Title: America’s Destiny is Threatened By A System of Evil


America’s Destiny is Threatened By a System of Evil

Dr. Lindy S. Diffenbaugh, D. D. 


This Demands That Every Red-Blooded America Stand Up and Take Down the Enemy of Our Land


Evil Conspires to Overtake Our Great Nation


    America is Threatened by a System of Pure Evil!


There was a day and a time when America stood as a grand and glorious beacon of life, light, and liberty to all other nations on the planet earth! Though She was smaller than most other nations of the earth, she was vigorous, strong, and powerful at home and abroad. Marriages were performed between a Man and a Woman, and they were God Ordained,  God Blessed, Covenant Created, “Until Death Do Us Part” arrangements.

When children were conceived, there was joy, hope, and great anticipation. Abortion was not an option or even a possibility in the early days of the Great American Dream! When the conception of the baby was announced, there was great joy and anticipation. When the baby arrived, there was thanksgiving, celebration, and laughter in the home.

As you know, the opposite of the above is stronger than the God designed American family. In fact, you could say “Darkness Covers the Family, and Deep Darkness the Nation.” Today we see men living with men, and women with women as covenant partners. When they want to have a child, they adopt one. In fact, I have heard that “medical science” is working on a method to impregnate men. All I can say about that is, “And Jesus Wept!” Why, because He sees His people “playing god,” as if they, themselves were the author of life.


There Are Many Who Stand in Disbelief Over the State of Our Nation

A hell-filled system has belched out threats to obliterate every trace of America’s true destiny. It seeks to control the White House, Congress, Senate, the Courts, the IRS, the Media, Banking and Educational Systems, and the Family, and in fact every Mountain of Society. God’s original design for these institutions is given little, or no consideration in this new national era.  Hell desires to dominate every organization that controls how America thinks, how She is governed, how She learns, how She makes and spends her money, and where her loyalties lie.

This bestial system has worked under a stealth cover in the past. Reckless and self-promoting politicians have been taking the blame for its destructive actions. Politicians are not blameless, but a bestial hand, much larger and more diabolical than theirs, strives to take down America and everything that made Her great, as well as everything that She stands for. Greedy candidates filled with hunger for power and control find favor with this beast. Like a chess game, they are Pawns of Satan, with the World Stage being their platform.

Behind these unsuspecting “government servants,” is a laser focused system that seeks to destroy everything associated with America’s destiny. It now works in shameless and overt fashion to rob America’s citizens of their liberty, autonomy, wealth, and above all, their Christian Roots.

Perception tells us that this beast does not possess inherent power and control. It is empowered by an unrelenting evil with one singular, sinister obsession. This obsession echoes through the ages. It echoes in Genesis, Esther, the Gospels, and Acts, etc. etc. etc. The beast stopped at nothing to destroy God’s people in Nazi Germany. His obsession was then and is now “I Will Be Like the Most-High!”


Satan He Has Never Stopped Wanting to Be God! 

America has embraced tolerance and empowered the contemptible beast. Tolerance demands that we honor all religions and lifestyles that oppose Biblical standards that are the bedrock at the foundation of America’s very existence.

In fact, the idea is, “Don’t rock the boat or oppose another’s beliefs.”  In fact, there was a slogan a few years ago that was seen on bumper stickers and office walls, that read, “Co-Exist”

That slogan was, I believe, was meant to dishonor God, as it demanded that Christians should, in fact they must accept the way others live their lives, even though they utterly shatter Christian Values that lie at the foundation of our nation. Thru this diabolical tolerance mandate, we are now a nation that accepts everything and challenges nothing.

Embracing tolerance has allowed this prodigious beast to lord itself over America with brute audacity. It has systematically weakened our nation and greatly diminished the strength and potency of our military force and the goodness that once laid the foundation of the Nation of America.

Finally, in the name of tolerance adultery, the homosexual lifestyle, and abortion go unchallenged. In fact, everything but the Christian Faith with the Freedom and Liberty it brings, is tolerated.

As darkness increases the hope for national recovery diminishes. Our silence has given hell free reign in our country. We ask why God has turned his back on America. In fact, we have tied His hands by ignoring His righteous standards.

We’ve prayed for mercy without consideration that God opposes the proud. Praying for the justice of those that live a life that goes against God’s righteous mandates, releases the curses of Deuteronomy 28:15-68 into our land. In short America faces destruction because she has not only opposed, but she has literally stomped on His righteous Mandates and Standards. To put it short, America is in bed with the beast, and she has committed every sins worse than Sodom and Gomorrah. God has kept His promise and visited our sins with His Justice.


Am I Saying The American Dream Has Breathed its Last Breath?

I am not saying that at all!  I am not prophesying the death of our Nation. In fact, as I discern the times in which we live, I feel the need to sound an alarm and wake up the nation to understand that the Greatness of Our Nation has been given to us by Almighty God. On the other hand, the sins of America could call down “fire and brimstone”, so to speak, given the wrath and anger of God, that we have stirred up in this nation.

While America has not breathed her last breath, I am saying that God’s tolerance will not endure until the end of time. There are enough praying saints and warriors that are contending for the salvation and restoration of our nation.

While their prayers are mighty and powerful, it would hasten God’s mercy and rescue of our nation, if WE, His blood washed saints, would call on His name and petition Him to deliver us from Hell’s intrusion and that He would Heal Our Land.


In other words, We Must Contend for The Light and Glory of Heaven to Shine Once Again on The Once Great Nation of America!!!









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