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          The Seven Mountain Concept

        By Dr. Lindy S. Diffenbaugh, D.D.


There was a mighty Missionary who spent most of His adult life in Africa. In fact, he did a mighty, unprecedented work on that continent, that impacted many lives and destinies in that Nation. In his own words, “My Mission Is To Plunder Hell And Populate Heaven!”

The 7-Mountain Concept is not a doctrine, but it is a notable platform that has carried significant traction in the mid-to late 70s’s. The concept was defined by Bill Bright and Loren Cunningham, 2-notable men in that day. It is here that one would be most likely to ask the question “what on earth is this 7-Mountain Concept?” Because you asked, I will now endeavor to explain the concept, as I understand it.

Again, this revelation of the 7-Mountain Concept, was defined and engineered by Bright and Cunningham. To them, it was a simple and useful idea. What makes the 7-Mountain Concept more intriguing, is that these menidentified 7-notable influences, that in their own way have released a massive influenced on people all around the globe.

It is here that you will no-doubt ask the question, “Exactly what are these 7-notable influences?” I will spell them out for you and then I will touch on each one of them individually. They are-Government, Arts and Entertainment, Media, Business, Education, Religion, and Family.

In fact, in this day the 7-Mountain Mandate is not a dominant concept that has gained much notoriety in the world; but if you step back and look at each of these mountains, you will most likely conclude that in fact, these are the Giants that Carry the Most Influence and Weight in and through the nations and the people that reside around the Globe.


Yes, There Are Giants in the Land

If you tried to pick the three most prominent “Giants in the Land,” that carry the most influence in our world, there is little doubt that the Goliath of the bunch would be Government.

This mountain legislates what “We the People” can and cannot say and do. Depending on what government the people are under, that government puts limits on their city, their jobs, their money, their family, etc., etc., etc. While they say and do what “We the People” can do, they themselves, in many ways blatantly appear to be above the law.

Media is the second most influential and dominant Giant in the Land; in fact, media is highly influenced by the government. Very often the media reports what the government wants the people to know and believe them, whether their report it is true or not.

That is not to say that there are not great media outlets that do report the truth…but it is usually the so called “Fake News”, that most people believe and buy into. Why is that? It is because, we live in a day when Darkness Covers the Earth and Deep Darkness the People.


Arts and Entertainment

The next Mountain on my agenda is Arts and Entertainment. This mountain releases a strong and enduring influence in society. With each passing year the boundaries of decency are pushed further and further out there, until the only boundaries that they consider are the ones that they themselves have created.

There was a time when movies once championed heroes, and they were used to inspire goodness, righteousness, hope, and possibility. Those days are now just blurred Images of “Ghosts of The Once Upon a Time World!”  In this day, they splash as much violence and nudity on the screen, that they can come up with. In fact, such display influences children, teenagers, and adults, to follow a dark and very negative path.

Once a child is contaminated with the ways of darkness, they are so deep in the ideas of death, hell, and darkness, that it could take that precious God created being, years, even decades, and possibly even their life after death, to find out that they have been to influenced by society with great skills, and abilities, only to find that their very life has been seduced and turned over to Satan.


The Degradation of the Government, Media, and Arts and Entertainment Is Deliberate!


Make no mistake, the degradation of government, media, and arts and entertainment, is no mistake; It Is Deliberate. The Devil and the Giants in the Land are the “Concert Masters”; They ruthlessly take hold of a God Created Being, and  lead them into death, hell, and darkness, and every wicked thing that he can conger up.

In fact, it is here that you might ask, “Why do they follow the devil, instead of God.” In fact, I would say, that This Dirty, Lying Devil, tells them that He is God! And of course, they believe him. He pretends that he wields great power over the entire earth, and sadly many people buy into his seductive force.

In fact, you can see his footprints in every mountain of influence…including religion. This demonic self-appointed Maestro is not a Maestro at all. In reality, he is only a wicked, lying cheating, stealing, deceiving devil…He is Satan Himself. Always remember and remind him that the True Maestro, God, has a lovely pit in a deep-dank-dirty “hole in the ground,” prepared for him to live out eternity…and by the way, eternity is a very long time.


The Giants are Working Hard to Suck The Spiritual Life Out of The People and Nations of the Earth

There is one mountain on this earth that has been given tremendous power and authority to bring the glorious light of Christ, and to wield Christ’s unmatched, authority in the land. This Mountain are made of those Who Worship on the Mountain of Religion.

In fact, these are those that worship the True God, in the Church of the True and Living God; they do not worship Mohamad’s gods…Buddha’s gods, Hinduism,  the god of Nature, or any other god that they might Conger Up!

Of course, when I speak of the One True God, I am speaking of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. He came to this earth, and He walked the land. His spirit remains on this earth, and it resides in any person that Believes and Worships Him! In fact, He has given every human being that has accepted Him, and that has honored Him during their walk with Him on this earth, have the privilege of knowing Him, and walking by His side on this earth.

In fact, God did not give any other entity authority to represent Him on this earth; His mandate for His followers is for them to stomp out wickedness in the land, and to release the light of His glory on this earth, that has burned faithfully from the beginning of time. Sadly, in the past four decades, He has not chosen, nor honored those that say that they follow Him, yet they have fallen asleep in the Light.

In fact, He trained his disciples, He taught them how to go out and make disciples on the earth. He instructed them that whatever they bound or loosed on the earth, would be bound or loosed in Heaven. In fact, we, His present disciples, have a mandate to share the gospel far and wide on this earth.

If you are not getting this entire message, know this, Christ gave us, His Church, the keys to literally shutdown the devil’s destructive plans to tear down structures of unrighteousness, to rescue sinners…on earth as in Heaven.

In fact, He gave us unlimited authority to establish Heaven’s glory  and God’s Kingdom on the Earth. He trusted us with the keys to take over the world for the glory of the Triune God.

You must know that it is a High and Holy call to carry the gospel to the nations of the Earth, to represent Christ on this Earth, to uproot wickedness and build a fortress of light where darkness has prevailed. To do as Christ did and to stand up against Satan with a whip in your hand, righteous rage in your spirit, and a fire in your belly, will surely raise up your own souls and spirit, and it will impact those who have never known the Word of the Lord, and they have never known that Through Him, that they can be saved for all eternity.

There was a mighty Missionary who spent most of His adult life in Africa. In fact, he did a strong, unprecedented work on that continent, that impacted many lives and destinies in that Nation. In his own words, “My Mission Is To Plunder Hell And Populate Heaven!”


Let Me Close This Message With This One Thought…It Is Time That We All Work Together To Plunder Hell And Populate Heaven!


Seven Mountains | Pray Ridge-Meadows


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