Kingdom Leaders At the Gate



Kingdom Leaders Ready To Serve


 By Dr. Lindy Diffenbaugh 



Kingdom Leaders Prevail When God Is With Them
With God Kingdom Leaders Prevail


Kingdom Leaders Must Prepare To Serve God and His People on This Earth



I understand the topic that I am embarking upon in this message, that is “Kingdom Culture,” is  actually a reflection of the Lives that God Created to inhabit the earth. Yet the habitation of the earth, reflects far more than “inhabiting the earth.!”


In fact, if this subject is to empower your understanding of “the Beginning,” and how the Earth evolved before humanity populated the Earth, then you must read the article, and however it touches you, you must react by seeking God for a greater depth of understanding or His glory, Life, and His Creation of Heaven and Earth. 


Of course the evolution of humanity, His Created Beings, and the resources to embellish and strengthen their lives,  came forth in exponential fashion. Why would that be? Simply because God has Always Been a Very Good Father and He loves and cares for His Created Beings!


In fact, with God in control of the situation in the Garden, Adam and Eve were very well taken care of and they did not have to lift a finger to labor or care for their lives; neither did they have to create the  sustenance for their meals. Why? Because God gave them the entire Garden of Eden. Of course He warned them that they could eat from every tree in the garden, with the exception of “That One Tree!.


Yes, God, Himself, forbade the couple to eat of just one tree; that Tree was in fact, the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil! In fact, as you Bible Scholars surely know, with a degree of curiosity and some counsel from that diabolical demon called the Devil, Eve, and then Adam, partook of the God Forbidden Fruit of that one Tree!


Again, as every bible scholar is aware, that after the deed was done and God found out about it, the First Couple of the Garden were exiled from the from that very Garden. In fact, their actions marred the Heavenly inheritance of Walking With God and Seeing Him Face to Face on a daily basis. At this point in their lives, they recognized that they it would never be their legacy to live in that beautiful Garden. In fact, because of their disobedience, while we walk on this earth, there most likely, will never be a time that God will come to you and ask you to walk in the Garden with Him.


It is also important to remember, however, God Loves Us All and He will Provide For Any and Everything that We Want, Love, or need!


                 Kingdom Leaders At the Gate


What exactly is “Kingdom Culture”? So glad you asked! Kingdom Culture, is community and it is family. It is living in close proximity and relationship with the other saints that live in your spiritual culture, and honor and worship the same God that you love, honor, and obey! Thus, there are few boundaries between you and the other Saints that live in the proximity to where you live, work, and raise your family and nurture your marriage. 


I Believe that Christianity spans a wide class of earthly Saints that serve and worship God. In fact, there are those who live and breathe the Gospel, and there are those that do their best to get to Church on Sunday Morning, and those that may watch the sermon on line, and finally there are those that call themselves Christians, but there is nothing in their lives that would reflect that they have anything to do with the Christ, the Bible, or Attending Church on Sunday Morning.


Because each of us serve the Lord in many different forms and fashions, I want to ask you to let me make it clear that.  there is no one on this earth that can, should, or ought to judge the times and ways that you follow your God. Further, I must I make it “real”  that your Church involvement, is your business, and it is between You and Your God!


Do not let anyone shame you into submission to attend church this way or that! Again-God is your Judge, not the neighbors or anyone else that makes an effort to shame you into submission to be in the Church every Sunday of the Year.  Your Church involvement and attendance is between you and God.


Let me emphasize yet one more time, that whether you do and do not go to Church, is between You an Your God. It is not the business of your mother or father, sister or brother, and it is not the decision of your husband or your wife. It is a decision that you as an adult will make through out your life on this earth. Choose Wisely and whatever your decision turns out to be, make certain that you Honor God in the process!


Kingdom Leaders are Usually Birthed Over Time and Not Assigned Over Night  


Kingdom Leaders are usually Strong in the Lord and in the Power of His Might! In other words, they love their God and they are usually anxious to Share Their Faith with Others. In fact, if you think that I am speaking of “You”, stop and understand that I am speaking in Broad Terms, and you are not really the subject of my writing. I do, in fact, pray that You will consider this writing, meditate on it, and eventually you will adapt your life to at least some, part, or even all of the writing in this message.


The entire world is filled with many different types of men, women, and children that actually love God, but you may not see them in a Sunday morning service; however, they may be the ones that pour over the Bible, and Pray diligently every single day of their lives. And by the Way, Whatever They Are Doing on that Sunday Morning, is not your business or mine, it is, in fact between them and their God.


When you see their empty chair and note their absence in Church on Sunday, do not judge them and do not jump to conclusions. Remember that these are not your people, they are God’s children! Never Judge, and always Pray for those that concern you, and you discern that they need something more from God to Make their Lives as Strong on the Earth as It Must Be In Heaven


  We Must Honor and Serve God During Our Sojourn On This Earth


While we are on this Earth what do we do? We Live! In fact, as we honor God, we make it our “business,” to not only serve the Lord in Heaven that we have not seen, but also must learn to honor and serve the people that may not know Christ yet! However with Your Prayers, and other interventions, you will find an open door, and eventually an open heart, that is ready, willing and able to hear the Word of the Lord from the Holy Spirit, 


In fact if they Accept Him into their Hearts and Lives, then their  their lives will then be lived in such a way that they too will will bring others to experience a strong Grace and Hunger to Know and Serve God, and to Make Him Known Throughout Their Lives!






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