always a strange spirit.


When someone with bad character, trying to dominate you with prophetic words, so called spiritual leading and concerns, will always be suspicious of the Jezebel spirit; thus you should not override the check that will most likely rise up in your spirit. In fact it may save your life.


Jezebel goes after the prophetic and tries to cut off its head. 


Pray over your own life. Pray over the lives of people that you know have a prophetic anointing.


Keep yourself in a surrendered lifestyle as a bond servant to the Lord. This is a Key to Your Freedom!


Examine motives, the why is as important as  what, they actually have to offer!


Be a person of integrity. Value character, and not just their gifts.


Beware of people who have no stability but always want to give a word to others.


Ministry flows from covenant and relationship. Ask the Lord for a covenant Heart.


Be willing and able to say, “Thank you Lord that I am not deceived. I hear your voice and obey your leading . I ask for clear discernment for any and all wrong relationships and motives coming into my life. I want to love and value your bride, the Church of the Living God. I will strive to be a person of mercy and grace. I do not want to accuse, attack, and criticize any one, as I strive to walk in wisdom. Help me walk out my life in Wisdom, Grace, and Clear Discernment, in Jesus name. Amen


















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