God’s Warriors Will Rise Up and Save Souls That  Do Not Yet Know Their Creator God

 God’s Warriors Will Prevail In Their Mission to Save Souls On This Earth



Let God’s Warriors Arise and Rescue Lost Souls on This Earth






By Dr. Lindy Diffenbaugh












In my early 30’s, I read a book penned  an amazing Man of God, Paul Billheimer, entitled “Destined for the Throne!” Even though Mr. Billheimer had died before I ever knew that he or this book ever existed, when I did learn of the man and the book, that book  totally consumed me! In fact, the book impacted me at the mind, heart, and soul level, in a way that I had ever known before, and in fact, I had no idea that such a deep  impact from the pages of a book, was even possible!









Once I got my hands on the book, I consumed the book and I proceeded to read it over, and over and over again. It was that intriguing and that powerful!  Since that time, I have developed and carried a vision in my spirit and soul, of what the true church could, should, and must be. I believe that vision was authentic, and it was poured out to and through my entire being, from the Throne of the Magnificent God of Heaven and Earth.






As I have carried that vision in me, and it has evoked a permanent sense of AWE in the deepest portals of my soul!  when it ascends to the forefront of my mind, soul, and spirit! In fact, it is a vision of The Church United and the Bride of Christ Triumphant. I see her coming together as one Body and rising as a force out of the heart of the Nations of the Earth.


She is empowered by the Spirit of the Living God, and she stands militantly on the war-torn landscapes of our World.


In the event of her resurrection, the Bride of Christ is strategically positioned to dominate the masses of the Earth with the message of the Gospel.


They heed her message because she no longer reflects their level of hopelessness and despair that she too once carried. It is, in fact, quite the opposite, as she has walked with Christ, the Bride has distinguished herself in every area of life and living.


The Spirit of the Lord has raised her up as a standard of righteousness to fight against the dark forces of hell on this earth. To the Nations of the world, she has risen as a beacon of light, so that now those who have sat in great darkness for so long, can actually see in Her, the light of the Glorious Authority of Christ. In fact, because she is risen and holds forth the torch of light and truth, The Nations of this World have become the Nations of our Lord and of His Christ.


That is the vision that I hold in my heart. But when I open my natural eyes, I am reminded of the words penned by an unknown author. While it is rather old writing, it is still relevant to a good-sized portion of the Church in this day. It is in fact entitled: 













































“Backward Christian Soldiers!”

Backward Christian Soldiers, fleeing from the fight, with the Cross of Jesus, nearly out of sight.


Christ our rightful master, stands against the foe. But forward into battle we are loathe to go.


Like a mighty tortoise moves the Church of God. Brothers we are treading where we have always trod.


We are much divided, many bodies we. Having many doctrines, but not much charity.
Crowns and thorns may perish, kingdoms rise and wane, but the church of Jesus hidden doth remain.



Gates of hell should never against the church prevail, we have Christ’s own promise, but think that it will fail. Sit here then ye people join our useless song,


Blend with ours your voices in a feeble song. Blessings, ease, and comfort ask from Christ the King, But With Our Modern Thinking, We Don’t Do A Thing!


Be Encouraged That Heaven’s Earthly Remnant of the Militant Church  Is On the Rise


Let me ask you to Picture a Balancing Scale In Front of You


The balancing scale carries a place with a plate on each side of the scale. Over one of the plates you can look up and see what looks like a very heavy package moving vigorously through the sky. In addition to the heavy package, there is also one that looks like a tiny feather-light package floating slowly down to earth.


When the heavy package lands you brace yourself, as it slams itself down on the plate. In fact, it breaks open and the contents therein bounce against the table, before they crash solidly onto the floor.


To clarify this scene, this package was labeled “The Cares of this World.” In it was everything that people struggle with outside of our knowledge of Christ. In fact, these represent all of the cares, the trials, and the defeat that we encounter. These would be, but are not limited to, marriages, jobs, issues with children from conception to the point that they leave the home. It also encompasses the issues of life that seem to defy solutions and resolutions.


After some time, the feather light package that has been slowly descending from the sky, now hits the plate. That package was labeled, “The Things of the Spirit.” When it hits the plate, it crashes right down to the table and the contents of the “Cares of this World fly up into the air from its impact.


In the above writing, I have been working to reflect a picture of the World that we live in today. In this day we carry the weight of our cares and worries every day of our lives.


These are things that we cannot seem to understand or do anything about. They tend to leave us fearful, frustrated, troubled, and very often it leaves us with physical illness and significant inner and outer pain.  



In Fact, We, God’s Chosen People Must Arise and Be The Church


We go to church on Sunday, read our Bibles, occasionally, but we don’t realize that along with these actions, we are carrying dynamite.


And we have little understanding that the things of the Spirit could dramatically outweigh the cares of this world.


What I am illustrating here is the deficit of the cares of this world to release a positive impact on the hearts and lives of the people in this world.


In comparison to the Cares of the World, the things of the spirit have shattered and they will continue to shatter and scatter all darkness, pain, and defeat in the lives of those who Love Christ and Live according to His ways.


I am of course, speaking of the impact of Kingdom reality coming down from Heaven onto the Earth, and breaking up the works of darkness, the sickness, the lack, the pain, the division, and every other evil wicked thing that tears down the people of God, in their lives, their world, and in the Church, in this nation and the many nations around the world. If we are going to prevail and come out of this, we must detach ourselves from our worldly cares, and put our focus on the weightier matters of the Spirit.


We must read and consume the Word of God. We must live the Word, share the word. We must apply the Word to every difficulty that we face. We must turn our focus from “the cares of this world”, to the Glory of our Faithful Creator God.


When we make that shift in our hearts, minds and souls, we will Release the Power of the Word of God into every aspect of lack, need, and despair, that we the people of this world might face.


I recently heard someone say that if you are saved, it is not about you anymore. It is about people dying and going to hell with every blink of an eye. “What do these people have to do with us?” you may ask. In fact, if we don’t point them to Jesus, there is a possibility that no one else will. You and I know that there are people that we know and love, that do not know the lord of Heaven and Earth.


In fact, there is a strong possibility that if you do not share the Gospel with these, then no one will. It is time to cast aside our inhibitions and rescue souls that are headed straight to the devil’s pit of Hell Fire and Brimstone, unless someone, YOU, does/do not open your mouth wide and allow the Holy Spirit inside of you, to release the Gospel of Salvation to the last, the least, and the lost of the Christ starved  souls on this Earth.  


Know This…The people on this Earth who do not know and honor the one True God of Heaven and Earth, Will Not Make It to Heaven…No Matter How They Might Have Impacted the Nations and the People of the Earth.


In fact, these may not have a chance to prevail over hell and find their Salvation in Christ, unless you and I open our mouths wide, allow Christ to fill it with the Gospel we must and will share the the lost, the least, and the dying souls of this earth! 



With That Said…It is Now Time for God’s Faithful Warriors to Go Out into the World and Share the Truth of The Gospel to Those That Have No Hope of Salvation In Christ!









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