Be Aware Our God is a Consuming Fire-A Jealous God


Our God is a Consuming Fire – A Jealous God!


   God’s Love for His Children is Glorious and Unending


By Dr, Lindy Diffenbaugh


                                                              WITH CHRIST WE SHALL PREVAIL AGAINST DEATH, HELL, AND DARKNESS




A Jealous God


This legacy of Zeal and the exclusive Worship of our great and mighty God, Jehovah, has been passed down through many generations by faithful followers of Christ. In fact, the faithfulness of God’s followers is a running theme throughout the Bible. There can be no doubt that God, Himself, is a Jealous God and that He demands that we not only worship Him, but that we hold no others gods before us.  


We read in the first commandment that God gave to Moses: “I am the Lord your God, you shall have no other gods before me.” And if anyone thinks that God is unfair in His demand for exclusive worship, ask yourself this question: “Has any other god sacrificed the life of His innocent sinless Son, to save me and you from forever burning in the flames of Hell Fire for all eternity?”


Beyond that, do you know another innocent person on this earth, that would carry his own cross, as he walk to his own death, so that we, his faithful followers might live? I  certainly do not!


A Sensitive Subject That Must Be Addressed


This may be a sensitive subject to some people, but it is a subject that must be addressed openly and exposed for what it is. We have determined that God is a Jealous God. Jealousy for His people will pulsate in His being as long as humanity walks this earth.


We must be mindful of this as we consider the concept of Altars that call down demonic influence. What am I talking about? There are people and nations of the earth that build and worship idols, either to deliberately invoke demons or through their own deception.


This stirs up not only the Jealousy of God, but His anger  as well. I am aware that many religions and people groups believe that it is right and good to build altars and to offer sacrifices at the altar of Baal in their own homes. I recognize that some of these people actually call themselves Christians. Finally, I  recognize also that it is a common practice in many cities and nations around the world.



Spiritually Speaking, We Are In The Midst of a Global Rebellion


People all over the world are worshiping at the altars of that old serpent, that we know as Satan himself. People from all over the world are putting their fist in God’s face and saying, “We will worship whenever, wherever, and whoever we chose.” Many of these go to church on Sunday morning and give the appearance that they are honorable Christians.


We must recognize that there are also many ways to sin in this world. In fact, new versions of sin evolve almost on a daily basis. But know this, there is and always will be, a price to pay for every sin that has not been renounced and repented of. 


God leaves no sin unpunished, but the violation of the first commandment will open up a family, a city, or even a nation to great and devastating judgment.


I am repeating the 1st Commandment : “I Am the Lord Thy God and Thou Shall Have No Other Gods Before Thee.”


If You Doubt The Destruction of Lives By Worshiping the Demonic, Consider Gideon


You must know that  worshiping your deceased ancestors could open a door for plagues and destruction in your land; in light of that truth, consider Gideon’s family. They were being taunted by the Midianites/foreign entities who had infiltrated their lands. They had toiled and tilled the land for years and brought in little fruit.


When God showed up to deal with it, the first thing that He told Gideon to do was to tear down his father’s altar. The people thought that the Medianites, who were members of a nomadic tribe, were their problem. They thought that all of their troubles had been caused by a foreign people that came in to taunt them and steal their heritage.


If you know this chapter in the Bible, you know that God did not tell Gideon to go out and defeat the Medianites. He told Gideon to tear down the altars where the Israelites offered sacrifices to foreign gods. When Gideon obeyed God, they were able to drive the Midianites from their land, and their land was healed.



So, Why Would the Removal of Foreign Altars Heal a Land ?



Removing altars that released worship to a foreign god was then/and is now imperative. Why is that so? It is necessary because, as we read in the first commandment, God said, I am the Lord thy God, you shall have no other Gods before me. In other words, we are to worship God and God Alone.


He alone is worthy to sit on the throne of the Universe, the throne of each and every Nation, and on the throne of every life that has ever walked this earth.


Because of the Jealousy that burns so strong in the Heart of our Heavenly Father, when He said you shall have no other Gods before you…it was a very serious matter.


Some would say that in this modern world, we are not suffering the plagues and the curses like the ones that came upon the Israel of old. In fact, they do not connect anything going on in the world or in their lives or the nations of the earth, with the worship of foreign gods. 


But yes, we are suffering modern day plagues. There is global sickness, disease, divorce, sexually transmitted diseases, and deadly diseases that seem to have no cure. I can go on! There is hunger in the world, wars breaking out, witchcraft, all of these and more have pushed their way in to cultures and they are destroying people and nations that say that they belong to the Creator of Heaven and Earth.


Where worship is concerned, God gives us free choice  to Chose This Day Who We Will Worship! We, the people who populate this earth, can continue to live and worship as we please, but understand that there will always be consequences to such rebellion. 


There will be plagues and there will be foreign entities that want to take over your land. I am not just preaching to Africa. America is  just as guilty of rebellion against God as any nation of the world. All nations of this earth are vulnerable to the Wrath of God for their Demonic Rebellion!


Ancestral Altars Are Erected in Physical Form As Well as by the Spirit






Understand this, ancestral altars are not only erected in physical form, but we can carry them inside of us…because,  as you know, we all have a spirit and a soul.  So, worship comes from within us. Thus  you can inwardly worship another god, who is not the God of Heaven,  through your spirit man.


What are you doing when you worship other gods?  In fact, you are taking the worship that comes from your heart and soul, the worship that belongs to God and God alone, and you are either giving it to another god instead of God Almighty, or in your mind you believe that you are simply sharing your worship with another kind and loving god.



As you seek to worship God, it must be worship to God and God alone! One should always be aware that God is watching as they give homage to their idols; we must understand this one vital truth, Our God is a Jealous God. He wants 100% of our worship. He commands that we shall have no other Gods before us, physical, mental, or purely imaginary.



So whether we are worshiping at a physical altar or taking the worship from our inner being, and creating an altar within our souls, if that worship is being released at the altar of Baal…or any foreign god, rather than being given to the one true God of Heaven, the worship that He is so worthy to receive, you are in rebellion to your Creator, the God of Heaven and Earth. In fact, when you stand in Rebellion to the Most High God, it will not end well for you!


In fact, the fists of Nations are right now in the Face of Almighty God…again, declaring we will worship who we want to worship. The bottom line heart of the matter is…The Church Is Silent. The church is weak and ineffective. In fact, huge portions of the church are involved in the same atrocities that the world is right now drowning in.


If you consider yourself as a worshiper of Christ, yet you have set up an ancestral altar in your home, then it is time to fully understand the First Commandment. It is imperative that you clearly understand that you can’t worship at the altar of God at the same time that you sit before a demonic altar.


The bottom line is, it is imperative that you and I  reckon with the Jealousy of Our God, before we too become targets of His zeal that consumes the spiritual adulterer for the depth and severity of their transgressions against Him.



          Let Us  Consider the Reality of Altars


As I understand Ancestral Altars, they are erected in homes with the sole purpose of communing with their dead relatives of this generation or generations of the past. I suppose they are seeking wisdom for living, or they just want contact with someone that they love. In some way they need someone from the spirit realm to do business for them. That, by the way, that is why Christ sent the Holy Ghost!


The problem is, Biblically it is impossible to contact and interact with dead relatives. You may say, “Well I know people who do it.” I again say, “That is impossible.



Let me explain: In 1 Samuel 28, King Saul inquired of the LORD, and the LORD answered him not, neither by dreams, nor by prophets. Then Saul sent his servants, to go find a witch with a familiar spirit, so he could get information from her. They brought him to the witch of Endor. Though she pretended to bring Saul into the presence of Samuel, it was really a familiar spirit. In reality, a demon.



It works the same way when people sit at family altars and seek to commune with the dead. The response they get may sound like their relative, it may mimic their personalities, but they are nothing more than familiar spirits, demons, if you will!



When our relative dies they go to either in Heaven or Hell. There is no way that they can leave Heaven or Hell, to go back and forth to earth to commune with anyone, no matter how many of their favorite foods that you leave them on your Ancestral Altar.


If you need scripture to show that the dead cannot return to the earth after they die, Here it is in Luke 16:19-31: It is the story of the rich man and Lazarus. The rich man lived in luxury on the earth and Lazarus lived in poverty. He even ate from the scraps that fell from the rich man’s table.


When Lazarus died, the angels carried him to Abraham’s side in Heaven. Then the rich man died and he ended up in hell where he was tormented with darkness and the flames of hell. He asked Father Abraham to have pity on him and to allow Lazarus to bring him a drop of cold water.


Father Abraham told him that there is a great separation that has been fixed, so that those who want to go from heaven to earth or to hell, cannot. There it is, straight from the Word of God.



The dead are in a place of isolation and separation. There is a firm, fixed, impassable barrier that prevents anyone from moving from one location to another. They can’t leave Heaven or Hell to communicate with anyone on the earth or anywhere else in the universe.



God’s Command Is To Worship Him!

The devil and his minions, on the other hand, go to and fro, throughout the earth seeking whom they may devour. They pervert the truth and they spread lies that are contrary to the Word of God.


They know that God’s command is to worship Him and Him only, so they breath into the minds of the multitudes that it is alright to worship at the altar of Baal and the altar of the Living God at the same time.


You must understand that the devil is a defeated devil, but he is not an idiot. He has one strategic tool to use against us and that would be deception. Lucifer is the master of the tool of deception and by it, he has taken untold millions to hell. The truth is and always will be greater than the lie. Therefore, always, always pray for discernment, so that you will not be seduced by Satan.


As long as we are on this earth, the Truth is always available to us. That is why we must hide it in our hearts and pull it out like a sword in order to resist and overcome the scams and schemes of hell.


It is vital that we know the truth of the Word of God, always be prepared to pull it out like a sword when you stand in the face of hell.


The first lie that you believe at the ancestral altar is that you are being blessed, when you are actually being cursed. You think you are getting insight into life and living from your dead relatives, when in fact you are opening a corridor of communication with demon forces that fully intend to  curse your life and family and ultimately your entire bloodline for generations to come, will also be impacted.


Even though you may have visitors to your altars, I promise you that they are not your relatives nor are they gods. I promise you that if you are conversing with any one at your altar, that you are talking to demonic spies. They are, in fact, entities commissioned by hell to plant lies in your head, deceive you, take you off of the way, the truth, and the life which is Jesus, the Lord of your life, and ultimately, to lead you to a door that is wide open and will take you straight to Hell where you will burn for all eternity, except you repent before you leave this earth.


In fact, it is a good idea to examine yourself daily, and be certain that, to the best of your understanding, that you have a Clean Slate Between You and God! Remember that death does not usually give us a warning! You must always be prepared to leave this earth with a pure heart that you have fully given to the God! 


It is an atrocity when any man, woman, or child, sits at an altar and converses with demons-regardless of who they think that they are talking to. But the atrocity is significantly greater, when one who claims to be a born again Christian, even a minister, or a Sunday school teacher, services an altar in their home, where they feed and entertain the dead.


Our God is Jealous for Our Worship of Him and Him Alone


It is an atrocity because God is a Jealous God. He commands that we have no other Gods before us. God himself said that we cannot have two masters, we will love the one and hate the other. Always know that God commands a 100% commitment to Him. It is imperative that you intend to worship God, that you must worship Him and Him alone.


Satan will take whatever he can get. If it is 10 % or 90%, he can deal with that. Once you give the devil 10%-he knows how to entice you into going all the way with him. So, choose you this day who you will serve. And when you choose, understand that with God, you cannot have both God and the devil. A choice for God is God and God alone.


He is Jealous for You. This is not jealousy in a bad way. It is the jealousy of love, adoration, and affection. All He has belongs to His children. What He gives to His beloved, He gives it lavishly…But He WILL Not Share His Children with the Devil. So, if the Devil is god worship him…But there will be cost. The cost is great, because in giving worship to Satan, you forfeit Heaven and you will burn in hell for all eternity.


 Consider The Curse of That Altar


Now, you may be a strong Christian and you are giving God 100% of you, but you also know that in your family, maybe in your church, and in your nation, active altars have been erected and they are bringing a curse in your home and your land.


Know this, God is always looking for a man or woman with zeal, who loves HIM exclusively and hates evil passionately. He is looking for a Phineas, who is filled with zeal, who will grab the sword and run it through the heart of the issue. He is looking for a Gideon who will pull down the altar of Baal in this generation, in your country, your city, your home.


When you choose to fight this battle, stand on His word and stay in His Spirit! He will empower you to fight Ancestral Altars in your home and even in your nation, and to bring them down once and for all.


I believe that God is calling mighty men and women of valor, for such a time as this, to step onto the stage where the life and death battle for time and eternity is being fought. He is positioning warriors on the battlefield where war is being waged against, not only your destiny, but for the destiny for your family and nation and for generations to come. He has called you to put demons on notice that This day you will take off the Head of the Giant that is taunting the armies of the living God.


So, “Hail Mighty Women of Valor…go out-wage war, fight the good fight and save your Families, save your cities, save your countries, and save your nation! REFUSE TO THINK LIKE UNDERDOGS OR VICTIMS! You are neither.

You are WARRIORS. You are Mighty in God and you have the power and the authority to tear down altars with the power and the presence of the Word of God and the Holy Ghost!




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