We are One in Christ, and In Christ Heirs to the Promises Made by God Through Christ!


Supernatural Faith Encounters Of The God 



              By Dr. Lindy Diffenbaugh


Christ's Body Honors Him as One Body

                 The Body Of Christ Seeks To Honor HIM With One Heart and Mind



Faith is an amazing Force that we find on this Earth, as well as it is in the heart and souls of every created being that inhabits the Earth and Heaven Above! It does not see an obstacle as a “personal obstruction”,  and in fact it  absolutely no fear of such an obstacle.


 It does not denounce reality, because it’s recipient does not comprehend it.  Once the promise is made,  the it does not need to be disciplined or restrained by man or circumstances. Faith can, and it often does inspire discipline…but the child of God resonating with the spirit of faith,  is not looking for an eternal disciplinarian to guide them.



 What Exactly IS FAITH, and What Are it’s Parameters?


In fact, as I understand Faith, it is simply knowing your Heavenly Father, and trusting Him explicitly, every step of the way, as you walk along the way with Christ In You!  In fact, with every need that plagues you and every fear that you harbor, you have enough faith to know that you know, that you know that because you trust your Faithful Creator with every fiber of your being,  He will make the wrongs that you face, turn around for your benefit.


Why, you may ask, would He do such a thing for you? In fact, you are pretty sure that your own father and mother , would, and in fact has, watched you walk in to places of utter destruction without saying a word to you? In contrast to works of your own parents, God’s unending love is rich and it goes very deep into your heart and soul!  His unending love and goodness for you will never let you walk into a Hell created place of destruction, darkness, and despair, without releasing a Fatherly Intervention to Save you from yourself!


Rather than writing an in-depth explanation of what the definition of what Faith actually is, let me make it simple: In a spiritual sense, Faith means that You Trust, and You Absolutely Know that You Know, that You Know, that your Faithful Creator, will keep you safe and on the right pathway that He intends for you to follow.


In fact, Faith contends that you have so much faith in God, that you believe that whatever your dilemma might be, you are confident that you can Trust YOUR HEAVENLY FATHER,  to uphold, defend, and keep you on the exact path that He has defined for you; in fact at every unexpected turn and dark obstruction, that you may encounter or stumble onto throughout your life, He is with you and He will empower you to rise above the doubt and obstruction of the darkness that looms before you!


In Fact the Dilemma That Stands Before You Will Not Overtake You


When you face a dilemma, whether it is a small or  life altering issue, you can stand before Christ and trust that He has stood before that roadblock before, and He most certainly has the will to  talk and walk you through every obstacle and need that you encounter, every moment of every day of your life. 


In fact, while the “brick wall” that stands in front of you and appears to block your pathway to progress and ultimate Victory, must empower you to reflect upon the goodness of God in your life; in fact, with everything that He has done for you, will reveal the great fortune that  you received, when He welcomed you into the glory of His Kingdom! 


In fact, you must never forget that if you don’t feel the certainty that He is with you and He will see you through the mountain that stands before you, then that would be the time that must reflect upon, the faithfulness, grace and goodness that He has released into your life! 


You must grab hold of His grace to trust Him carry you through every trial and barrier that you face. Such trials and obstacles are nothing to the heart and hand of our God! He will certainly see you through to the other side of   every trial and obstacle that threatens to take you down!  In fact, His Grace and Goodness Never Fail; in fact He will never stop empowering you through every dilemma that you face over, and over again, and over again, again and again and again!  again, and again!! 




When you have walked with Christ for months, years, and decades of your life, you begin to understand the expression of the revived Human Spirit and the Awakening of Who You Really are IN Christ!



Faith Is the Awakening of the God Released Message In Your Heart!


If you have a strong walk with God, you certainly must be aware that it is His Spirit that inspires every powerful action that you have taken in your life!  I realize that faith often makes no sense to others and when you are under the influence of faith, in the estimation of those that do not understand your “behavior”, in their you have become an entirely different creature. When faith came to you, the need for legalism and the law were ushered out to the “Exit Sign” on the back door of your soul!


In fact, if you believe that you are walking by faith, but at the same time you are also carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders, you might need to step back and reassess the Faith in Christ, that you believe  that you carry!


When faith comes, life becomes the “Abundant Strength of God With You”! In fact, as He walks with you, Your Now Abundant Hope of His Glorious Breakthrough to every obstacle that Hell has positioned in your pathway, is certain!


How Can YOU Achieve Such Amazing Victory?


There is only one way that I know of, that will instill such Victory in your life! What might that be? In fact, you must learn to Walk by Faith, so that you can learn to release the supernatural force of your ultimate victory of Christ-In YOU The Hope of Glory!  


To achieve such a Victory, You Must Bear the Nature of the “One New Spiritual Man” that Resides in the Depth of Your Soul! 


Now I can hear you asking: “How Do You Lay Hold of That Spiritual Force that Resides in the Depth of Your Being?  


In Fact, There is Only One Way That I Know Of to Lay Hold Of Christ’s Power, Might, and Dominion, That God and Only God Can Release Within YOU !


In fact, to take grasp the depth of God’s power gifts to His faithful followers, you do not switch the darkness off in your life? That is an easy question to answer! In fact, in order to switch on the light and allow it to overpower the darkness, that works to leave you in a state of confusion! In fact, it works to ensure that 


In fact, the devil’s minions work very hard to  to ensure that you will not be able to tolerate and remain in the presence of your God!


 When you come to that place in your daily walk with Christ, it is time to step back and  assess the delimma that hell has thrust into your face!


In fact, this is the time for Faith to face it’s finest hour!  How, you may ask, should Faith release the expression of the vocalization of the action of your revived human spirit?


The answer to that question is: If step back a allow Faith to work, it can and will break through every barrier of death, hell, darkness, and the stubborn rebellion of Hell itself. In fact in doing so, it will release  the Light and the Glory of Heaven on This Earth and In your Life!


You Will Prevail Over Hell Because Your Bond With Christ Is Tried, True, and Extremely Powerful!












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