The Crippling Impact of Besetting Sins and Agitating Passions 

We Must Resist the Crippling Impact of Besetting Sins and Agitating Passions

By Dr. Lindy S. Diffenbaugh, D.D.

What exactly am I speaking of when I reference “Besetting Sins and Agitating Passions?” In fact, I am referencing, the deep, dark personal pits of the darkness, that not only linger in the depths of the spirit and soul of a person’s being, but it also agitates and lingers in the depths of the spirit of a man, woman, or child.

Whether it releases intense sickness and/or it just agitates the soul, then this person’s life and inner-being are in danger of being horribly agitated. It must not only be healed, but ultimately cleansed from the depth of their beings. It could be lodged in the depth of the soul where the agitation becomes so strong that for a time, it could stop them from living their lives as they usually do,  at least for a time, or it could be a deep seated long enduring pain that creates the depth of the damage in the heart, mind, and soul, and it lingers there a time, or for the entirety of their lives.

Scan Your Heart, Mind, and Soul to Begin to Understand the Source of Your Pain

Is it painful, is it scary, or is it a sickness, and/or a horrific disease that has taken control of the body, and/or has hell released an undesired demonic curse or disease into their lives and bodies?  Whether it is a medical, spiritual, or social issue, or simply a painful problem that must be addressed by a Doctor, Counselor, or a psychiatrist, for a diagnoses and/or treatment, it is certainly not something to ignore, or to wonder about day in and day out whether it is going to disable or kill you one day.

In the same way that we must resist the above issues, we must take the time to examine our own issues and the passions that we harbor to soothe us from the pain that is brutally gnawing at our minds, souls, and bodies? Or could it be that we do not even notice the pain, because we have learned to soothe ourselves, in order to cover up the pain that we have worked hard to ignore.  If we are good enough at covering it up with passions that we have laid hold of, so that we can use them to cover up our pain, then we can stuff our pain so far down in our souls, that we do not even attempt recognize that they exist!

In fact, as most of you may already know, besetting sins lay hold of us and forbid us to overcome or to even try to drop them, because they are the comfort that will soothe the pain. In other words, in unrelenting fashion they grab hold of our deepest desires, and they incarcerate them until they succumb to the darkness that will sooner or later destroy our ability to prevail in the life that we are walking through.

Beware of Demonic Intrusion in Your Life

In fact, the passion in this scenario is to grab hold of your own desires and press your way to them so hard, as you lay hold of them so passionately at the deepest level in your soul, that you will never be able to let them go. In other words, they will become a demonic obsession that will hold you captive day in and day out, with no capacity to “open the door and push this predator out of your life!”

Why would it be so very difficult to “disarm” such demonic forces that have come to destroy us and everything that they hold dear? As many of you know, the difficulty is there because the predator is a vicious and unrelenting foe. Once you decide to let him go, the battle to irradicate the foe will be painful to your entire being, and it will be beyond difficult to carry it through to victory.

In fact, once this wicked force grabs hold of you, in most cases, it will take the hand of God to grab hold of its tentacles, and to release his grip on your entire being.  You must allow God and His Angels to invade your very being and release His healing virtue inside of the entirety of your mind, heart, and soul!

While this may seem to painful and horrific to you, it is nevertheless absolutely not beyond yours and God’s capacity to release spiritual and physical wholeness, wellness, and restoration in your body, soul, and spirit!!!  God’s healing virtue is available to the entirety of your being.  Trust God, release the authority and force of your entire being. Do not let the Devil win in this game.

Fight the Good Fight of Faith and Prevail over Death, Hell and Darkness! and Always Remember: The Battle is not Yours alone. God is With You and Together You Will Prevail and Defeat the Devil In Your Body, ON This Earth As In Heaven!



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