Wake Up Church! HELL IS UPON US!








                  BY DR. LINDY S. DIFFENBAUGH




       Hell’s Army Now Contends For The Planet Earth



Why are we, or better yet,  why should we be, hearing this “silent spiritual alarm,” in this day and in this time? To answer that question—ask yourself this, “Why do we set alarms before we go to bed?”



The answer is, of course, we set an alarm to wake ourselves up out of a deep morning sleep! With that in concept in mind, we had better be hearing an alarm sounding around the globe, in the here and now, on the Planet Earth; in fact, the alarm that is sounding in the here and now of where we live, must be loud. It must be intrusive. If It is Not Loud and If It is Not Intrusive, then We Will Not Wake Up and Stand Up to the Threat That Is About to Overtake Our Nation, If Not the Entire World.




Just as it is the primary purpose for our alarm clock to wake us up in the morning, another type of alarm is sounding in the atmosphere around us. It is imperative that we keenly attuned to this alarm. You see, the alarm that I am speaking of releases a sound that will warn those who have “ears to hear”, that there is a catastrophe that is either very near, or that it is surely upon us.  This alarm is usually sounded,  during times of war, or when catastrophes are coming upon a company, an organization, a city, or a nation.



This “Right Now Alarm” that is resounding throughout the earth, has a similar, yet broader purpose than our morning alarm clock releases. This purpose of this “right now alarm,” is to awaken the warriors that have spiritually fallen asleep, deep within the depth of their spirit beings!!!



Fortunately, there is a remnant of God’s warriors on this earth, that never slumber nor sleep, at least in their spirit beings. Because such warriors maintain in a spiritually alert stance, God’s Warriors must discern the urgency around them, will cause a shift in their lifestyles, as well as their very identity.



When this battle comes upon them, it forces them to begin to see themselves as the Champions and the Warriors that God has called and created them to be. This revelation will demand that they establish a higher standard of excellence and a continual spiritual thrust for their lives.




In fact, along with the privilege of being Warriors of the Most Height God, comes a demand that they relinquish their own lives to God Himself. Like the Apostle Paul, these must develop a strong resolve to say,  “I am crucified with Christ, therefore I no longer live, Jesus Christ no lives in me,” (Galatians 2:20).



God’s Warriors Must Lay Hold of Their True Identities



As these embrace their true identities as Sons and Daughters of the Most-High God, everything about the life of the warrior must change. When they recognize who, or better yet, Whose, they are, they will not hesitate to respond to the Demand for All of God’s Warriors to Prepare Themselves for Battle! What Is it That Makes this “Current Demand” So “May Day” Urgent? 



What is the pull that demands that the Army of God to step into the battle Right Now? In fact, to be honest the demand is, that we are already behind the power curve. While Hell is working overtime to defeat God’s Warriors, we are living our lives in the distractions of the earthly realm. In fact, by and large we give no thought to the urgency of the times in which we live.  We are slothful in our efforts to identify and intercede for the spiritual demands, that emanate from the life and culture that we have so deeply immersed ourselves into.




If we do not stand up and wage war against the death, hell, and darkness that is upon us, then God has no “Plan B” to pick up our slack. If we go down, we go down because we have neglected to recognize the works of hell that are now saturating our lives and the entirety of the world that we call our home. 



As tough it sounds, the warfare that has infiltrated our lives in this day, will only get worse as wickedness seeks to flood our planet, as well as the entire universe. Why will it worsen?



That is a very easy question to answer. Consider this analogy, if you were fighting a battle in a foreign country, yet your enemy made no effort to draw their weapons and resist your efforts, how do you think that battle would turn out? It would certainly be a “Slam Dunk” win for the enemie’s warriors!



If the YOU in this scenario is 100% trained for battle, and your enemy is watching cartoons on television all day long, how hard do you think that it would take you to take them out? Depending how large they are, maybe an hour or two.




Christ’s Body is God’s Plan A!    



We, the Body of Christ, are God’s Plan A! In fact, We are His Plan ONLY!  It is Time that WE respond as if God’s plan for eternity depends on Us, The Body and the Bride of Christ. Why we do act as if eternity depends on us? Because, in fact, in a very large way, IT Absolutely Does!




While we see the wickedness of the wicked increasing with every passing year, we must realize that such activity will continue to increase and intensify over the coming months, years, and decades of time.




If the wicked should succeed, it would not only bring destruction to the earth and the people of the earth, but it would give Satan full reign over the entire earth. In other words, the defeat of God’s creation by hell’s minions, would dethrone our God, the Creator, and Emperor of all things.



In fact, if you live in the United States of America, you are keenly aware of the truth that there is a man that ran for president in 2020. At least he said that he was running for that office. In fact, this man did not campaign for the office until the last couple of months before the election.





The other man, who was at that time, the President of the United States, tirelessly campaigned across the land. He sometimes conducted 2-3 rallies a day; every one of these rallies filled stadiums, with overflow crowds surrounding the outskirts of the stadiums.



In the end, it was not the man that tirelessly campaigned that won, the election; no, it was the guy that hid out in the basement and did not campaign until a few months before the voters went out to vote. How did this “imposter of a candidate” manage to win the Presidency of the Greatest Nation on the Earth?




You Guessed It! He Cheated! He created ballots that were counted and but not checked for validity, he accepted votes from ineligible voters to fill out ballots, and in fact, the report that I recently read, said that his campaign created blank ballots with no name on them, and these too were counted as Valid Votes!



In short, this man, who now occupies the Highest Office in the Land, is not the true Commander and Chief, he is, in my estimation, the Liar and Thief.  He is now working against Israel, a nation that  America has always supported. In fact, he does not trust in the Lord to Lead him in his current assignment.


The bottom-line here, in my opinion, is that it is vital for every leader to call on the Name of the Lord  and to represent the people before God! If you follow a leader with no connection to our God in Heaven, you must pray for God’s wisdom and understanding how to negotiate every step and every project that you undertake. He alone can truly lead you through the maze of a secular work place that may, or may not support your Christian Values in the work place.



Fighting for America



Fortunately, the man that actually “Legally” won the presidential office, is fighting for justice in our nation. In fact, in my opinion, if he does not regain the Presidential Office that he legally won, then the nation will never recover from the works of the powers of darkness that are now salivating over the “Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.”  



Hypothetically speaking, if God’s Kingdom on Earth was over-run by a foreign-communistic nation, Christianity would be wiped out, as it was many years ago in China.



Subsequently Satan would be  elevated to the place of ruler-ship over the entire Universe-at least I am certain that, that is his ultimate goal!



Once you allow that to sink in, you will recognize why it is imperative that Every Warrior In Christ,  Stand In Staunch Opposition To Hell, with great intensity, every single day that they can still breathe air into their nostrils.



Of course, if you have read your Bible through to the end of the Book of Revelation, you surely know that the beast, Satan himself, will be cast into the pit of hell at the end of days.



After that magnificent event, the culmination of this current dispensation will be the unification of Christ and His Eternal Bride.




The Fate of Our Nation Demands That God’s People, on The USA to Wake Up and Contend For The Future of America




We cannot take for granted that the victory is ours, whether we live like hell, or spend our days walking with our Savior.  No! The Lord’s Armies, in past generations and in this one, have been and will continue to be honorable.



The enemy that we face, demands that we rise-up as one unified force, and stand in staunch resistance to that old serpent that we call the devil. Further, Immediate Action is Demanded Right Now! This is One Assignment that we cannot “Put Off” for another day, or another generation of warriors to engage in the rescue of our nation. In Fact, if we wait for another generation to take over our nation, we will surely not have any control of that nation on this earth!


Waiting another moment, would be too little, too late. Today is the Day That WE Must Put on The Full Armor and Fight and Win the Battle of the Ages!



The Collective WE on the Earth Must Hear and Respond



This alarm is not just for those people out there!!! It sounds for YOU! It sounds for ME! Every living creature will, in some way be impacted by the sound of this alarm, and with or without knowing it, they will react to it.




The fact that the alarm exists, that it’s sounds can be spiritually heard and discerned in this day and throughout the earth and its atmosphere, indicates that the culmination of earthly time, as we know it, is upon us.




No one knows if it will be fulfilled in this decade or the next, or the next, because God’s time is not relative to our earthly expectations. 




It is, however, certain that planet earth, and all that therein lies, is closer than it has ever been, to the final shift out of time and the thrust into eternity. 



Who Has Released This Global Alarm?


So were would you speculate that this alarm is coming from?  Certainly, only one entity has the capacity to release such a global sound into all the earth.




Why is the alarm sounding now? Clearly, our Creator, God Himself, is keenly aware that many people, in fact, many of His chosen vessels, are spiritually asleep. Distraction of the times in which we live, has lulled many, if not most, into a hypnotic slumber.




If you wonder how that could happen to such a huge population across the entire earth, there is surely only one being that could make that happen.



That old serpent who is seeking to take full ownership of our home, our lives, the earth and the fullness thereof, has surely worked hard to put the people of the earth in to a dead, spiritual sleep.




Consider the fact that Hell has released its “top guns,” while the saints of the Most-High God are distracted by the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eye, and the pride of life. With that information, you can begin to realize that in our present state, we are totally unprepared for the battle that is before us-if not upon us.



       God’s Warriors Must Hear and Respond!




It is vital that we hear, and it is  imperative that we respond to the call of Heaven! In fact, in these days of uncertainty, there is a demand for us to expect more of ourselves, and more of the world in which we live.




We must be prepared to Meet Christ In the Air and WE must recognize that there are those who have no oil in their lamps. We do not have the luxury to sleep while the Bridegroom tarries. We must awaken His sleeping saints and ensure that their lamps are filled with an unending flow of heavenly oil.




Certainly, there will be many who cannot hear this global and atmospheric alarm. In fact, to be able to hear the sound, we must stop trying to hear the things of the spirit,  with our natural ears. Why? Because this alarm can, will, and must be heard by spirit ears alone.




The sound of the alarm will reverberate within the heart and the depth of the “spirit being” of everyone who has ears to hear beyond the natural.




Specifically, this sound is targeting The Warrior That Resides WITHIN YOUR Spirit Being! Why? Because It IS Time to Wake Up and Fight the Good Fight of Faith for the Reality of the Eternal Destiny That We, God’s Children, Were Born to Inherit! 



Warriors Wake Up! This Is Your Day to Prevail!


I recognize that there are many fine, committed, and well-seasoned warriors for Heaven, on this Earth. I also recognize that there is a greater number of “so called” saints”, who live their lives in a stupor. They are half-asleep, half awake, and they live their lives in response to the tyranny of the urgent. They put band-aids on hell created issues, that demand a massive thrust of genuine warfare.


To these sleeping saints, I would say that whatever has lulled you into a slumber  in this day, in this moment, does not compare with the magnitude of the urgency and the demand that is upon the Warriors of the Earth to wake up, stand up, and resist hell with all of their strength.


We live in a day that demands Holy Ghost Fire, Diligent Warfare, and Willing Warriors that will stand strong amid the battle. Anything less, will lead to us into a battle that we cannot win. In fact, it will put us in the center of a battle that certainly could lead to our eternal demise and destruction.


If we don’t fight the good fight in this day, then we cannot take it for granted that we will spend eternity amid Heaven’s glory. Whatever distracts us right now, must be silenced—right now!!! Listen. Pay Attention…ACT…NOW!!!


Why are you being called to attention Right Now, At This Moment in time? There is only one reason for this call! That Reason is none other than Satan himself—the Accuser of the Brethren, That Old Serpent that we call the Devil is surely on the loose. The liberty that he is enjoying, allows him to go to and fro about the earth seeking whom he may devour!


While it goes without saying that, considering the liberty that our adversary is enjoying in this day, on this earth, there is a demand that God’s warriors stand up, and resist Hell and all its emissaries. We Must Be the Resistance.


The magnitude of the serpent’s threat sends forth and appeals to every saint and every warrior of the Most Height God, to Respond to This Call. God gave us, the God Ordained Inheritors on this Earth, Jurisdiction on This Earth. Thus, His Intention is that we not only benefit from the fullness of the property of the earth; but that we defend the earth against the predators of hell.


So, Listen UP! To Every Warrior of Christ, I say that It Is Time for the Army of the Living God to Wake Up, Put on the Full Armor of God, and Resist and Defeat the Armies of Hell.


Christ gave His all on Calvary’s Cross. His Sacrifice has insured that our victory against Hell is Certain.


However, if we are to prevail over Hell, and fight the good fight of faith all the way through to Victory, we Must Fully Engage The Enemy!!! We must back him down, right up to the pit that he will soon call his “home”.


To make that happen, then we must engage Hell with all of our might and all of our strength. Heaven’s Angel Armies are Prepared to Fight Along Side of Us. Thus, surely, More Are they Who are With Us Than They Who Oppose Us, (2 Kings 6:16-paraphrase).



The only thing left for us to do is to Put on the Full Armor of God, take up the Sword of the Spirit and Fight the Good Fight, with Great Faith and All of the Authority that Heaven has given the Saints of God. 


Please understand that this is not just another Sermon for Nominal Christians.


No! It is In Fact a Call to War! It is a Battle-Cry, it is the sounding of an alarm that demands that every warrior in Christ don the full armor of God and Fight The Good Fight of Faith Against Death, Hell, and Darkness!  



We cannot ignore the alarm, roll over, and go back to sleep! NO! Not This Time! This is Serious…




This is not the message that you will hear on the 6 o’clock news! No! This is an Urgent Spirit Released Message that is being transmitted from Heaven to Earth.




There is no question that the reality of this message is relevant to the days in which we live. Now the proverbial ball is in the court of the Warriors of the Most High God!


Will His Warriors Take This Message to Heart?  Will They Fight and Endure the Battle, to Guard and Protect the Liberty that we now Have on Earth as in Heaven.


The Times In Which We Live Demand that We Must Fight For the Liberty  Read Our Bibles, to Live Out The Truth of Our Bibles, and to Honor The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost On This Earth as In Heaven!






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