God’s Front Line Prayer Warriors!

God’s Front-Line Prayer Warriors Will Prevail!

By Dr. Lindy S. Diffenbaugh, D.D.

The Battle Starts and Ends With Kingdom Intercession!

The Battle Is Fought and Won In the Prayer Closet

When the force of Dunamis Power is combined with the strength and authority of intercessory prayer, we can begin to reckon with the absolute urgency that calls God’s Warriors to engage the discipline of prayer, every day that God gives us breath to breath on this earth. In so doing we, God’s mighty warriors, will cover our families, our nations, and our world, with Heaven’s ultra-grace and strength, to fearlessly stand in the face of the threats of hell, and prevail over them in every battle that they step into.

The goal of this battle is now, and it will forever be: “To ruthlessly  destroy the enemy that stands before us, as well as in the face of any  and all of God’s created beings on this earth, whether they are saved and walking with God, or not!!!

Among the many reasons that prayer packs a powerful punch between Earth and Heaven, is the fact that God Himself has invited us to “come boldly into His Throne Room of Grace, and to petition Him for victory in the battle that we engage on earth, in the sight and the authority of God.”

With our Commander and Chief before us, we will not fail to lay hold of the massive force of strength and authority, to stand in the face of Hell and prevail against principalities, powers, and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God!

We must all be aware that because God, the Creator of All Things, sees us as His Front-Line Warriors, we must always be of on top of His Heavenly Purpose, while we are cognizant to carry and release it on Earth as it has been assigned in Heaven, by God Himself.

Our Creator, Lord, and Savior Has Petitioned Us to Fight the Good Fight With Great Faith and The Ultimate Authority

Our Lord has petitioned each one of His chosen, created beings, to boldly enter His Throne Room of Grace, and to petition Him to release His massive grace and authority, with power, and unlimited strength; in fact, His grace will prevail in the battle is upon us, as we engage an untold number of demonic warriors on this earth. Certainly, you know as well as I do, that the demons of Hell are intent on destroying us, whether or not we know God, and or whether we are living our lives for the glory of God on Earth as in Heaven.

In fact, the destruction of the captivity or influence of Hell in the life of a child of God, or even one that now walks with the devil, yet they are known in the Kingdom of Darkness, that this demon filled, devil inspired, person, will one day follow God and do much damage to the devil’s kingdom,

Always know this: The strength of the force of global intercessory prayer will absolutely create an explosive Dunamis Thrust, that will demolish Hell’s efforts to bring destruction upon the earth.

        Prayer Empowers God’s Warriors

When released from the depth of our hearts, intercession greatly empowers the warriors of the Most-High God, to demolish Hell’s devilish minions. The aftermath of the defeat of darkness on this earth will bless and empower entire families, as well as the generation of those that are alive in this day!

No doubt, God’s heart is blessed when His earthly warriors call to Him night and day for His wisdom, His goodness, His knowledge, and certainly the move of His hand in their lives. As the intensity of prayer empowers intercession, it will draw down the attention of Heaven, that in turn will trigger the release of God’s intervention from Heaven to Earth.

This intervention will always be targeted to release a strike on the earth exactly where it is needed! With the victory achieved, it will become evident that the passion of our prayers will move God’s hand and His heart in our behalf!

As we intercede, our faith must affirm that our prayers immediately reach the ears of our Father in Heaven.  When we see the Hand of God in our battle against hell and darkness, then we will know without doubt, that the Father has heard, and He is responding to our prayers. As we see His hand of intervention in our situations and circumstances, the fact that the Father hears and answers our prayers becomes a solid reality in your mind, heart, and spirit.

Never doubt that Holy Spirit calls out your name, and He speaks to the Father about our battles, trials, and infirmities. When the answers to your petitions come upon us, we will be assured that both His Eye and His Hand are moving on our behalf. It will also confirm that Hell will be defeated and you, with The Commander and Chief in Heaven on Earth, will be Victorious in this Battle!

You Are Not Alone in the Battle

It is vital that we understand that We, the People of God, do not know how to pray as we ought to pray (Romans 8:26). Why is that? Because from the perspective of the earth, we can only see earthly objects and events that are before us. That is why God has sent His Holy Spirit to help us in our infirmities and in our shortcomings, to see beyond the natural.

When we feel that we are alone in the battle, that is the very time that we must understand that the Spirit of God Himself is encouraging us to release targeted intercession-(Romans 8:26).

As we release the force of our intercession, we must stand in absolute faith that, When we lift up our prayers to Heaven’s Throne, then God Himself hears and releases His response to our intercession! His response is swift and targeted, Because He is God, the Creator of All Things, He is Willing and He is Able to Orchestrate the Fulfillment of Those Prayers.

God Intends to Strengthen Us, Deliver Us, and to Save Us Completely” (Hebrews 7:25)

Because Jesus is the Greatest intercessor in the Universe; through the Holy Spirit He guides and instructs us through the mountains that loom beyond us, before us, and yes, even on top of us. When God intervenes in our “shipwrecked” circumstances, demons flee, mountains move, bodies are healed, and relationships are restored. In other words, when the hand of God reaches down into our circumstances, then our needs and desires become our reality.

Intercession is defined as, “The act of offering petitions, in exchange for God’s Grace and Blessings.”  The Latin translation of the word implies going between on behalf of another.

If we truly want to please the Father in Heaven, then we must recognize that more than anything else, prayer and intercession open His heart, and He will release the keys that will open the doors to the answers to our intercession.

In fact, it is God’s intention that our intercession encourages us to call on the Lord to act on behalf of another person, to save them from the works of the enemy, and from the flames of Hell Fire!

The intercessor’s absolute commitment to focused and accurate intercession, offered with love, passion, and the intention to continue until the answer comes, will always deliver the right intervention, for the lives and souls that they have represented before the Throne of God.

In fact, Holy Spirit is the agent sent from Heaven to pray through us with wordless groans, (Romans 8:26). Because Holy Spirit resides inside of us, and He leads us as We Petition Heaven Through Our Intercession.  It is Holy Spirit that gives us the words to verbalize and release our prayers up to Heaven’s Throne.

Why Do We Pray?

+We pray because, when we pray, we set the captive free.

+When we pray, we deliver those who sit in darkness, and they will see a great light.

+When we pray, we lift heavy burdens off those that cannot lift them on their own.

+When we pray bodies are healed, marriages are repaired, and finances are released.

+When we pray, souls that are marching headlong into the flames of hell fire, find Jesus and they step onto a new pathway towards Heaven.

+When we pray, we invite the hands of God to release His blessing into the most hopeless and helpless situations imaginable.

+Finally, when we pray, we increase our strength and ability to prevail against hell and the powers of darkness that have been sabotaging the efforts of mankind on the earth since the time that the Snake Seduce Eve to take a Bite of the “God Forbidden Fruit.”

Rest assured that Hell’s Forces will not stop harassing God’s people until Satan himself is buried in the bottomless pit that has been specially prepared for him and only him. That, of course means that we, God’s warriors will not stop fighting until we leave this earth, or until the rapture descends onto this Earth and takes God’s Saints to Heaven.

The Rewards and Benefits of Prayer and Intercession

The benefits of Prayer can be likened to the awards of the man in the military. Every battle that he wins, goes on his record.  When his record reflects great leadership, and when he wins enough battles, he will step into a well-deserved promotion.

These victories build us up in our most holy faith. They strengthen our ability to face any and every power of darkness that comes against us, as well as against those that we love. Beyond our loved ones, our intercession can reach around the globe, and touch masses of people groups, and the nations of the earth.

The interesting thing about releasing our prayers into the nations of the earth, is that they reach out and touch Heaven on behalf of people and situations that God’s people must hassle with all around the Globe. It is however very likely that they will bring God’s solutions into the most difficult circumstances that we can imagine; yet even though they have poured out hours of intercession before God, into the horrendous situations, as they are certain that He will  respond to those prayers; yet it is very likely that they will never meet one of those people whose lives that their intercession saved, rescued, healed, etc., etc., etc.

Considering all the lives, situations, and nations that these intercessors have prayed for, my guess is that when they get to Heaven, they will realize that their commitment to focused and continued intercession, was merely a “drop in the bucket,” considering the depth of the massive needs that God sees around this Globe. In fact, that “drop in the bucket” was absolutely necessary to meet a portion of God’s needs on this Earth, and to push back Satan’s efforts to sabotage the work of Heaven on the Earth.

When we see a need on the earth, we must always begin to negotiate a Heavenly intervention into the situation. When the intervention is released, we must ask the Father if He would have us to intercede any further on the matter. If He says, “YES”, then pray and keep on praying. If He says, “No”, then petition Him to release your next intercessory intervention.

Give God What He Needs From You Every Single Day

To further the definition and to increase the depth of partnering with God on intercessory assignments, it can also be said that intercession is the effort and intention to get our Father in Heaven what He wants.

Because Jesus’s one desire was to do the will of His Father in Heaven, it is imperative that His Disciples keep the passion of Christ in our minds, our spirits, and in our mouths, when we pray!

Finally, when we pray Christ’s passions, along with the plans and purposes of the Father, we are truly partnered with Christ and contending for God’s intervention in the broken lives of others.

As we join our prayers with Christ’s desires, then we will impact Nations, National Leaders, Global Unity, and the ability for His eternal purpose to perpetuate and prevail in lives, hearts, and institutions on the earth.

This message is brief.  It does not begin to touch the height, the width, the depth, and the breadth of the power and force that intercession carries.

When we pray, we must discern the depth of the Spirit within us and allow it to take us into the deepest depths of prayer and beyond, so that we will be sure to target the Continents, People, and the Eternal Lives that comes closer to them every single day, as they move closer to their death and subsequent release into the heavenly realm, or in the pits of Hell.

      Boldly Petition Your Father in Heaven

It is imperative that we are bold when we petition our Father in Heaven, for His intervention for the people that we represent before Him, on this EARTH.

We must never fail to take full advantage of our Lord’s invitation to come boldly into the Throne Room of Grace and Petition Him for our lives, our families, our city, our nation, and our world.

We Must Never Forget that Prayer is a great privilege. It is an open door to go into the Throne Room of Grace, to find help and mercy in a time of need. (Hebrews 4:16).

We Should Never Neglect to Accept the Father’s Invitation to Come Boldly into His Presence and Petition Him for the Things That Only He Can Release and Provide!

To prevail against Hell, we must persist in the battle and intensify our prayers until they are too hot for Hell to endure.

We must always pray through every barrier, until we know that Heaven has heard our prayers. If we cut off the prayer prematurely, then we will abort the release of Heaven’s deliverance into our earthly needs. We must keep on praying and never ever give up, until we find ourselves basking in the certainty of God’s Goodness and Mercy.

It is sad to say that we live in a day of disaster and desperation. Beyond that, it is also a day when God’s favor and His supernatural grace and strength are upon His People!

In This Day, Heaven Will Hear Our Prayers, and God Will Begin to Push Back the Darkness and Bring His Kingdom to this Earth. It is a day when the enemy is raging against God’s purposes. Thus, in this day it is imperative that we join with Holy Spirit, and “Run with the Footmen!”  Holy spirit will teach us to move through the battle, and to enter straight into absolute victory, on Earth as In Heaven!

Why Is That So Important?

It is important because the horsemen are certainly upon us. If we have fainted with the footmen, and certainly we have, then how will we ever contend with the horsemen?” (Jeremiah 12:5)

Thus, We Must Stay in the Battle and Fight the Good Fight of Faith against Satan and All of His Minions! Why is it a Good Fight? It is Good Because WE, The Armies of the Living God, Will Ultimately Take Down the Devil and All of His Minions on this Earth.

In the end, Satan will be caged in a pit for a very, very long time!!! That, above all things, Makes it a Very, Very Good Fight!

             So There You Have IT!!!

        The Battle is ON!! ARE YOU IN!

                   Or ARE YOU OUT?


The Battle Starts and Ends With Kingdom Intercession!


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