Trust In The Lord With All Your Heart And Do Not Lean in Your Own Understanding


Trust In The Lord With All Your Heart And Do Not Lean in Your Own Understanding

                                                      Proverbs 3:5

Draw Near to God In Your Trials and Tribulations, And HE Will Draw Near to You and He Will Release a Massive Breakthrough and Blessing from The Throne Room of Grace!


Fight the Good Fight, With Christ and You Will Prevail!
                                                                  Inspire the Devil and Hus Minions to Recognize that They are Already Defeated!



By: Dr. Lindy S. Diffenbaugh




Brick walls and overwhelmingly diabolical avalanches of trials, troubles, and tribulations appear to be very keen, as they  somehow  manage to maneuver their way into the lives of innocent and unsuspecting servants of the Most High God of Heave a Earth!


In fact, they force their way into the most unimaginable diabolical and intrusive possible manner, that they can lay hold of; they ruthlessly labor in tireless fashion in, around, and through the lives of all humanity.


When they are able to break into the lives, friends, and families of the targeted victim(s), they release their destructive weapons on every side and/or spot, that this sinister force can manage to negotiate their way into; in fact they ultimately move all the way through everything that the victim holds dear in their lives! They come  with hatred, destruction, and very often, with the intent to steal, kill, and destroy every thing that is valued and loved in the life of the victim!


I recognize that the above introduction makes it sound as if, these imps from the darkness of hell, fully believe that their labor will one day release magnificent returns for their devil inspired purpose. So what, you may ask, in fact is their ultimate goal? In fact, their goal is to gain the adoration and worship of these wayward lost souls who are looking for a “savior”.


Once they manage to grab hold of these lost souls, they have only one goal to release upon them. “What,” you may ask, “might that assignment entail?”  In fact, their one and only assignment, which they take very seriously,  is to bring confusion, destruction, and de-stain for Christ and the Gospel, and an atheistic spirit, to any and every living and breathing human being that walks this Earth!


What these diabolical minions do not seem to realize, is that our God has Satan and his minions on a “short leash”; in fact, the days of Satan and his ragtag army, are numbered and his eternal demise is absolutely a very dark, gruesome, and a definite, certain reality!



 Satan’s Days Are Numbered!


The question here is, “What on earth is Hell’s Purpose on our planetary, Global Home?” In fact, what is Satan’s “End Game” concerning the inhabitants of the planet earth, and ultimately the destiny of the globe itself? As that question is studied and considered, we will soon recognize that Satan has one singular Goal for the Planet Earth; but of course, our God surely has another!


The biggest issue with Satan’s plans, is that they will ultimately fail, because, as we read in Psalm 24:1-2, that “the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness there of!” In fact, as verse 2 in that Psalm, we read that “He (God) founded it on the seas and established it on the waters.” In other words, the Earth Is The Lord’s and the Fullness There Of!


Despite the reality of the above scripture, Satan and his demonic imps maintain one singular goal against the earth and all of humanity. What is that Goal? Glad you asked!  


Satan and His Demons Intend to Take Over Man and Beast on the Planet Earth


Satan and his bands of wicked demons, fully intend take every God created earthly vessel, with the belief and intent that they will ultimately blindly lead God’s People into certain and utter defeat! If you have not guessed it by now, their ultimate destination would be, to thrust as many of God’s created beings, into the Flames of Hell Fire! That, of course is Satan’s fantasy! 


In other words, if Satan and his mob of devilish demons have their way, every God created being on the earth will be led into absolute and irrevocable, personal, and professional destruction.


In such situations we, God’s people are without doubt, “Satan’s #1 Enemy.” In fact, Hell has been at this game for many, many millenniums; most people are not aware that the “the warriors are armed and dangerous, and that the Game is  really ON! With that said, the next question to be answered is, “Why are God’s people not aware that Hell has an active and deadly assignment against them?”


The answer to the “why” is mostly because they may or may not go to Church every Sunday, and sometimes on Wednesday. They may or may not hear and heed the word of God from the pastor’s sermon; it is certainly true that if they do not take notes on the sermon, then before they leave the Church parking lot on Sunday morning, they most likely have forgotten the meat and the point of the pastor’s message.


I am not saying that the above is the habit of every born-again God created Christian on this earth; in fact, I do not have statistics to back it up at this moment. I do have many years inside the Church on Sunday mornings and often on Wednesday evenings; thus, it is my observation that there may be some that go to church when they feel like going, and/or when they might personally get something out of it. In fact, there are C&E Christians as well. What, in fact, are C&E Christians? They are those that go to church on Christmas and Easter, because, ov course, it is the right thing to do. Otherwise, in their minds, what’s the point? They may as well stay home and read a good book! Selah!


Why Does the Ecclesia/Church Even Exist?


In the days before, during, and after the founding of all the global nations of the earth, there was an Ecclesial/Church. What exactly was/is accomplished by these weekly sojourns to the house of God?


Somehow, sometime after Christ walked the Earth, the Ecclesial was the center of the culture of a city. Attendance to this House of God, gave them a genuine sense of being closer to the God of Heaven and Earth that they continually sought after throughout their lives.  


While I absolutely believe that there is truth in the above scenario, however by and large it did not continue as a reality on this earth, and certainly not in the nation of America. In this day, it has often been my habit, not to go to church on a weekly basis. That does not mean that I do not continue to worship God, pray fervent prayers to Him, and read the bible daily. I do all of those, but what was left out of my Spiritual Diet, was that I was, speaking in bible terms, neglecting the gathering together with God’s people.


So, the above simply means that I did not practice my worship and prayer in the church building on a regular basis. However I have, in fact, prayed and worshiped with my husband daily, and we have prayed with a mighty, intercessor, every Thursday for 5 years now. Another man prayed with us, however he passed away a year ago; so it is just the three of us, and by the way, we pray power and release daggers into any and every demonic force that gets in our way!


Our prayer force,  has been realized powerful intercessory sessions, and we believe that lives have been changed, nations have been impacted, and our love of intercessory prayer to the God of Heaven and Earth has been solidified week after week, after month, after year, as our prayers ascend to God’s Throne Room of Grace in the Heavenly Realm.  



What Does it Take to “Miss a Day of School?


To me, that sounds like those who skip church on a regular

basis, are mimicking the same behavior of school children of all ages. If High School kids go to school and work hard to not miss a class all week, then they can “chalk up” a strong check mark for themselves, and because they are ahead of their peers that decided to stay home with a “fake illness”, they get an extra ‘atta boy/girl.


So how do their parents respond to these sudden illnesses? Whether they take the illness ordeal as absolute truth, or they are too preoccupied with the workday that is ahead of them thus, they buy into their child’s report of a sudden/mysterious illness. At that point there is nothing left to say. They simply buy into the child’s “illness,”  they allow the child to stay home, sick or not,  they allow the child to indulge their “illness ordeal” as the absolute, God fearing truth. They give the child a bottle of aspirin, and they head off to work! Such, “skipping school behavior”, can certainly be carried over into the work a’day world of that, now grown up child!


As for the children that have grown up in families that do not attend church on a weekly basis, they will go through their teen and adult years, and then move into the workplace; in fact, it would be my guess that they will determine how many sick days that they are allowed in their current job. Then, like magic, they will wake up in the morning with the intent to use up one or more of those enticing and absolutely available sick days!


So, are they truly sick? My guess is that the answer to that question would most likely be “no,” at least 60%, more or less, of the time. The best answer would be that something inside of them is sick of being locked up all day in the Workplace or at School.  If they do not have to show a doctor’s note for their absence, then they can probably get away with jumping into that “get out of school/work free,” at least “that one time.”


               WWJD: What Would Jesus Do?


Such things happen over and over and over around the Globe that we call Home! There are people that do not go to school or work, because of a fake sickness. They can do that because they will probably not get caught, and they will most likely do well at school and at work, despite their delinquent attendance for a few days during the year.


The only question left to answer is, “How Will God Respond to Their Delinquent Behavior???” In His Eyes, I speculate that it would be best if they told the truth about their absence at school or at work. He may or may not make note of your “sick leave,” but somewhere in His heart He is believing that you will get on and stay on, a straight and narrow course where attendance is concerned.


In other words, it is best to be where you are supposed to be, when you are supposed to be there, but because we want to recognize that the world that we live in sometimes does not rest on the straight and narrow way, we allow the occasional “sick day” to have a place in our world! Right or Wrong, it is a certain reality, at least in America!



           Christ IS at the Helm of Our Earthly Journey


As I have become aware of the Leadership of Christ Himself in my life, my guess is that He Himself does not document your every move, but they are documented by one heavenly being or another. I do believe that God is, however, mindful of you and the way you are living your life. Why? Simply because He loves you and He wants you to prevail at everything that you put your hand to do, and to overcome every obstacle that you come up against in this life.


If Christ Himself, must bring your infractions to your attention, then I believe that He would absolutely do so. If you wonder why Christ would call you down, the first reason that comes to mind, is that He is a good parent, He deeply loves you, and He does not want to see you sabotage His purposes for your life.


He wants you to succeed and overcome every stumbling block that stands in your way. He wants you to prevail against the tactics of Hell, so that you will not find yourself drowning in personal or professional quicksand. Why does God care what problems and struggles that His children face? God cares because He is a Good and Loving Father, and He wants us to prevail and excel in the Plans That He Has For YOU/Us! It is that Simple!


The only question left to answer is, “Do You Care Enough About Yourself, to Go the Extra Mile and Live Life By the Book? What Book Would I Be Referencing?  It Would Of Course Be, the Holy Bible! I do understand that there are many, many, many mandates in the Bible. I also understand that you and I have many days, and much time to read Bible scripture daily, and to pray over our own ability to walk on the straight and narrow pathway that God has defined and designed for us.


I believe that when you read a book or more in the Old or New Testament, that there is enough information for you to chew on for the rest of your natural life. So, what do you do? You “chew on” the words as you read and study the Holy Bible, for the rest of your life on earth. Why can’t you just get it all in one reading? Unless you are a Quantum Computer, it will no doubt, take a lifetime to read, study, and glean the depth of the Riches of God that are hidden in the Word of God!


Your Enemy Seeks Your Destruction


During such uncertain times that we are now living through, and potentially disastrous situations that come upon us with no warning, life as we know it may at some time seem to be frozen in time.


While we attempt to solidify our footing in this diabolical ruthless and unexpected disaster, much sooner than later, it becomes very evident that like a tsunami, the overwhelming catastrophic events that have come crashing down before us, over us, and through us, did not come into our lives to simply pass away; no, they came to set up camp in the entirety of our lives and to eventually consume every little, as well as every big thing,  that we hold dear.


In fact, these messengers of darkness now intend to wreak utter disruption, defeat, and disaster upon us, for as long as we allow them to hang out and destroy every precious and beautiful aspect of our lives, that we have always cherished and held dear throughout the course of our lives.


Such dilemmas and/or atrocities, can and often do, suddenly come out of nowhere. Once they recognize that they have taken us off guard, they deliberately smash our plans smack dab in the middle of the smallest semblance of stability that we have labored so hard to lay hold of in our lives. So what, on Earth do We Do Now?


First You Pray, and You Keep On Praying! As You Pray and Keep On Praying, God is working through the issues that befall you, and He is taking everything that the enemy has meant for your demise, and Your Loving Heavenly Father God is Turning Your Problems into Great Success, along with a Black Eye for the Devil!!!


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