The Many Sons of Father Abraham

Why Did God Tell Abraham To Look at the Stars in the Sky?

                By Dr. Lindy S. Diffenbaugh, D.D.

The Sons of Abraham (The Born of Isaac and Ishmael) - Bible Stories ...

At a time when Abram was an old man, married to Sarah, who was baren and way beyond the years of carrying and birthing a child, God visited Abram. As Abram had been pondering the fact that he had no children, he encountered God Almighty, the Great God of the Universe.

Somewhere in the conversation with God, Abram lamented that he had no children and his wife was barren, and many years past her ability to birth a child. Abram and Sara’s age did not stop God from engaging Abram and pushing through his concerns regarding his age and his baren wife.

During that encounter, God instructed Abram to look up in the Sky and to count the countless stars that were positioned in the Sky. The Lord told Abram,  that in fact, Sara would give Abraham a child. Of course, to Abraam, and later to Sara, this was an impossibility considering her age, and their historical lack of the ability to produce children. In fact, Sara laughed when she heard what the Lord had said.

Despite the couple’s reaction to the God imparted idea that Abram and Sara would be able to produce children, the Lord was serious and focused on the reality of His prophetic word to them. God said that there would be a baby, and in fact Sara did not become pregnant for quite some time. In fact, her maids and his concubines were impregnated with Abram’s first children.

 The First Children Born to Abraham

In fact, the first children born to Abraham, were not carried by Sarah. It was Hagar, Sarah’s Egyptian Made, the birthed Ishmael, Abraham’s first son.  As old as Abraham was, he did not see any way for the Lord to keep his promise to make him the “Father of Many Nations.” It is here where we must always be aware of the FACT THAT-“There is Nothing That Is Too Hard for the Lord!”

While Ishmael was not the Promised Son that the Lord had prophesied to Abraham, in Abraham’s mind it was uncertain whether or not He and Sarah would ever have a child together. It is here that Abraham, and every other lover of God, Must be aware of the reality that there is nothing too hard for the Lord!!! In, fact, if God Said It, We Must Believe that IT Will Happen!!!

While Abraham loved Ishmael, he was keenly aware that this was not the son that God promised to Hin and Sarah. He loved Ishmael, but he held on to the Promised Son that would be Conceived by Him and Sarah, and ultimately Birthed by Sarah!

     The God of Heaven and Earth Always Keeps His Promises!

In fact, there came a day when Abraham and Sarah became the parents of Issaac, at the very set time that the Lord had promised them. The child grew up to be a strong and mighty man. After Issacc, other children and grandchildren were born to Abraham. Despite his age and the late start that he had in procreating those children, he held on to the promise of God. Thus, the birth of these children could have only been born, by the Miraculous Hand of Almighty God!

 We must always recognize that When God Makes a Promise and You Join Your Faith To It, Then Get Ready, Because God is On it and it Will Surely Come to Pass!!! 



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