Wake Up Church

It is Past Time for the Church to Wake Up and Fight for The Glory of God to Permeate Our Global Home

By Dr. Lindy S. Diffenbaugh, D. D.  

The Goodness of Our Global Home

 As you sojourn through the blessings that the Lord has bestowed upon your life and the lives of the people that you deeply love on this earth, it is likely that you will begin to realize a new clarity beginning to rise-up in your heart, soul, body, and mind.

What, you may ask, is she talking about? I am speaking of the goodness of God. First, you will see it as a miraculous  feat that your Creator has managed to not only speak our Global, Earthly Home into existence, as well as engineering the building of the necessities of food, wildlife planet earth.

In fact, our God created the entire global  platform that you and I now call home; beyond that, He did it without neglecting even one minuscule piece of land and or territory, that would be necessary to house and feed every human, every ant, every bird, every fish, etc. etc. etc., that now inhabits our global home, AKA The Planet Earth! 

As I write this message, I want to make it a clear, personal belief that it is truly an honor and a privilege to live on the planet Earth, in this day and in this time. In fact, with every passing day I realize that our God in Heaven, with has fashioned the Earth with oceans, sea creatures, trees, plants, wildlife, and much, much more.

Why would our God create the planet that we now call home, with such meticulous details, all of the things that we might take for granted, or not even notice, but as a Good Father He had to bring these onto the planet to care for us. In other words, He provided a lavish and lovely Home for us, His Children on this Earth. I for one, am grateful that we have a God Who cares for His children, and who attends to every little, as well as every big thing, that is needed to live on this earth and sustain ourselves at the same time.  

In fact, because He is a good Father, when He hears the heartfelt cries of the needy, His hand is not too short that He cannot deliver what His children not only lack, but need to stay healthy and alive on this earth.

I believe that God has His eye on every one of His people on the planet Earth. He, along with His Angel Armies, always stand ready, to provide what is lacking in a life, a country, or the entire globe!

When you study it, or stand back to take a  look at the relatively small piece of earth that we are privileged to reside upon, a glimpse of clarity will no doubt rise up in your heart and soul. That is the moment that the heartfelt love of your Creator God, will be kindled anew.

Along with God’s created beings, he has prepared for exquisite accommodations for all humanity, He also created the same for the fish, the fowl, the insects, etc. etc. etc. God’s accommodations of the bare necessities, for the lives of not only His created men and women who had the honor of being made in His image, but He also provided the necessities that His people would need to prevail and survive on the beautiful, in fact gorgeous planet, that we call now HOME!  

How Glory and Goodness Were Turned into Pure Evil 

If you do not already know, when God created the being that we now know as Satan, Beelzebub, and/or that old Serpent that we call the Devil himself, even His name was beautiful. In fact  God called him “Lucifer,” which actually means “Star of the Morning.”  Lucifer was seen as the most gorgeous God created being that existed up to that point in time.

In fact, even his God given name/title was glorious. Not only was Lucifer known in heaven for his beauty, but he held a high-ranking position among the population in the angelic hosts, and he was known not only for his beauty, but also for his great wisdom. In fact, it is said that Lucifer was known as  “Guardian Cherub.” 

As you and I both know that Everything that God creates is Very Good! If that is truly so, and in fact, it is, then how can we account for the fact that the devilish, demonic, Lucifer that fell from Heaven, turned out to be so very wicked!

There is only one explanation that can satisfy the above question. What in fact might that explanation be? In fact,  the above question can be answered with only two words. What might these two words be? In fact they are nothing but pure Devil Rebellion!

Not only did Satan rebel against God, but he took one third of the angels in Heaven with him when he was expelled from the heavenly realm. His leadership, though it is diabolical, seemed to be at least, somewhat powerful.

Did all of the above devil incited rebellion, break the heart of God? Those who know and love God, can easily answer that question. In fact, God was standing between angelic rebellion and His love for the beings that He, himself brought into being.

The Next Question that Must Be Asked Is…If we are to understand what on earth must be done to save our planet, along with the human race, from this diabolical invasion of darkness, then it is imperative that we begin to  recognize what on earth is going on in the entirety of our Global Home.

I am not exactly talking about what I, and others like me, see as the probable myth of Global Warming, and I am not really talking about shortages of food, water, and the contaminated air that we breath every second of our lives.

So what exactly is it that I am talking about? In fact, I am not speaking of the “global sense of entitlement” of every little thing that we might need to survive every day and night of our lives. While some, or most of these are important, they are not the determining factors for the spiritual needs of the inhabitants of the Planet Earth.

The first thing that comes to mind is the belief that, when we lack food, clothing, housing, jobs etc. etc. etc. we begin to wonder if God is mindful of our needs and the things that we sorely lack.  But beyond all of that, I am expressing my own unbelief that when somebody has a need, it is the responsibility of the government or other entities that function in our nation and beyond, to fulfill them.

In fact, when men and women of the earth get married and have a babies very often there are people that believe that it is absolutely the responsibility of the Government, or the hospitals, or the welfare wagon, etc. to step up and make a way for us to comfortably live our lives. In fact, if we do not “get it” by now, let me be the first to inform you that there is no person, no government worker, etc. etc. etc. with a job description,  that should, must or ought to supply yours and my every day needs.

Every able body human being is capable of assuming the responsibility of working and caring for our own needs. In fact we should be able to reach out to others that are physically or mentally not capable of meeting their own needs on their own. In fact, it is said that if a man/woman does not work then they will not eat.


God Has Plan and a Purpose for Every Life on This Earth

The point that I am making in the entirety of this message is that we live on this Earth that is abundantly rich and able to meet our needs. If we are not able to meet our needs at any time in our lives, God must know that we have tried. Whether the needs are healing for physical pain, lack of employment, diligently working a steady job, but still not able to meet the needs of your household, etc.

If God sees such needs, and He knows that you have tried to meet those needs, but they have continually fallen short of what is truly need, , then He will be mindful of your needs. Never forget that His Hand I stretched out to help you, and He has solutions for your life that you know not of.

You may say that you have asked God for His help, but you have seen no results. To that I will say, “Ask and Keep on Asking,” and “It will be given to you” “Seek and Keep on Seeking, and You Will Find.” “Knock and Keep on Knocking and the Door Will Be Open Unto You.”

“For everyone who keeps on asking receives; and he who keeps on seeking finds; and to Him who keeps on knocking, the door will be opened.” Luke 11:9-10.

While the above scriptures are lovely and powerful words of encouragement, the bottom line of this “message,” is…to quote another unknown writer “Roam was not built in a day.” The jest of it is that, if it doesn’t happen over night, understand that persistence will, in fact pay off! 

The question Here is not, “Will I ever get what I am asking for or what I need?” The question is, Are you willing to press on through the nothingness of the returns on your efforts, and wait for the grace of God to create through you, what you cannot do on your own!!!


Stay in The Test, For Surely The Lord Has a Testimony That He Intends to Release Through!


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