In The Early Beginning Abraham Was

In The Early Beginning Father Abraham WAS!

By Dr. Lindy S. Diffenbaugh, D. D.

Abraham - The Father of Faith | City Church

Abraham, The Father of Many Sons and Nations

It is probable that there are many who are reading this blog, that may ask the question, “How on earth could you and I be the son of a very, very ancient Hero of Faith”? In fact, in the beginning of time, there was Adam and Eve; so, our lineage goes all the way back to the first couple of the garden.  While we did not know Adam and Eve, we surely would not been here on this earth, had they and our ancient descendants had not inhabited this earth to procreated generations after generations, of humanity to populate the entirety of the earth.  While we never knew any of them, in fact we are, to some degree, related to the First Couple of the Garden!

How Did Father Abraham Have So Many Sons?

Let us not get caught up in such difficult “ancient realities,” and lose sight of the fact that there once was a man named Abraham. Abraham was most likely a close descendant of Adam and Eve, the first God created beings on this earth. It is also important to recognize that the people who lived in the early, early days lived decades before they died.  In fact, Adam was 930-years old at the time of his death. Abraham, on the other hand, was only 175 when he gave up the ghost, and was translated to Heaven. 

 Abraham was called by God to leave His country “Ur of the Chaldeans”:  and his people, and to journey to an undesignated land, where he would become the founder of a New Nation. He did not hesitate to do exactly what the Lord asked of him. Abraham followed the Lord’s directions, and He became the Father of Many Nations! Exactly How Does One Become the Father of Many Nations? In fact, the short answer is, He does Exactly what God tells him to do. 

The Lord Instructed Abraham to Populate the EarthAfter a conversation between the Lord and Abraham, the Lord told him to look at the stars in the Sky. Of course, when he looked at the Sky, he saw multitudes and multitudes of Stars in the Sky. When Abraham told the Lord what he had seen, the Lord told Abraham, that as many stars that you see in the sky, that is the number of descendants that he would have on this earth!

Does that mean that we are all related to Abraham? Yes, I believe that in some way, we are all descendants of Father Abraham! In fact, given the love and passion that the Lord had for Abraham, as well the trust that he had invested in him, I am of the opinion, that we are all blessed to be a part of the Family of Abraham.   In Fact, I Believe That As Descendants of Abraham, that We Have Much Work to Do To Carry on the “Family Business” of Honoring God and Glorifying Him on This Earth!


Abraham - The Father of Faith | City Church


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