Heroes of Faith Prevail In the Face of Hell

 Heroes of Faith Always Prevail in the Faith of Death, Darkness and Hell  

By Dr. Lindy S. Diffenbaugh, D.D.


Heroes of Faith Always Prevail In the Face of Death Hell and Darkness

As I alluded to in my last article, “True Biblical Stories of Old and New Testament Heroes of Faith,” at the beginning of any story we usually stumble upon the “soon to be heroes” that believed that they lack the strength and tenacity in their in their own character and being!

These are often insecure, broken, ill equipped and full of self-doubt. They do not believe that they have what it takes to face battles; in fact they openly verbalize that, ‘I don’t have what it takes to do this!’ The only difference between a villain and a hero is the reaction to the pain that they carry; the Hero says, ‘I am going to stop anybody else from experiencing what I have experienced,” while the villain says, ‘I am going to take down the righteous, and raise up the wicked to the place of absolute power!”

The Bible is filled with accounts of Zeroes and Heroes. As we move into the biblical accounts of their stories, we will begin to realize that it was not their power, nor they’re might that transformed the entire spiritual make-up. Zeroes can ultimately be transformed from Zeroes to Heroes, to the point that they will prevail with great brilliance on the battlefield!

Beyond these, the Bible is filled to overflowing with the accounts of heroes, zeroes, and villains, that we can now take advantage as we study them and to learn from their victories and their defeats, whether they are Zeroes or Heroes!


The Transformation of The Lord’s Disciples

If you do not know the story of the Apostle Paul’s transformation from “Saul” who persecuted and killed Christians, into one of the humblest, yet one of the most powerful leaders in the Early Church; in fact, it is worth the time and energy to study the reality of Saul’s Unprecedented Transformation.  

In his own words the Apostle Paul reveals that there were, “People in this day that come against me I am routinely imprisoned and bitten by snakes, but I glory in my suffering because suffering produces perseverance, perseverance character and character hope”!

This comes from a man that once imprisoned Christians, to a Christian Man that was routinely imprisoned for protecting God’s Saints in His day! Despite his intermittent incarcerations, Paul never quit and never stopped sharing the Gospel and Serving the Lord.   

Jesus calls us from a life of comfort and ease, to a life that will ultimately transform us from darkness to light. The Apostle James encourages us to, “Consider it all joy when you face trials and tribulations.”  In fact, joy is released when the challenge has been overcome.

When You Read of the Apostle Paul, Give Thanks to God for HIS Ability to Transform Evil into Goodness

While the story is an ancient one, it is indeed an accurate depiction of the grace and power of God that is able to transform a wicked life that was given to darkness, into a glorious Hero of Faith, Hope, and Authority! 

In fact, if God is able to turn a Saul into a Paul, then there is no doubt that as you yield your life to Him, He can and will Transform Your Life to fulfill His Plans and Purposes to Complete Your God Defined Mission on Earth, as In Heaven! 



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