As a Roaring Lion Satan Seeks To Devour God’s Warriors!

Evil Seeks to Invade and Destroy America

Satan's Army Is Working to Destroy America's Destiny


Whom He May Devour

By Dr. Lindy S.  Diffenbaugh, D.D.

Be Sober, Be Vigilant, Because Your Adversary The Devil, As A Roaring Lion Walks About Seeking Whom He May Devour. Whom You Must Resist Steadfast in the Faith, Knowing That the Same Afflictions Are Accomplished In Your Brethren Who Are In the World!

                                             1 Peter 5:8-9

                Seeking Whom He May Devour!  

Truth Versus Lie

In so many ways, it is true that those who populate the earth in this day, walk in a deep spiritual slumber. They are surely awake to the fact that there is great financial lack on the earth, that sickness and disease are real and nobody seems to hold long-term solutions to these chronic disorders, that the government is not supporting those who elected them, that their children are unruly, etc., etc., etc.

While these issues, and many more just like them, are evident and real in the lives of most people, they are nevertheless oblivious to where these complications, obstacles, headaches, etc., originated. They have not been offered concrete solutions from friends, co-workers and the like, because these are in the same maze, that ultimately leads to no where.

People, by and large, do not believe in the reality of Satan himself. They love to chant, “The devil made me do it,” but they themselves do not believe that there is a real devil, who heads up battalions and brigades of demonic forces that carry one purpose on this Earth. That purpose, of course, is to steal Planet Earth from the Heirs of Salvation, i.e., those of us who follow Christ-and they intend to  claim it for Beelzebub, that old serpent that we call the devil.

Most people do, to some degree, believe that there is a God in Heaven who created all things and who watches over them. They do not necessarily see Him as a personal God. They do not recognize that their God has counted every hair on their head, has written the story of every day of their lives in a book in Heaven, and who has a definite path for them to follow every day, throughout the course of their lives. Most just know that God is there for them, and rightfully so, they find comfort in that knowledge.

Most People Do Know that Jesus Defeated Satan on the Cross

There are many people who know that Jesus defeated Satan on the Cross and secured the Keys to Death, Hell, and the Grave, on behalf of the faithful followers of Christ. Most have never reckoned with the enormity of the impact of the Victory of Christ’s resurrection from the Grave, followed by His ascension into Glory!

This magnificent act of Heavenly Glory and Power bought back the planet and defeated Satan and his minions forever and ever and ever. In fact, this one act secured the liberty of mankind from the rule of Satan in their lives and bought them the promise of Eternal Glory in Heaven With Christ.

So, if that is true, and it is, why does Satan still roam to and fro about the earth seeking whom he may devour. And why, in fact, does he devour so many of them? If you do not know the answer to that question, let me enlighten you. Satan, by nature is a deceiver. He is a liar. In fact, Satan is THE Father of All Lies.

If you have heard enough lies by enough people in your life, you begin to recognize that most people tell lies.  We certainly know that most people tell lies, at one point or another in their lives; in fact, many of them have told so many lies, that they, themselves, believe that their lies are actually true. That, of course, is a dangerous mountain to climb up upon, at one time or another.

There are some people, who lie so well that they themselves believe their own lies. But when we say that Satan is the “Father of Lies”, we are, I believe, saying that he invented the LIE. He not only invented the lie, but he has perfected them. His lies are so smooth, and to the “Average Joe,” they are very convincing.

When you consider Eve, the first human being who was deceived by that old serpent. the devil himself, you will begin to understand the danger of a lie. Eve took one bite of the apple and all humanity fell from the Eternal Grace and Glory that God had created for the entire human race.

Lies are not harmless. Even what some call, “Little White Lies,” can bring forth great damage, destruction, and death to the peoples of the earth, and the eternal destruction of the purposes of Heaven on Earth.

Like a Roaring Lion

The Lion is, always has been, and most likely always will be the King of the Jungle. But what does it mean for an animal to be The King in a jungle? Specifically, I believe that it carries enough authority in his being, life and body, that all creatures bow down to the Lion, aka-The Sitting Kiing In the Jungle! 

More specifically, if he is eating another animal, there is not a jungle creature alive that would work to wrestle that piece of meat from the “King of the Jungle!” In fact, the jungle creatures have enough honor and respect for the Lion not to interrupt the King while he devours another animal. In fact, they instinctively know that any attempt to snatch the Lions dinner, might end in their total demise.

Consider the King in the biblical Book of Esther. No one would think of going before the King without an invitation. They were aware that if they did, they would end up in the dungeon, or even worse, dead. Likewise, no one questions or moves into the territory of the Lion. Why? Because they want to live long on the earth.

Satan’s Minions Can Consume Destinies With Just One Diabolical Lie

Just as the Lion can certainly consume a life in one bite, so Satan can consume a life for all eternity, with just one lie. In fact, his primary goal and purpose is to deceive and devour and destroy the heirs of Salvation.

Like a lion, Satan moves in stealth fashion. If you are not sober and vigilant, then his craftiness will seduce you. He will draw you in to his trap. In fact, you will walk right into his trap, believing that there is a blessing in store for you at the end of the walk. Unfortunately, if you believed that lie, you just became another one of Satan’s victims.

In the 2nd chapter of the book of Proverbs, verses 12-19, we read of evil men of perverted speech who have forsaken righteous paths, to walk in the ways of darkness. These rejoice in doing evil and they enjoy the very perversity of evil. Those who follow the ways of perversity, will certainly fall out of the grace of heaven. They will sink down to death and none who follow such ways will regain the paths of righteousness.

In the same Proverb, starting in verse 4, we read that “If you follow the paths of the righteous, then wisdom will come into your heart and discretion and understanding will watch over your soul and guard you from the trap of the predator.” In other words, the righteous pathways will guard and protect you from the predator that is intent on fully destroying and devouring you now and for all eternity.

While we respect the Lion and know that he is a deadly predator, if we exercise wisdom it will surely dictate that we avoid the Lion at all costs. But, it is important to know that the only thing that Lion can steal from a man, woman, or child, is the life within their bodies. And, certainly, you would ask, “Isn’t that everything that they own?” The answer to your question is, “No!”. In fact, the body is simply the shell that houses the life withing the human being.

As you know, man is a three-part being. He is a spirit, that lives in a soul, that is housed in a body. So, every human is comprised of a spirit, soul, and body. At death, the spirit departs from the body. It will end up in one of two places. It will either go straight to Hell to burn in the flames of Hell Fire for all eternity, or it will be elevated to the Glory of Heaven, where they will be blessed by God for all eternity.

If you do not already know, at the point of death you do not get to choose where you want to spend eternity. That decision was made before they you took your last breath. For those who choose Christ in this life, their spirits will end up in Heaven with Christ. All others will go straight to burning flames of hell-fire and damnation! In fact, they will be scorched by those flames through out all eternity!  It is just that simple.

So why am I talking about all of this, when we all know and understand that we are on this earth to create and maintain as we fight through to heavenly victories? In essence, the battle that has been fought throughout all eternity, has been for the spirit and soul of every man woman and child that has walked, or will walk on this earth.

Battles Are Fought to Ensure that The Righteous Will Prevail On Earth as In Heaven!

We fight and win that battle one soul at a time. We are surely fighting to maintain Christ’s victory on Calvary’s Cross. But that battle was fought and won by Christ. It is up to the Body of Christ, God’s warriors on the Earth, to fight the good fight for not only the earth, but also to fight for the eternal inheritance of every life that walks this earth. As the late Reinhardt Bonnke told us, we are fighting “to plunder hell and populate heaven.”

As we fight that battle and usher saints into the Kingdom of Light, we are fighting the good fight. We are winning souls to rob hell of the inheritance of that soul, while at the same time we are adding to the roles of Saints who will step into heavenly glory.

So, we fight the fight for the lives of those we love, and for the salvation of souls in the nations of the earth that we do not even know yet.

We are fighting so that the Gospel Light will continue to burn in the nations of the Earth. We are fighting so that the Light that the Body of Christ releases on the Earth, will become a Torch of Truth to those who are Troubled and Dying in the World.

We are fighting so that Christ, our Sovereign King, will gain the inheritance that He purchased on Calvary, with His Own Life. We are fighting so that Satan will spend eternity in the pit of Hell, for ever and ever and ever, exactly where he belongs.

With that said, I charge you to Fight the Good Fight of Faith with unrelenting passion. It is a Good Fight Because In the End, We Will Surely Win!



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