Living the Abundant Life: Is It Real or Nothing But A Fairy Tale?


Can The Average and Ordinary Person Live The Reality of a Fairy Tale Life?


By Dr. Lindy S. Diffenbaugh, D. D


Living In the Abundance On Earth As In Heaven
                                                Live the Fairytale Life By the Gracious Hand of God

When we were dead in our our failures and sins, God made us alive in Christ. God has in fact, brought us back to our lives in Christ Jesus, and He has positioned us in the Heaven-lies by His Side. (Ephesians 2:5-6)


As we are all aware, that Christ was sent to this Earth at the Hand of His Father, i.e., God Himself; His mission was to give God’s created beings a taste of living the abundant life on Earth, as in Heaven. In fact, Jesus Christ called all humanity, out of darkness as He led them into the light. 


In fact, as He revealed the light, He admonished the remnant that was eager to hear His teaching that they/we should not hide the light that is within them/us, under a bushel/covering!


In fact, although the darkness, can be a reality in your life, that darkness did not come from or through your life by your faithful Creator!  Do you believe that despite the death of your dreams and ambitions, that living the life of abundance in Christ, is still a strong possibility in your life?


Do you know that when you are positioned with Christ in the heavens, that death, hell, and darkness cannot keep you off the pathway to abundant living? Or is it possible, that living the abundant life is just a fairy tale gone very bad? I give an absolute NO to the “fairy tale gone bad,” suggestion.



The Power for Living the Abundant Life is Choked by Hell’s Quicksand


We often get off of the path that leads to abundance in Christ, when we allow the trials of living to tower over the resurrection power of Christ. Grappling with situations that defy solutions, is equivalent to getting caught in quicksand. As darkness increases, your hope for deliverance can become dim, and extremely dark.


The more that the darkness consumes you, the less likely you are to release your faith. As your body is being submerged and your nose rests atop the quicksand that seeks to consume, your faith in a God of love, peace, and joy, that is now in your mind, seems to quickly become nonexistent. In fact, at this point, the darkness, hopelessness, and despair have now become your trusted companions. In the face of destruction, the promise of living the abundant life becomes a cruel and unrelenting mockery.


When times were good, you believed that nothing could take you down. You believed that you had the spiritual might to overcome and breakthrough any obstacle that hell could put before you. Your faith in God aside, like most people in this day and time, are living in an age where solutions are a “dotcom away.” The world in this day is full of “expert” and technological ideas, and solutions for every imaginable disaster.




Living the Abundant Life In Christ Cannot Not Be Realized in a Google Search


As you and I both know, that in our present culture, where a simple “Google” search can yield breakthrough solutions to formerly impenetrable obstacles, that those options can be a band-aid, not a solution. Unfortunately, we also live in a world where Hell has the capacity to belch out all that it can, onto our formerly easy and comfortable lives. In such situations, the “ solution” will not yield the solution that is so greatly needed in that moment.


In fact, the powers of darkness can cause your eyes to gaze on modern day “towers of Babel,” rather than focus on the Word of God. When hell’s disaster lands in your backyard, you will certainly realize that dotcoms and breakthrough solutions of the day, are no match for hell’s best shot.


On the wrong side of a checkmate in a chess game with the devil, without strong faith in Father God, His Son, and the Holy Spirit, you will find that you are faced with the reality of certain defeat.


During an unrelenting fight against hell you cannot allow doubt to deceive you. In the face of that darkness, you must hold onto your Heavenly Father, the author and creator of your destiny. While hell wants to destroy you, God wants to teach your hands to war and allow your arms to bend a bow of bronze against your enemies.


It is through His mercy, that God allows you to encounter trials. He did not write the bad fairy tale, but he uses it to teach you to resist and overcome that battle. In the midst of the trials and tribulations, you must never forget that  while you are living in those days of difficulty, that the abundant life in Christ was His idea, and He is well able to deliver on His promise.




The Key to Living the Abundant Life


So What is the key to winning the battle and living the abundant life is inherent in Ephesians 2:5-6. Clarity comes as you allow your spirit and soul to soak in the beauty of that reality. In God’s eyes and by His grace you have never been, and you will never be caught up in hell’s quicksand.


If that is your perception, you are deceived. In God’s reality you are seated in the heavens with Christ. You did not have to strive to get there. God raised you up.


Flying at 50,000 feet the objects below look like tokens on a monopoly board. If you were in their midst, they would be huge. At high altitudes you aren’t impacted by traffic jams, forest fires, or hurricanes. Your seat in that plane is a safe one. During the hurricane your position would no doubt be a deadly one.


Similarly, when you are raised up with Christ the quicksand below is no threat. Hell’s storms are no match for the overcoming power of our resurrected Savior. Mountains become minuscule when you are seated with Christ in the Heavens.


At that altitude nothing shall by any means hurt you. In your elevated position you find that all of God’s promises are Yeah and Amen! His word cannot and will not ever fail. The promise of living the abundant life in Christ is no longer a bad fairy tale. It is an undeniable reality. It is real today. It will be real tomorrow. It will be real a thousand years from now.


When your trials are insurmountable you may not realize that the victory can be found in Ephesians 2:5-6. That’s because you are looking for concrete solutions to spiritual strongholds. Such solutions are realized by faith alone!


The Word of God is the dynamite that will demolish every obstacle hell can erect against you. The illusion of your trial is a lie. God’s Word reveals perspectives that will raise you up above the lie and position you in the middle of God’s plans and purpose that He has for your life.



You must diligently Seek your situation from His perspective.  They will elevate you above every stronghold of hell. When that happens, you will find yourself in the promise of living the abundant life in Christ! You must never let doubt allow you to stop short of breakthrough solutions that can be realized only by your indomitable faith in a God That Cannot Fail!


So The Message is …. Stand Strong In the Battle-God Is With You and You Will Surely Overcome and Prevail Over Death Hell and Darkness!





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