Signs Of Perilous Times On Earth As Hell Is An Unrelenting Foe

The Battle On This Earth Between Heaven and Hell Is a Certain Reality!


                By Dr. Lindy Diffenbaugh


It is Time For God's Saints to Prepare Battle!


The Saints of God Must Resist the Resistance of Death, Hell, and Utter Darkness


From the moment that God spoke the World into being, it has prevailed from the that day, up to this very day. However, from the beginning when the World came into being, a vicious battle has ensued, that has ruthlessly invaded and assaulted the planet, as well as every living human and/or creature that populated  the planet.


That battle has released a persistent tug of war between Heaven and Hell, that has continued throughout every day and night, since the earth was formed.  The evidence that Hell has gained the upper hand is undeniable. The turbulence of this spiritual warfare is constant. It swarms the globe and relentlessly threatens the peace and glory that God has prepared for those who love Him.


Beyond that, the nations of the Earth are enduring unprecedented upheaval, unrest, and, in some places, all-out war.  As you would guess, such anarchy on this Earth has resulted in the loss of God created lives, to face death long before they had completed their earthly purpose and assignment. 


The days that we now endure, are unquestionably amongst some of the most perilous that this Earth has ever witnessed. The voice of agony reverberates all around the Globe. There are few that can even begin to respond to the depth of the pain inherent in the cries of desperation, from the lost, the needy, and the brokenhearted.


In this Day Treachery and Insurrection Are Rampant On the Earth!


Thus, in this day there is a great scarcity of allegiance, credibility, integrity, and virtue throughout the nations of the Earth. In fact, even when these do surface, they are questioned, challenged, mocked, and often discounted as heresy. That is why in this day, on this Earth, the wrath of a Holy and Righteous God is being stirred up with uncommon intensity.


God’s wrath and/or rage is provoked by sinister acts of betrayal and despicable works of treason, committed by leaders who have been entrusted with the lives and destinies of people and nations. All of this and more has stirred God’s anger to a very dangerous force of wrath and rage against the forces of darkness, from the pit of Hell and throughout the Planet Earth.


It is certainly not a new thing that there are those who will deny and defy our God and the truth of His Holy Word; however, in this day the rebellion has led His sacred Word to be mocked, and trampled and spat upon by the unholy and unrighteous masses who have rebelled against and totally rejected the God of Heaven and Earth!  In fact, these have not only rejected our God, but they have whole-heatedly embraced the lies and deceptions of Satan and his Forces of Death and Darkness.


Thus, God’s wrath is released from Heaven in unparalleled proportions, upon all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men and women who hold the Truth of His Word in contempt, (Paraphrase of Romans 1:18). In this day, around the globe, a growing number of people are calling the profane, holy, while the holy is being stomped upon and ripped to shreds, by those who have rejected their Creator.


They act this way, for one reason only, that reason would be that the devil is a ruthless, but a subtle, and very convincing liar. His diabolical and shameless seductions have led people to deny God and to trample upon His Holy Word and His Holy Standards! Those who do know God’s Holy Word, must wake up and discern the Word of God vs. the Diabolical Chatter from Hell’s Imps!


In This Day Satan Has Savagely Blinded The Minds of God’s “Would Be Warriors”

In this day, like never before, Satan has savagely blinded the minds of those who deny the existence of God and the redeeming work of Christ our Savior. In other words, because they are spiritually blind and deceived, these are marching headlong into an eternal destiny where they will be severely tortured throughout eternity and forever separated from their creator God.


Next to His passionate love for His Created Beings, God is a God of Definite Purpose & Solid Intention; in fact, Our God does nothing without purpose. That includes the knitting together of the body of every living being on this Earth, as they are being formed in their mother’s womb.


It is evident that every deceived saint who has bought into Satan’s lie, was originally created by God with a holy purpose in mind. As we read in Psalm 139:13-14, “For you created my inmost being as you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful I know that full well.”


By the way, in case you were wondering, there is not one scripture in the Bible that says that God made some of His saints to spend eternity in Heaven, while He created others with the intention of sending them straight to Hell after their life is over. It is certainly not the nature of our God to populate Hell with the treasures of His own Creation! God’s intention for every one of His children is life, and that more abundantly, (John 10:10b).


 Our Magnificent God Has a Purpose for Every Living Creature


So, how does it happen that millions of God’s own children are in rebellion to God, yet complicit with the plans of Satan, as they walk straight into the destructive flames of Hell fire? The short answer to that question, is that these are perishing because they have been deceived by Satan’s lies. Except they repent, they will never realize the eternal reward that God designed and created specifically for them.


Surely God’s heart breaks with the loss of every being that He created. Yet He can do nothing to save them. His hands are tied. He gave them a free will; they chose darkness over the light.


How could they blindly chose Hell’s flames over Heaven’s glory? Except they turn from the darkness to the light before they die, they will surely burn in a merciless, eternal, blazing inferno of the Unrelenting Flames of Hell Fire.


While a good portion of the population now walks about the earth, while giving no interest in the fact that there is a God in Heaven that created the very air that they breathe, the family that they love, and beyond that, He holds the keys to the future of the destiny of the entirety of their lives  and beyond.


In fact, if you have not noticed it yet, there is a Tidal Wave of Filth that is Flooding the Earth, at every possible entry point on the planet.  It is very clear that in this day, Satan’s followers have worked hard to make us believe that the reality of God’s truth is the height of deception.


Darkness is steadily pushing an agenda that the holy is profane, while enticing unsuspecting mortals to believe that the profane is truly holy. A discerning heart would believe that those who entertain such deceptions are truly the ones who are insane. They are not. In fact, they are deceived mouthpieces of Satan, who, with their very lives are promoting the agendas of Hell.


These are hopelessly captivated by the hypnotic forces of devilish demons, whose absolute end game is to destroy as much of redeemed humanity as they possibly can, and to ultimately take complete control of the Earth. Their only hope for the success of this wicked scheme, is for Hell to successfully turn every good thing on this Earth upside down.


In fact, these must allow the good to appear as evil, and the evil as good. Those things that we esteem as evil, must be cloaked before the masses as good. They must crush the life out of everything that is good, true, lovely, and of a good report. IF they manage to pull that off, they will become a voice that every inhabitant of the Earth believes and follows. At least, that is their seemingly, unrealistic fantasy.



The Disruption and Upheaval, Are Surely Inspired by Satan Himself!


With very little effort, Hell has managed to blind the minds of those who are now deliberately walking in darkness, (2 Cor 4:4). They may believe themselves to be independent thinkers, or they may think that they must walk against the tide of the day, but it is an undeniable reality that they are victims of a vile and wicked deceiver. These are the unwitting pawns of Satan and the most ruthless forces of hell, that can only offer them death, hell, and utter and unrelenting deep, deep, darkness, and the seething pain of the flames of Hell Fire and Brimstone. 


Be not deceived, no man will mock God and get away with it! What a man sows, that will he also reap, (Galatians 6:7). Thus, as the wicked of society have sown Hell’s ideals into the Earth, all the inhabitants of the planet now feel the impact of that sowing.


Deceptive business tactics are common; they are robbing the poor and increasing the wealth of the rich. For the most part, many who hold high governmental positions in the legislature, are clearly working for their own gain and not for the good of those that they represent.


The most unimaginable lies and vicious deceptions are being asserted as truth in the world today. Politicians are being elected on platforms of lies that rest on beds of deceit and distortion.


All of this and more is running rampant on the Earth, in fact, there is no one in authority that questions their tactics or holds them accountable. Likewise, news reporters belch out fake news, while they are applauded by the masses. Very few question the validity of their reports.


In the worldwide marketplace, products of minimal value are often sold for a price that is many times more than their value would demand. Merchants are rarely questioned for such extortion. Blatant deception is spreading through every cultural mountain of society, without question, reproof, or punishment. Before it’s over, the world will surely reap unrelenting storms of terror and lawlessness. These will come with unimaginable bloodbaths of destruction and death.


Without Doubt, The Days in Which We Live, Are Filled With National and International Anarchy


It is absolutely true that national and international anarchy has flooded the Nations of the Earth, that if left unchallenged will certainly consume the entire world. In this day, there is an incessant surge of filth being belched out from Hell, that is mercilessly overpowering all sectors of society, without respect to who they are or who they serve. The old, the young, the rich, the poor, the lost, and even God’s own children, have felt the intensity of the fear, terror, intimidation, and the destructive impact of Hell on this Earth.


It is here that we must ask, “Where Are the Armies of the Living God In This Day?”


In the face of this deluge of anarchy, it is crushing to realize that the true, born-again believers in Christ have put up little resistance in the face of Hell’s onslaught. In the greatest time of global crisis, Christ’s own Born-Again Saints have shown themselves to be weak, ineffective and, in many ways, pathetic.


It is extremely critical, in fact it is imperative, that we come to grips with the reality that God’s Saints are His only plan for resistance against this deluge of terror and anarchy that flows incessantly throughout the Earth. Every passing day, the minions of darkness are seizing ground and plunging the heirs of salvation into the dungeons of eternal death and destruction. The advance of their diabolical armies is worldwide.


In the face of this uprising, the best response from the majority of the Armies of God, has been a complacent yawn. Clearly God’s “saints” are asleep in the light. Except for His Remnant Warriors, they have failed to recognize that the resurrection power that Heaven breathed upon them, was a heavenly unction that would allow them to take back the ground that Satan has held hostage, and to dominate the Earth in Christ’s stead.



The Lord Has Commissioned His “Saints” to Annihilate the Forces of Darkness On the Earth


While Hell is rising up all around the Globe, God’s saints, truly do not recognize that they themselves are on the Earth to to bear the responsibility of taking down Hell and ushering in Heaven’s light, glory, and power.


These have failed to discern how vital the eternal demand inherent in this mandate truly is. The gravity of the rebellion against God’s commission has been all but ignored by Christ’s Church, in this day.


Now is the time, and this is the day, that God’s Warriors Must Rise Up and Fight For The Good Fight of Faith and to Prevail on the Earth. The modern Church has failed to grasp that it is the Church, not the government, that is anointed and appointed to establish and hold up a righteous standard in the land.


The enemy has without doubt and without mercy, blinded the minds of those who believe not in the things of God. Thus, the world is at the mercy of a sleeping church, that is filled with those who believe that the anarchy that is working overtime to take over the Earth, is the fault of the government.


Thus, they believe that it is the government’s responsibility to take care of the problems that they themselves have turned their back on God and the Government, and many of them live in a diabolical and lawless fashion. 


In fact, because many believers have been enticed by the seductive forces of this world, they are flirting with darkness, as they stand in resistance to the light. Many who call themselves believers, shamelessly embrace sin, hell, and destruction. These show little effort to justify their own wickedness. In short, they call good evil and evil good.


This breach in their heavenly God given covenant has left many doors wide open for Hell’s diabolical forces to bring destruction on the Earth in this day.


As the Holy Creator God watches this entire ruthless force of destruction over His creation, He surely weeps. But beneath the tears that are flowing from Heaven’s throne, somewhere in the depths of the heart of God, there is a rumbling.


As He watches and weeps, He is drawing strength from His own Word: “Vengeance is Mine! I WILL certainly repay!” (Deuteronomy 32:35). God has shown great patience towards His Church in these days of wavering faith. However, except we repent, His judgement on the Church will surely come.


It is certain that God will have a Victorious Bride in the Last Days of the Earth. It is also certain, that the Church must realize that she is destined to be His Bride…In Fact…


It is time for the Body of Christ to Wake Herself Up, Shake Herself Off, Fight the Good Fight of Faith, and Inflict a Heavenly Blow of Death and Defeat Upon the Forces of Death, Hell, and Darkness.





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