The Unrelenting Demands of Demonic Warfare

The Force Demanded in the Face of Demonic Warfare!

By Dr. Lindy S. Diffenbaugh, D.D.

The Unrelenting Force of Demonic Warfare!

God’s Warriors Contend To Take Down Demonic Forces of Death, Hell and Darkness!


In the face of “never ending demands of demonic warfare”, how should we respond to a massive demonic attack on our lives and family? First, we must be cognizant of what is at stake.  We have to recognize that despite our efforts to control our lives, work, and family, things seem to always get messed up, fail, or they end up with us at odds with our co-workers and/or the people that we love. In fact, in the mists of our contention, the devil gives us no rest and no peace. In other words, Satan clearly has the upper hand in this battle

While we are in the fight, we fail to recognize that we have been unreasonable, or just flat out wrong. At this point we may begin to question why we let things get so out of hand, so quickly; and in fact, such an uncaring and unprofessional way. While this might be a seemingly normal response, it does not end the battle that we face in our own lives, as well as the lives of our family; in fact, it does not eliminate the devil’s intrusion into the most sensitive areas of our lives and living.

When the disruptive situations that surround us are in total disarray, our first response is to beat ourselves up. Instead of playing the blame game and taking ourselves to the “woodshed,” we must start asking questions regarding our lives. Did the conflict come out of nowhere? Were things going fine at first, and one word from your “opponent” set you up for a conflict.

When it is over you feel some shame, and a tinge of personal stupidity. In fact, it was either your own fleshly nature, or it was nothing but pure devil mockery. In fact, God did not set us up for this conflict; it was that old serpent, the devil, that thrust such an indictment upon us.

As time continues to pass, you will carry the memory of that altercation in your mind; in fact, as you play it over and over in your head, you make a vow to never let that happen again. But then, another infraction occurs, and it starts all over again.

Let me assure you that even though you fully and freely engaged our opponent in the fight, you can absolutely believe that demonic forces were “egging you on.” Get it straight now: Demons divide and separate, and God reconciles and brings you and your opponent back together in love and cooperation.

The moral of this portion of the writing is: As much as it is possible with you, be on good terms with everyone that you encounter. If they have no intention for you to be on good terms with them, then keep your distance. Stand against the resistance in prayer, then watch and wait to see what God will do to restore what the darkness has divided.


Sound The Alarm: The Enemy Is On The Loose!

If you open your ears to the supernatural realm, you will surely pick up an Ear-Splitting Shrill that has been Released by an Alarm; in fact, the alarm is Designed to Summons the Attention of Every Person on the Planet. It Cannot be Ignored. It Must Be Heard, and It Must Considered with Careful Attention. To Ignore It Will Result in Long-Term Captivity and or Certain Death.

To Say That the Sound is “Earth Shattering” Would Without Doubt, Be an Understatement! In Fact, The Ferocity Of Its Force Agitates the Earth and All That Therein Lies! While the Masses That Populate the Planet May Not Be Attuned to the Sounding Of This Alarm, Not One Soul That Inhabits the Planet Will Be Able to Escape the Massive Impact of Its Force and Its Probable Destruction!!!

This Certainty of the Global Collision Course of the Force Behind the Alarm, Awakens Untold Fear and Panic. The Universal Impact That This Force Carries, is Without Doubt, Unrivaled on Planet Earth in This Day and in this Time.

Arise Mighty Warriors of the Living God

If it is not clear, but let me say that the alarm, as well as its resulting disruption and destruction, are staged within and are only functional in the spiritual realm. We live in a day that our spiritual ears must be trained to carry a greater sensitivity than our natural ears.

Why is it necessary for our spirit ears to tune into spirit sounds that infiltrate our atmosphere? The answer to that question is, of course, the threats and destruction that we see in the natural, have been engineered by demonic forces operating in that realm. If we do not discern or see them, then we cannot cut them off before they strike.

It is vital that we recognize spiritual activity when or after it is released, because if we miss the origin of the damage, then the blame for its destruction will focus on the natural realm.

If you are not aware of this truth already, let me make it clear: you cannot solve or eradicate a demonic threat with earthly solutions. You cannot issue a financial fine or initiate an incarceration for the alleged perpetrators; in fact, neither action would be sufficient to bring about the absolute destruction to the spiritual forces that are behind the infraction.

Considering the above revelation, we must become “watchmen on the wall,” so to speak. If we are spiritually assigned to the elite fighting force on earth, as in heaven; then your spirit will be awake and attuned to the impact of the intrusive, global spiritual “Mayday” blast. This blast will emanate from the spirit realm, and it will carry enough brute force to shake, awaken, and mobilize Heaven’s earthly warriors to prepare for war.

This alarm commands every earthly spiritual warrior on the planet Earth, to ensure that they are positioned and aligned with the Light. In fact, this is the only position that insures certain resistance against the darkness.

It is not enough to just be aligned with the light. God’s Warriors must Be the Light. There is no other force, other than the Light, that can expose the works of darkness that threaten to destroy God’s Fighting Army!

Every mighty warrior of the Most-High God that resides on the face of this Earth, must be prepared to initiate a massive spiritual breakthrough all around, and within the planet. We cannot initiate the necessary spiritual breakthrough without the Glorious Light of Heaven!

When we allow Heaven’s light to permeate and overtake the darkness of Hell, then we, the Warriors of the Most-High God, will surely release a deadly blow to Hell’s forces of darkness that have not only covered, but they have agitated our planet for far too long.


Pray Church Pray!

We cannot wait for the Government to take control of the lawlessness of hell on earth. Why? Because, even though there may be good men and women inside these governing bodies, without a doubt there are as many emissaries of Satan as possible, that are legislating the free reign of the deep forces of darkness in every nation of the earth.

Considering the above understanding, the government can and will fully benefit this nation, if the church prays in godly men and women to rule and reign for Christ in the Governments of the earth. While we wait for that to happen, we must stand as a force of intercession that will release the Light into the Darkness of Hell, that surely seeks to destroy the nations of the earth.

It is unfortunate that a huge slice of the population maintains a keen focus on politics, arts and entertainment, education, and every other institution, industry, and initiative that contributes to life and living in the nations of the earth; however, there is an extreme deficit of the knowledge of the certainty of eternity, i.e. life beyond death, within the masses that walk this earth!

If we zoom in for a closer look, we recognize that these are “the masses that populate the earth;” we would surely see that there are people like you and me all around the globe. These are those that we hold dear, those that we look up to, and those that we must embrace and always keep in our prayers.

It is without an indisputable truth, that most people live their lives, day in and day out, chasing the tyranny of the urgent, while they fail to consider the voice of, and/or the very existence of Almighty God, the Creator and Maker of ALL PEOPLE AND ALL THINGS!!!

It is evident that there is a huge portion of the population on this planet that is hopelessly caught up in, distracted by, and fascinated with earthly matters, endeavors, and adventures. Clearly, these are literally consumed with the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eye and the pride of life, that we read of in 1 John 2:16. Because of these distractions, they fail to grasp the reality that God Himself holds the stopwatch that will mark the end of the lives that they believed that they owned.

Something else that is often overlooked, is that “It is God who made us, and not we ourselves,” Psalm 100:3. Every person who walks this earth, has been formed, fashioned, and crafted by the finger of our magnificent and eternal Father in Heaven. Our lives are in His Hands. His eyes are on us, and He maintains a paternal watch over the wicked and the good, (Proverbs 15:3).

With that reality in mind, there are millions of people that ignore the fact that God holds absolute control over the purpose and destiny of their very lives. The fact that they neglect to grasp this truth, does not make them bad people, per se; it simply means that they have neglected that which matters most. The truth of “it all,” must include God and His plans and purposes for their lives, home, and the future of the planet that they inhabit.

Each of us have at one time or another, walked in such ignorance and/or arrogance; in other words, we have walked right into the devil’s schemes. We must always be attuned to the reality of our own immortality. No one is promised their next breath, much less tomorrow, much less another year.

Should the Lord tarry, there will be a day or a moment, when each of us will breathe our last breath. That moment will come upon us like a thief in the night. It is imperative that we reckon with the reality that, when it does, the Almighty will not give us a “pause”, or a space of time, to align our hearts, souls, and lives with the ways and demands of Heaven. Truly, moment by moment, as an act of our wills, we MUST align or hearts and lives, with the blueprints of our Almighty Father’s way of living in truth and righteousness.

It is imperative that we reckon with the reality that no one escapes the Watchful Eye of Their Heavenly Father. If His eye is on the sparrow, He most certainly watches over the heirs of salvation like a mother hen. That is Truth! It is an Undeniable Reality!

It is written in the Book of Life, over and over again. Yet with great arrogance, a huge portion of the population on Planet Earth, lives their lifes, one day after another, while not giving a moment’s thought to their Almighty Creator, God! How can this be? The only explanation for such neglect is one of two things: Either they have not been enlightened to the reality of our God, or they have been Seduced and Blinded by Satan himself.


The Excuses That These Have Managed to Release, Will Not Lead Them To The Favor of God

In fact, even the excuse that these have told, is questionable considering Romans 1:19-22. In that scripture, we are told that, “that which may be known of God is manifest in them, for God hath shewed it unto them. For the invisible things of Him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse: Because, when they knew God, they glorified Him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish hearts were darkened; professing themselves to be wise, they became fools.”

In other words, it is imperative that every human being that walks the Earth, can grasp the reality that, where the existence of God is concerned, there is no excuse that will exempt them from knowing that there is a God in Heaven Who created us, watches over us, and will certainly hold us accountable on the Day of Judgment.  There will surely be no place and no room for any excuses that, “We did not know that that God existed,” “Or nobody told us the truth,” or “We did not have a Bible, so how could we know?”

Whether you own or have access to the Bible, is not the issue. The issue is that in the Word of God, Our Creator, Who Sustains Our Lives, Our Hope-He is our Judge, and He clearly tells us that He has made it evident and clearly visible that all things, even the invisible things reflect the reality that God exists. Thus, on the day of judgement, no human being will be justified with the excuse that no one told them the TRUTH of the reality of God.

It is imperative that we Know the Truth, Live by the Truth, and Share the Truth to those who have not yet come into the knowledge of the Truth. This urgency emanates from the reality that, “No one knows the Day of His Coming,” thus they do not reckon with the fact that “No one is promised their next Breath.” In fact, that next breath is in the Hands of Our Creator God!

In closing, let me say that we all must heed the word of scripture in Hebrews 12:25, “See to it that you do not refuse Him who is speaking. For if those did not escape when they refused Him who warned them on Earth, much less will we escape if we turn away from Him who warns from Heaven.”


We can be certain that our Father is a good Father, thus He is always communicating to His children-His created human, earthly beings. We must be certain that we attune our ears to hear what He is speaking to His people on this Earth, in this day.




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