The Wisdom and Perils of the Life of King Solom


King Solomon: The Final Old Testament King of Israel 


    By Dr. Lindy S. Diffenbaugh, DD


The Intensity of The Burdens of King Solomon


When Kings Ruled the Nation of Israel   

In the days, when Kings ruled  the Earth, the Nation of Israel was ruled by God Himself! In fact, God loved His Children, and like any good Father He took exquisite care of them! They wanted for nothing because the Lord provided for their every need. In the hands of their Faithful Creator, the people of Israel wanted for nothing.





Despite the attention and generosity from their God, the children of Israel were not content with their situation. While they wanted for nothing, the people began to rebel and demand that God would allow them to be ruled by a King, like the other nations at that time. God was hesitant to agree with their request, but He nevertheless gave into their demands. 


King Saul Takes the Throne in Israel


The first king appointed by God, was King Saul! He was tall in stature, yet he was a marginally effective King. King Saul had no precedence to follow, as he ruled the people of the land of Israel. In fact, his leadership was anything but royal. 


He remained on the throne until he blatantly disobeyed God’s order to attack and kill the Amalekites and every living thing that they owned.  Saul did not follow that order as it was given. In fact, he did take down the people, but he decided to lay hold of the livestock for his own use.


For that act of “treason” before God, Saul was removed from the Throne in Israel, and God appointed David to Rule in Saul’s place.


While there is much to say about King David, this Blog Post is not His story! In fact, this post is about King David’s most “famed” son, King Solomon!  


King Solomon was the Third and Final King of Israel 


King Soloman reigned for 40 years in Israel. He was known as the wisest man in the nation for quite some time. In fact, the “legend” of his wisdom travelled throughout Israel and reached beyond the borders of the land. In fact, the Queen of Sheba traveled all the way to Israel to meet this the most renowned leader in that day. 


Beyond his wisdom, Solomon was also the wealthiest and the most brilliant man alive at that time.  


Solomon wrote multiple books in the Old Testament, of which all are categorized as “Poetry.” These are some of the richest Books to be found in the Old Testament. In fact, these books are all filled Solomon’s acts of Wisdom, as he ruled the nation and served the people of Israel.


Solomon’s Temple Was the First Temple in Jerusalem


Solomon also built the first temple in Jerusalem, which is, of course, known as “Solomon’s Temple.”


Solomon is a key figure in the of the Old Testament biblical narrative. In fact, to this day, he holds an important place in both Jewish and Christian traditions.


Most of what we about King Solomon, can be found in the Old Testament, in the Book of

1 Kings, and 2 Chronicles. 


It is also notable that King Solomon was the last King of Israel, before the kingdom split in two. At that point His son Rehoboam ruled the Southern Kingdom of Judah and Solomon’s former advisor Jeroboam ruling the Northern kingdom of Israel.


Solomon is Revered For Building the First Jewish Temple  

Sadly, Solom was  also renowned for his sin. He had numerous wives and concubines. He indulged in idolatry and married foreign wives, which was against the Mosaic Law.


Solomon is, however, best known for his wealth, wisdom, and his writings. He created the Kingdom and the Wealth, while managing multiple wives and concubines that were, no doubt always “waiting for him at Back at the Castle”.  


Solomon Asked God for Wisdom 

When he became king, the task was so daunting that Solomon had to ask God for Wisdom. From that moment on, all of Solomon’s wisdom came directly from God.  At the beginning of the narrative of Solomon, we learn that God appeared to him, and said, “Ask whatever you want me to give you.” 2 Chronicles 1:7


While he could have had anything that he wanted, to his credit, Solomon asked for wisdom so that he could better govern his people, (2 Chronicles 1:10). Because he did not ask for great wealth and other vain things, God graciously gave him both of those as well, (Chronicles 1:11 and 12).


He was so wise and effective in his role as king, that his fame spread all throughout the region, and as his reputation grew, other rulers came to question and learn from him.

(2 Chronicles 9:22-23)


Solomon put his wisdom to use as he wrote multiple books in the book of Proverbs and entire book of Song of Songs, the entire Book of Ecclesiastes, plus a couple of writings in the book of psalms. Half of the poetry and wisdom books were said to be penned by King Solomon.


To this day people turn to the writings of Solomon for his advice on relationships, wisdom, wealth, work, and just about everything else that His Wisdom can provide.


Solomon’s wisdom was greater than the wisdom than all of the people from the East, and greater than the wisdom of Egypt.


Solomon inherited a great deal of wealth from his father, King David also built up an immense treasury with these spoils of war. 


David not only gave Solomon the materials to build the temple, but he gave him the wealth. God’s hand was upon Solomon, at partially because King David had been a Faithful Warrior on this Earth!


The Lord highly exalted Solomon in the sight of all Israel and bestowed on him royal splendor such as no king over Israel ever had before!





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