The Zeal and Passion Of Our Lord Must Consume Us!

Our Passion for God Must Be All Consuming


By Dr. Lindy S. Diffenbaugh, D. D. 



The Lord's Passion For His Beloved Burn Strong!



God’s Love for Us Moves Through His Heart into The Hearts of His Beloved Saints 


Let me be clear at the outset of this message, that when I say that our God is a “Jealous God,” that “Jealousy” does not point to someone’s broken heart that resulted because the boy/girl in their math class did not want to go to the school prom with them.


That is a fleeting thing that is easily dropped, when their one “true love” is found the next year and this one absolutely intends to take them to the prom. In fact, jealousy is dropped completely, when “Prince Charming asks Her to Marry Him and She says Yes!”


Now that we have a simple understanding of the earthly concept of jealousy, let us move on to what the biblical author means when he lets us know that “Our God is a Jealous God!” (Exodus 34:14) 


God is Jealous for Every One of His Created Beings


I believe God’s love for us is genuine and deeply passionate. It is a love that we will never recognize or realize through the love of another human being.


God’s love is pure! Even when we may have nothing to do with Him, His eye is on us. Why? Because He wants the best for us, and He knows the power and the authority of the plans that He has prepared for us. In fact, He intends to give us a hope and a future, (Jeremian 29:11) in this life! That statement coming from God’s Word, is beyond anything that we could either plan or imagine for ourselves.


The world might offer fun, fame, and fury to replace our mundane boring lives, but God is our Maker! He knows the plans that He has for us. As it is noted in Jeremiah 29:11, He has a hope and a future in mind for us. He gives us our gifts and our talents, along with the goodness and passion that He deposits into every part of our lives. 


As He created plans for us, He designed the course that we must follow if we are to prevail and fulfill the purposes that He has established for our lives!



As a Parent, You Carry and Nurture Hopes and Dreams for Your Children’s Future 


My husband and I parented 5-children. With each of them we prayed daily, and now that they are grown and out on their own, we still pray for them every day.


In fact, prayer is much more effective than giving them our own wisdom, which they usually ignore; it is even worse when we give them a piece of our mind, concerning the paths that we believe they have erroneously followed in their lives.


I cannot say that our children have followed every path that we expected of them, but I can say that they have followed paths that eventually lead them into the place that they have enjoyed and that has been perfect for them in every way.


They have prospered in their endeavors to flourish in the workplace and in their relationships! What I am saying is that they have prospered much more from our prayers, than they have from our “advice”.


We gave them our best advice, but it was our best prayers that held them in the pathway to God’s purpose and intent for this day and for their futures. Our prayers carry weight in the Spirit Realm, and they do not impact our children in a negative way. In fact, most of the time our children do not even know that it was our prayers that gave them advantages, goodness, grace, and open doors that they can walk through in their lives. 



What Does All of That Have to Do with the Love of God? 


In my mind, it has everything to do with God’s Love. Why? Because it is God’s Love that keeps all of us on the pathway to Heaven. It is His love that keeps us off of the pathway to danger, death, and destruction. That is, if we seek Him, and follow His guidance for us. 


In fact, it is God’s Love that will lead us to the right pathway, give us the right connections, and advances us into His purposes for our lives, on this Earth!  


It is also God’s wisdom that knows the plans that He has for us!


It is God’s Love that puts us on the right pathway to certain success.


It is His love that will keep us on the pathway and show us how to avoid the roadblocks that are ahead of us. 


Before you ask me how He can do such things for every one of His created beings, let me make it clear that I have no idea how He does it!  All I know is that I pray, and His answers are released and received by us!


Beyond that, I know that He hears the prayers of every saint that reaches out to Him. I also know that He will continue to lead me, my husband, and our children, until the day we leave this Earth!


Never Ever Doubt God! Talk to Him Every Day Just as You Would Talk to Your Best Friend. It may seem a bit silly at first, but the Moment You Begin to See the Answers Fall into Your Life, You Will Know, That You Know That God Carries a Firey Hot Passion for You and Every Breath that You Breathe on This Earth. 


 In a Nutshell, that is the Height and Depth, And Width and Breadth, of God’s Love and Passion for His Beloved Children; His Love will Always Be Eternally Long Enduring and Never Ever Failing. 





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