Stand Strong Against Your Enemy


 Stand Strong In the Face of Your Enemy




You Will Prevaill Agaonst Hell     



It is vital, in fact it is imperative, that we, God’s Mighty  Warriors, continually discipline ourselves in our daily walk with the Triune God of Heaven and Earth.  Our focus must always be on the God head, and and we must be diligent to remember WHOSE we are and who we serve. Why? Because we have an enemy that roams about the earth, day and night, seeking to devour us.      

At this point, you may ask yourself, “What Did I Do To Make Such an Enemy? Another question you should ask yourself is, “Why would hell want to destroy someone that is simply walking through life, working hard to make a living, and endeavoring to serve God at the same time?”  

The first thing that you should be aware of is that: Your Enemy was First The Enemy of the Most-High God; The Same God That You Serve with Your Heart, Mind, Body, and Soul. Satan, Our Greatest Enemy, Is a Defeated Devil. The greatest weapon that he can hold against us is a Worthless Lie!   

If you are a Christian and you love Jesus, then you must be aware of this one absolute and “Set in Stone” FACT: Because You Love God, and You Serve Him with all your might, if you do not know already, let me be the first to inform you that the devil absolutely hates you. In fact,


Satan is without doubt, the worst enemy that you have on this earth. If you can accept that truth, then you must know this one as well: If Satan and Every Demon in Hell Stands Against You, then God and All His Holy Angels are Diligently Fighting For YOU; in fact, they are in the battle fighting with you, then they are absolutely Fighting With YOU!    


His Victory Was, Is, and Ever More Shall Be Settled On Earth as In Heaven

Never doubt this one important FACT: When God is for you, then no man, no witch, no curse, and no demon from Hell, can bring you down. God is your shield, your strength, your help, and your deliverer. When your Faith is in God’s absolute Victory over His enemies, through the death and resurrection of Christ, then you win. You will certainly win every battle when your faith rests in the absolute truth that, your God won the victory over every demon in hell, every tactic of Satan, and every single trap that the devil and his minions  have set up for your demise.

There are Christians all over this world who have lived in a place of certain  defeat because they are fighting from a position of defense, rather than offense. In other words, they are hiding from hell, rather than resisting it with all their might and strength. If Satan sees your hesitation, he will not laugh you to scorn, but he will bring out his strongest and most deadly demons to join in the fight to take you down.


What Must Your Next Strategic Move Be

If you are to defeat Hell, then your Battle Stance must be grounded in the depths of the mighty warrior that moves deep within your heart and mind. Through your faith, you must deliberately release a massive, absolute, and utter defeat upon Death, Hell, and the Satan and all of the  wicked plans that he has in mind for you. In other words, you must be on the offense and not the defense.

What’s the difference? From a position of defense, you believe that your enemy is all powerful, he is coming after you, and he is so strong and mighty that he will, without doubt, overpower you.

In other words, in your mind the devil that Christ defeated on the Cross, has somehow regained every ounce of his strength and power, and he now has enough power to break through every heavenly barrier that God made available for your protection your battle against Hell.  

While you may not say it out loud, you absolutely believe that somehow this defeated, lying devil is going to bring you down to the pits of hell.  What’s worse than all of that, you truly believe that you are alone in this fight, and you are sure that you will not win.

In fact you wish and you hope that you can overcome the devil’s tactics, but you have your doubts that that is even possible.

In fact you are not certain that God is with you, even though He certainly is; you may know that your Bible says that He will never leave or forsake you. But, somewhere in your soul, you aren’t even sure that Christ has all that is needed to save you and defeat the devil’s tactics.


The Grave Could Not Hold The Body of Our Glorious Lord and Savior                                                                       You must know and never forget that Christ did die a gruesome death on the cross and he was buried in a cold, damp tomb. Let that sink in for a few days. The second Person of the God Head, Jesus Christ Himself, the heir to the entire Universe, stepped out of Heaven, to save your soul and mine.

When petitioned by His Father, God Almighty, to come to earth to save humanity from the destructive forces of Hell, He did not flinch, He did not resist, and He did not ask His Father to give Him time to think about it; In fact Christ’s response was immediate. He said YES to His Father, and He delved right into the battle between Heaven and Hell.

In light of His response to the Father’s request , every soul that has ever walked this earth, as well as those that will walk the earth in the future, owe a debt of gratitude to Christ. If you, a sinner like so many other human beings on this earth, wonder why you owe such a debt, then you have not yet reckoned with the sacrifice that was made by this One Innocent Man, Christ Our Savior who saved us from the eternal flames of Hell Fire.

But…listen to me and do not ever forget this…Christ did not stay in the grave. He rose from the dead. Why is  that so important? It is important because His resurrection from death, hell, and the grave bought our victory over HELL and all the tactics that Hell intends to release against us. 

You positioned yourself for Victory on the day that you said “YES to Salvation Through the Resurrected Christ”; at the same time, you became a blood washed, blood bought saint of the Most-High God. That is your identity now, and that will always be your source of strength and victory in the battle. That strength will never, ever, no, never fail you! 


Regardless of What You Think, See and Hear, Christ Did Not Stay In the Grave!

To Utterly Destroy the Devil, All you must do is, Believe that You have the Victory in Christ. No matter what it looks like. No matter how much the devil is taunting you, no matter how hard he is resisting you…You and Jesus and the Great Cloud of Heavenly Witnesses, have the victory. It’s not because of anything that you are or have done. You have that Victory, because Jesus overcame the devil and everything that he has in mind to defeat you, will fail. 

You will grab hold of the victory when you get yourself, your doubts, your ideas about how you can defeat the enemy, out of the way. The word of God says, Submit to God-that includes your absolute agreement that He is all victorious. When you can do that, then you will be able to Resist the devil, and He Will Flee from You.

You may wonder why I can be so certain that Satan will flee from me. The short answer is that I Know that the Word of God Tells ME to Submit to God, Resist the Devil, and HE Will Flee from Me. Likewise, the moment that you win the battle against the devil, will be when You Submit the Battle to God! When God engages the battle against your enemy, all you have to do is stand back and watch how God Crushes Your Enemy! Then when it is over, you can whisper to the enemy, “That is How I Fight My Battles!”


How Do You Fight Your Battles

So, how do you resist the devil? The battle that the devil brings usually starts with him taunting, terrorizing, or disrupting your life in some way. The terror or disruption often comes out of nowhere. It is usually a hard blow… such as something that you did not see coming, and/or something that cannot be easily overcome. You will probably think that you caused the problem. 

Usually, the issue will stop, or at least redirect your world for a time. At that time, when the devil is clearly attacking your life, you must declare out loud, “I resist you Satan, in Jesus’s name.” The devil will surely hear you. He surely knows what that means. 

After you are finished putting Satan in his place, you submit to God…You recognize that HE is Lord over all. He holds the battle plans to defeat the enemy. Thus, you ask Him, what do I do now?  

In the midst of the Battle, Know This: once you grab hold of the understanding that Jesus crushed Satan on Calvary’s Cross, It is too Late for Satan to defeat You, a Warrior of the Most High God…He can’t do it because he is operating from a position of defeat…he is on the defense.

Know this, once you understand that you are part of Team Jesus, and when the devil challenged Him to a show down between Heaven and Hell…Jesus took the challenge. He said, Devil get thee behind me. He defeated Satan, with the truth of the word of God. In Christ, therefore, anything that he has planned against your life, Satan loses, and Jesus and YOU will certainly win that battle. 

To summarize the above…even though Satan is a defeated devil…nothing more nothing less…the absolute truth about this devil and his little army of demon helpers, is that he and they are defeated. When God’s Army is Fighting the Good Fight on This Earth, Hell can never be victorious when they rise up to strike you down. 

If you know who you are in Christ, and you partner with Him, the devil will not overtake you. If you do not prevail, then Satan’s armies will manage to grab hold of a degree of power. In fact, there is only one way that they gain power in a show down with a blood bought child of God, and that is that you give them your power. You may ask, why on earth would we give the devil power? 

Here is how it could happen. Listen carefully to this. When you or I stand face to face in a confrontation with the devil in Absolute Fear…and we believe that he is all powerful, that he has what it takes to defeat us in the battle;  when we believe that we do not have enough strength or understanding to bring him down, at that moment…when you are shaking in your shoes and believing that he is all powerful, so much bigger than you are, bigger than our God…he has everything that he needs to defeat us…when we stand in that kind of doubt and fear, we empower hell to run all over you.

Hell will mow you down, destroy you, and fix it so that you will never get up again, because it will make you believe that the devil is too big for God and His warriors to overcome. That is how we relinquish our victory In Christ and turn all our power over to the devil. When we face such a “show down,” we can be certain that you have become a “playground” for the Devil.

He will keep coming back at you harder the next time there is a difficulty in your life.  You will face the next battle with the taste of bitter defeat in your mouth. As you remember the last defeat, you will brace yourself for the battle that is now In Your Face! The only possibility that you see coming from that “show down,” is Utter Defeat. The devil beat your once…and your faith says that he will do it again. 


Who Are You to Taunt A Warrior of the Living God


In fact He will continue to taunt you, until you, like David, face the giant and ask with all authority, “Who are you to taunt a Warrior of the Living God?” You must see yourself as the devil’s worst nightmare! And when you see that, once you grasp the revelation that you were born to terrorize darkness, you will stop running from hell’s tactics that were designed to take you out of the battle and catapult you into the place of defeat.  He wants to discourage you. He wants to make you weary. He wants to defeat you on the battlefield so that you will leave him alone.  

Get it in your head right now. You will never, ever, no-never, leave the devil alone. You are on the earth to terrorize him, to push him and every one of his demons back to where they came from…the pit of death, hell, and darkness.  

In fact, You were put on this earth to let Hell know that Jesus defeated Satan on the Calvary’s Cross. That battle is over. It will never be overturned. Satan had his chance and he did not prevail. Jesus was declared the Ultimate, Eternal Victor, and that victory will never ever be overturned. 


If The Victory is to Be Won, It Must Be Won On Your Knees






The victory must be won first in the place of prayer and warfare. Once you have put the enemy on notice that he is defeated and there is no possibility for victory, then you put yourself on the offense, and Satan will have to take a defensive position in this battle. 

You make a spiritual connection with the devil and his minions when you engage them in prayer and warfare. This is where you will come into an absolute agreement with Heaven. When the connection is certain, then you will grab the keys that Christ released to you through his Resurrection Victory, (Matt 16:19) … He gives YOU (as well as every Saint on the Earth) the Keys that will shut up and shut down all of Satan’s demonic taunts and activity. Your warfare will lead you to an certain breakthrough!

Hell will see and know that you know, who you are in Christ, when you assert your God Given identity with the Risen Christ. You are HIS WARRIOR and as such, no demon in hell, not even Satan himself, can defeat you. 

In a worldly battle, you fight with weapons that can be seen feel, and hold. These are useless in a Spiritual Battle. You can’t shoot a demon. But we can and will defeat him, when we recognize that the weapons that we hold are not carnal, we cannot see them, but we can use them against our enemy. We release our weapon by speaking the word of God against the defeated demons. We overcome when we splash the blood of Jesus upon them and remind them that there is power in the Cross of Christ. The same cross that Satan nailed an Innocent Man upon, as he murdered Christ, In Cold Blood!

With this act, Satan became a murderer…a criminal…the “Earth’s Most Wanted.”  The only way that he can pay for that crime, is for Us, Christ’s blood bought warriors, to remind him that he was utterly defeated when he murdered the Son of God.

Then we must go one step further…That innocent man that descended into hell, and secured the keys to death, hell, and the grave, gave us those keys. Just as the grave could not hold Christ, neither will it hold us. We will certainly be resurrected into eternal life with Christ and our Heavenly Father, when we leave this earth.

The Game Plan to Defeat the Enemy

Again, when we exert the weapons of our warfare against Hell, then all of Heaven will stand with us in the Battle. There are, however, conditions that we must meet as we petition Heaven to stand with us in the “showdown with hell.” we must be certain that Hell has no legal right to come against us. In other words, we must be certain that whatever Satan is holding against us, holds no merit…or truth.

If we carry any guilt, then we must confess our sin before the Lord, and allow Him to cleanse us of all unrighteousness. Then we can enter the battle with the confidence that Heaven is fighting with us when we, stand against the Forces of Hell and Darkness. 

Spiritual Warfare & Deliverance are about an ongoing war in our world that is both spiritual and personal! Make no mistake about it, this war is REAL!

In every battle that we will face against the forces of darkness…Know That…



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