Stand Before The Lord and Allow Him to Transform You and Use You For His Purposes

Stand Before The Lord and Allow Him to Transform You  and Use You for His Purpose!






Face Your Enemies Head-On
Face Your Enemies Head On As Christ Is Fighting With You


If you do not yet understand why you are a citizen of the planet earth, let me be the first to shed some light on your dilemma; in fact, you are here for God ordained purpose! If you do not know, the purpose that is yours, is a God defined purpose that is fashioned with you, and you only, in His mind. As you may have already perceived, the purpose that you carry is a strong one, and it is one that you will have to not only discern, but you will have to seek and partner with your Creator God.

Why must you do that? In fact, the “why” of the issue is simple! You must partner with your Creator God because the enemy that you face has been around since time and eternity existed. are not the only stubbornly resistant predators that defy every solution that you can lay hold of; however, they will ultimately and deliberately suck you into a tsunami of deep despair, into the seeming real-time experience of absolute professional and personal defeat.

With the loss that is behind you, and the pain that is pent up like a prisoner in your broken heart, it is imperative that you forget yesterday’s victories and successes, as well as the failures that loom before you.

When these are laid aside, you must then set you face like a flint, as you move through the “rubble” of yesterday’s failures and destruction” and, in some cases, “absolute disasters.” Once you have reckoned with the fact that you must rebuild every good thing that has been lost along the way, you must never look back to the pain of your loss. Neither can you question, “Why Me!”

In the process of rebuilding your world as best you can, you must manage to make a bold and determined effort, to work your way through the maze that now holds you captive. Your ultimate-goal at that point, is to find a way of escape, from what appears to be an inescapable force of deep, dark, and utter forces of    destruction.

Such situations cannot be ignored, because when you deal with an unmistakably clear and present demonic force, you begin to realize that they do not intend to leave you alone, until they have inflicted every bit of damage that they can do to your life, your home, your family, and everything that you hold dear; in fact, they are in your life to take from you, everything on this earth that is precious and to your life and living on the earth.

After significant efforts to back down this intrusive force, you will soon recognize that there is absolutely nothing that you can do to take this thing down. It is clearly bigger and more powerful than you have ever faced in the past .
It is also very clear that if you do not take a stand and fight the good fight of faith against the force of the threat, that you will ultimately have to capitulate to the foe that stands in your face and mocks your every move.

Without a “Good Fight of Faith” Your Loss
Will Be Certain and Painful

Amid despair, confusion, and what appears to be an utterly impossible foe to overcome, you must recognize that if you do not fight, then you will certainly a face deep and loss, somehow and somewhere in your life. In fact, it is painfully clear that the foe that is upon you, has but one goal. What exactly is that goal?

That goal is clearly a devilish effort from the darkest depths of hell, that is sent to bring distraction, destruction, defeat, and despair upon God’s chosen Vessels of Honor, and in every aspect of the warrior’s life. In fact, in the heat of the battle we may ask ourselves, “How can it end any other way?”

Make no mistake, if you live on the planet Earth and you are a born-again/spirit-filled Christian, you will certainly face demonic entities in your life. As you stand in the face of a demonic force that seeks your destruction, you must recognize that that demon has one, and only one, intention.

What is that intention? Simply put, the demonic goal over your life, is to obliterate the hope and the future that you are promised in the Word of God.  Demonic warriors are messenger from hell, that are sent to destroy your life by spewing out confusion, distraction, hopelessness, helpless, and finally, utter destruction to some part or phase of your life that you have invested your blood, sweat, and tears into. In fact, it was that “building effort,” that you believed would bring you a hope and a future for yourself, your family, and in the work that you are in the process of expanding, so that you can realize the better business and life for yourself and your family!




Battles are Fought and Won in the Heaven-lies

We may try every relevant internet solution, as well as the newest and greatest technological advancements known to man; yet the answers that we seek remain elusive. When our best shot at busting the dilemma to pieces utterly fails, we will suddenly realize that we have produced no tangible change in the situation.
Worse than that, we will soon recognize that we are alone in the battle, and we will have to face the same “giant” tomorrow and the next day, if something does not change. And if something does not change on our side of the battle, then we can be certain that that wicked serpent, the one that we call the devil, will up his game and push us neck deep into the quicksand of our lives.

At this point let’s douse a little encouragement into an otherwise, very depressing scenario. The first word of hope is that we have no doubt found ourselves in the same pile of quicksand, that we are no doubt drowning in right now!  In fact, the reality is that at this point in the the battle, we all find ourselves helplessly overwhelmed by the giant before us, and absolutely clueless that help could be a short breath away. I can hear you asking even now: “Where is it and when will it get here?” That is up to you. But keep reading, we will certainly get to the answers that you are looking for very soon.

I can certainly identify with such dilemmas. They visit me and the people that I love, with unrelenting pain and other forces of destruction and despair.  And, by the way, if you have not noticed, they do not even pretend to play fair.  That is why we must stop searching for solutions in all the wrong places and press into a power that smarter and stronger than we could ever be.

While we may believe that we need a superpower that can outsmart your foes and set you on a deliberate course to overcome the trials that you now find yourself immersed in; in fact, at this point, it seems that you have failed to recognize that what you are dealing with, is nothing more than a lie from the devil and his minions.

I have searched for solutions in all the wrong places for much of my life. I still tend to frantically scramble for solutions that seem to be nonexistent. But I am getting better at it because I have found a better way to step into a sure victory to every struggle and trial that I face.

When there does not seem to be an expert, or an average and ordinary person that I can turn to for answers, I have learned to turn to a power that is greater than human knowledge and the interventions found in the human mind.

Certainly, I could go to a library and search out every bit of knowledge that seems to be applicable to my struggle. But there again, you are seeking what man has to say about our dilemmas. Not that, that is not necessary and helpful; in fact, it is a good start. But there is a deeper well available to all humanity, that has all the answers to every struggle that we will face in life. Of course, that is a very bold claim, however you must know this: I would have never made such a claim if I could not have backed it up!


Solutions Are Found In the By The Grace of God


When you are helplessly and hopelessly stuck in the depth of the problem, then it is past time to turn to the promises made in Biblical Scripture. Here you will find power packed promises, as well as truths that will lead you safely through the trials and into the ultimate victory that Christ’s resurrection secured for every born-again believer.


Know this, and do not forget it, there is one source that will never fail to lift you above the stubborn struggles that are working toward your demise; and by the way, the problems that you face, seem to quickly turn into a deadly pile quicksand. If you are to connect with that source, then you must keep your eyes on things above, and not on the tangible things that so easily lead us to our own destruction.


If we are to realize resurrection power, we must never ever dwell on the problem. No! Our first effort to overcome must be to ask ourselves, “What does the Scripture Say About My Dilemma?”  If you search for the truth of the Word regarding your circumstances, you will find a truth somewhere in the Bible, that will surely be a catalyst to release the healing balm of Heaven, that will bring you out of darkness into the light of His glory.


Once you have found it, you must be diligent to walk in the Truth of that Scripture and not in the debilitating force of the lies that Satan, that old serpent that we call the defeated devil…is whispering in our ears.
In other words, we must look-up towards the Heavenly promises of God and ignore the lies coming out of the pit of Hell. These are the plans that Satan has intended for our destruction.


Set Your Mind on Things Above!


The effort begins with the scripture: Set your mind on things above and not on the earthly struggle that you have encountered.


If you intend to find a permanent solution to the roadblock that you have stumbled upon, start with how you see it.  Is it an impassable roadblock…or is it time for you to proclaim, “Satan get thee behind me?”


Always be aware that your thoughts are not always your own. Influences come at you from many different sources…from negative people who do not carry the mind of Christ, as well as the devil himself.  In fact, he will certainly work very hard to make certain that the problems before you will grow exponentially, to the point that they latterly defy solutions.


When the problem becomes your absolute and total focus, and when the problem and your focus have been negatively influenced by those that do not have your best interests at heart, then the mountain of your troubles tends to become bigger and bigger; thus, it eventually becomes your ultimate reality.


If you focus on the pain, then of course the pain becomes your ultimate reality. You focus on poverty and poverty becomes your reality. You focus on the addiction and the addiction becomes your reality, etc. etc. etc. If you are buried so deeply in the problem, that you cannot impact the problem because you are in it; at that point it is likely that you have gone way past the point of no return.


You Must Seek a Heavenly Intervention


If you are to overcome the problem that looms before you, it is imperative that you assume your position in Christ, that the Word of God tells you is yours in (Colossians 3:1-4). When you recognize who you are in Christ, you will soon find yourself walking in and with Christ on this earth.  When that happens, you will once again begin to walk in the light of Christ.


How do you position yourself above the problems that are before you? The answer to that question is simple: To successfully position yourself above the problems that are staring in your face, you must hold the truth of God’s word before and above the problems that are blatantly right up in your face? You do this no matter how real/and/or threatening that the problems seem to be.


As soon as you recognize that you have safely elevated yourself above the problems at hand, you must begin to lavishly apply the Balm of Gilead to the effect that the problem has had in your life. How do you do that? You begin to continuously proclaim the truth that the Word of God has set you free from that problem. Additionally, you must begin to meditate on the Word of Truth, that you used to position yourself not only above the problem, but that you now hold the place of an overcomer in Christ, in that matter. From that position you can wield the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God.


What has happened? You have lifted yourself up beyond the demons, as well as the lies that they have belched out on your life. When you have displaced hell, and released heaven into your situation, then you have stepped into a new role.
In fact, you have stepped into a place where hell cannot defeat you, if you determine to continue to see yourself as a Warrior in Christ. In that position, you have become a Bold and Fearless Warrior. In that position, demons that will tremble and flee, when they see you step into the battle.


When you become Christ’s Mighty Warrior, then you will see things differently. You will acknowledge that the threat of the circumstances that are before you, are not the reality that you are facing; in fact, through the word of God and the power of your own testimony, you intend to obliterate all opposition and to claim liberty over death, hell, ad darkness. Not only do you intend to step over the giant before you, but even this day you will have his head on a platter.


If, Satan continues to roam the earth seeking someone to bring down, you will have a battle on your hands. You will never be totally free of demonic lies and influence while you are on this earth. Why? Because Satan roams to and frow about the earth Seeking Someone to Devour!


In the face of Hell’s onslaught, it is not the time to capitulate. No! It is the time to remind yourself that you are a skilled warrior…to admonish yourself that warriors do not quit, and they never give up. What does that mean?


You must learn the truth Word of God and Hide it in your heart. You can call it up when you need it to take down the enemy before you.


As you stand in the full armor of God, and in the face of the devil’s lies, you begin to define for him, how the battle will be fought. Just as David of old told the devil that on “this day, I will have your head on a platter,”! So, in this day, you stand in the face of the devil and announce to that serpent exactly how the battle will be fought and, more importantly, how it will end.


As if you are throwing gasoline in that demon’s face, you take a spiritual fire hose and spray Hell and all its minions with the truth of God’s most holy and powerful Word. And by the way, exactly WHO is the WORD? The WORD is the overcoming and victorious Christ! In fact, the overpowering and undefeated Christ!


Know That The Devil Will Entice You to Stop the Torture By Enticing You to Roll Over and Play Dead!


When you are in a battle with the devil and his minions, be prepared to hear the demons grumble, “you are going down,” “you have blown it this time,” “this time there is no solution”, “medical science has told you that you are a walking dead man, there is no cure for your illness,” “you just are not smart enough, strong enough, young enough, old enough,” Your family always fails…do not think that you are any different,” etc. etc. etc.!


In the face of his baseless mockery, you must be an unrelenting force of strength and uncommon authority, that righteously stands in the face of Satan and all of his minions with overpowering authority and strength. You must continue to spray the word into his face, his eyes, his entire being, until he knows that you mean business.


Something in you must rise-up…that something is the heart, soul, and spirit of a seasoned warrior.


In your heart, you will always recognize that you are less than perfect in so many ways. These are ways that you believe are vital to overcome the foe that you are facing. You certainly do not feel that you are quite ready to overcome the demons that are lurking in the atmosphere that surrounds you.


You must grasp the truth that there is weakness is in your own flesh. While you are counting on, and focusing on your own flesh, you will never realize there is a mighty warrior that lurks in the depths of your inmost being. You will not find that strength of that warrior in your soul. You will not find it in your mind, your will, or your emotions.  It is not in your fleshly being. It is not lurking in your hopes and your dreams. No! It is will not emanate from of these. “Then,” you may ask, “Where is IT and how can I lay hold of IT?”


It is, in fact, the Spirit Man that resides deep inside you. It is the Spirit Man that is percolating in the depth of who you truly are; it is the Spirit Man that will demonstrate the strength, power, and authority that He/ You, together possess. It is the Spirit man that will ultimately fight the battle with you and for you. It is, in fact, the Spirit Man that is waiting to rise-up and overcome the devil that stands before you.


This, the SPIRIT MAN: THE CHRIST THAT LIVES IN YOU, is the strength that will never ever, no, never, fail you when you stand before Hell and wield the sword of the Spirit in the devil’s face. It is the force of that Spirit man that will rage through you, and together with you, will bring the Devil back down to Hell where He belongs.


You must continually remind yourself, as well as every demon that lurks around you, that Christ is in you, and He Works Mightily Through You. His Power is Pulsating Through Your Entire Being and it will not stop until the Victory is In Your Hand!


When the battle is over, both you and the devil will realize that it was not your power, nor your might that once again brought Satan to the place of utter defeat. NO! It was, in fact, the Spirit of the Resurrected Christ in YOU that enabled you to have His Head on a Platter, on THIS DAY and IN THIS VERY BATTLE!  
Enlighten the devil and his entire ‘rag-tag” army, that they are the perfect picture of utter defeat! Why? Because their Devil leader was defeated on Calvary’s Cross, by YOUR Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! In other words, “Game Over Satan. Devil you Lost and the Christ in Me, together with me, has defeated YOU, yet again!”


You might ask…What if my declarations don’t work for me? If you ask that question, then you are already defeated. Always know that the Word of God in the mouth of Christ’s child, will always defeat hell.  When you were a kid in playing in the neighborhood did you ever come up against another kid that wanted to punch your lights out? How did you get out of the conflict? Most kids will go inside and tell their dad what is happening outside. Then they come out and they stand in the face of the bully and proclaim, “My daddy said for you to leave me alone!”


So, it is the same way when you face hell’s minions. You simply pull out the word of God and proclaim, “My Father in Heaven has a restraining order on you that is called the ‘Resurrection Force of Christ’ and He says that you must back down or face His wrath yet one more time.”



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