God Bless America In This Day!

Will God Continue to Bless America in This Day?

By Dr. Lindy S. Diffenbaugh, D. D.

God Bless America

We Pray for God’s Grace to Be Shed Upon America In His Fulness

God Hear Our Prayers and Restore the Greatness That You Have Poured into America from the Day of Her Conception!

In past published articles, I have written about Christopher Columbus and his voyage that ultimately lead him to the landmass that is now called, America! In the days of the explorations of Columbus and from other countries around the Globe, it is said that Columbus had no idea that the land that he came upon was, in fact going to become one of the greatest nations that the world has ever known!

In fact, when Columbus “stumbled upon” a landmass that is now known as The United States of America he did not recognize the full value of it! In fact, what he found when he landed on American soil, reflected very little civilization in the land. Nevertheless, he went back to his country and briefed the Queen of Spain regarding the beauty and greatness of the land mass that he had stumbled upon.

The Queen of Spain Sanctioned Four Trips Across the Atlantic Ocean

Due to the Queen’s interest in the new land that Christopher Columbus continued to make voyages to the Continent that would eventually become America.  Columbus made four trips from Spain in 1492, 1493, 1498 and 1502. His goals and determination were to find a direct water route west from Europe to Asia.

In fact, Admiral Columbus never found the direct water route from Europe to Asia! However, in this day, the land mass that he stumbled upon. has today become the Great Nation of America! He made many voyages to the continent, to explore and build up the territory that he had discovered.

While Columbus, along with other explorers began to invest much of their lives in multiple explorations in other voyages to this new-found Land Mass/Nation. In many of these had invested much of their lives and fortunes, into the continent that would be America; it is my guess that he never dreamed of the Light and the Glory that God had intended for this Great Nation that would Become the Strong and Mighty Nation of America. The Land of the Free and The Home of the Brave!”  

In fact, for many years, the Nation of America has been a strong and mighty fortress of goodness, glory, strength, and most of all, a light in the darkness! She has fought wars, that she did not have to fight, she has given aid to nations all around the world that could not feed or care for their own lives, nor fight their battles on their own.

The point that I am making, is that over the decades, America has been able to move through her own challenges, yet she has continually given aid to those that could not overcome their challenges on their own. She has fought wars for/with other nations, and she has given aid to refugees that have not been able to take care of themselves, or the entirety of the population in their nation.

America’s Destiny is Hanging By a Thread!

While our nation is still populated with many upstanding, caring, and motivated people in every sector of society, nevertheless, there is ample reason to be alarmed for the current State of America the Beautiful. Why, you may ask, would I say such a thing about our nation? I am simply saying that there is much reason to be alarmed regarding the current state of affairs in America, in this day. Why is that important? Simply because the State of The Nation of America is waning.

I believe that it is imperative to sound an alarm regarding the state of affairs in our nation. I understand that there are millions, if not billions of people in our nation, that go to work and do their best to make a living and a contribution to the Country that they call home.

The Problems That Plague America Will Never “Self-Correct”!

The issues that I have mentioned above, are just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak. In fact, behind those problems, there are many issues that point to child abuse, child abduction, marital discord, divorce, unemployment, terminal disease, etc. etc. etc.  With all of these issues weighing her down, our nation and the people that inhabit it, find that it is becoming more and more difficult to walk around declaring that, “America is the Greatest Nation in the World!”

In fact, over the years the nations of the world have embraced the American Dream and left their own country to make a life for themselves, and in many instances, they have been welcomed into our country and they have been, in most situations, not only welcomed, but also set themselves on a course to become American citizens.

Beyond all of that, many of these have become upstanding citizens and they have contributed great things to our nation. However, on the other hand, in this day we have people sneaking into our country without the necessary papers that would let them in to the country. In other words, they are moving in and demanding their right to live in this nation.

Beyond that, they are demanding homes to live in and financial support from the American government. In other words, these have no understanding of the reality that America is not a “soup kitchen,” nor does she give out food and homes to any and everybody.

In fact, there have been illegal border crossings and those that have come into the land with the false understanding that they will be taken care of by America. Let me  say right here, the thing that I must add to this paragraph, is that when you come to America, you should be ready to do what it takes to be an asset to our nation and not a drain on our economy.

             Let Me Be Clear!

America has been and always will be, my home. I am not using this post to badmouth my Nation. In fact, I love America, but I carry deep concerns regarding her destiny and her purpose on this earth. Why? Because in many ways, America has gotten way off course in every Mountain of Society. In fact, there is even “talk about” America yielding to the Nation of China and allowing then to (supposedly) take over our great nation.

If that does not make it clear that America has lost the “Light and the Glory” that originally gave her life; in fact, America has virtually fallen asleep in the midst of the most difficult days of her existence. Yes, people go to work every day, but in this day, many go to the soup kitchen, and the YMCA to get “3-free hots and a nightly cot,” to sleep in. In fact, there are those that make a life, of doing nothing but finding they next soup kitchen, and a warm cot to sleep on. And YES, I understand that things are tough everywhere and they there are reasons behind their stagnation.

Again, there are reasons for everything in the world, but if you work hard enough and seek help, there are always solutions available to make anything better and make life more lucrative. How do you find such solutions? First you pray! Ask God to lead you to the right place at the right time, with the right people to give you a boost, a job, or a way to seek and gain employment.

In other words, in order to escape the rut of doing nothing, or being backed into a corner by life, you must become your own personal “guidance counselor.” You must sit down and think about how it will be when you find your way in life. In other words, you do not look at your lack or your problems, you either find solutions, or you create them yourself.

 Let Me Close with Some Friendly Advice!

When you are stuck in the mud with nowhere to turn, always look ahead, and work to find a way when there seems to be no way. The Bible says, “Seek and Ye Shall Find.”-Matthew 7:7.  In fact, the opposite is true as well. If you complain and do not seek, then you will never move ahead in life. Even though you may feel like there is no way that, that mountain is going to move, you ignore that thought.

In fact, if the thought of “mountain stagnation” seems to be kicking in, you ignore it and you speak the reality that God is in Control and He will always make a way where there is no way! In other words, you partner with God, and you move from worry and failure, and into the solutions to the purposes that you are on this earth to fulfill.

 Never Ever Stop Trying Until You Hit the Bull’s Eye Of Success

While this has been a lengthy writing, it is nevertheless, just a thumbnail sketch of what the American Dream has to offer to the eager and industrious citizen. While that is important, understand that it may take weeks and months to get on the track to the reality of success and satisfaction, “in your own skin.”    Regardless of the time it takes to move forward, you will eventually get there if you do not stop trying.

We Must, Leave No Stone/Opportunity unturned, until we break out of circumstances and into the reality of the “American Dream” and the possibilities in this great Nation, to fulfill the dream that has actually been put in your heart by your faithful Creator-God Himself


God Bless America


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