It Is Time To Annihilate The Wicked Forces of Death, Hell and Darkness


We Must Be Prepared To Resist Satan and Overcome His Demonic Forces

By Dr. Lindy Diffenbaugh, D.D.





With God As Your Commander and Chief You Have Already Won The Battle


      When God Is On Your Side The Victory Is Yours


We live in a day and time that demands God’s Warriors, to stand up and engage the good fight of faith every day, every hour, and every moment of their lives. As impossible as that it may sound, the warfare that Satan has loosed upon us, will only intensify and worsen in the days that are ahead of us.

Hell’s goal is to take over the planet that we inhabit, thus the wicked plans and schemes that this dark army is determined to release onto the heirs of salvation, i.e. God’s created beings. You can be assured that Hell not only believes that it can take over the entire planet, but there is no doubt that Satan also has his eye on ever square inch that God Created. 

It is important to note that Hell will certainly not prevail in it’s evils scheme to grab the entire God created Universe. That is just not going to happen, because as you probably already know, God has great plans for Satan’s demise, and there is absolutely nothing that Satan can do to destroy the deep, dark, dank pit that God has created  for Satan to “enjoy”, throughout infinity and beyond.


We Will See Wickedness Intensifying Before Us, Every Passing Year


Despite the Wickedness that we see before us, we will also understand that our God is greater and more powerful than all of the Armies of Darkness, that seek to pull us down into the flames of hell fire. To that, we must say to Satan, “Save those dungeons for the wicked forces of the unsuspecting would-be Saints, that Satan has turned and indoctrinated into the destructive plans of Devil hatred and rage.”

Without doubt and without fear, we are certain that the wicked will not get the end that they have been deceived to believe is a would-be Paradise. However, they will be shocked, stunned, and broken, when they realize that Satan had put scales on their eyes to prevent then from seeing the darkness as light and the light as darkness. Sadly, at that point, there is no remedy for the remainder of their “life sentence” in the burning flames of hell fire and brimstone.

If you have read your Bible, you already know that Satan has no hope to escape the depth of the pit that is prepared for him. He may fight and pretend to be “Like the Most High,” but he is, in fact, the lowest of the low, the scheme of Universal Pecking Order.

That also  means that he has no authority to determine who goes to Heaven and who Goes to Hell, after we leave this Earth. In fact, that is a decision that we make as we serve or ignore, the God of all Creation. If we serve Him faithfully on this Earth, then God will one day great us on at the Gates of Heaven and welcome us into His Heavenly Glory! 

On the other hand, if we make Satan our god, then Satan will certainly greet us at the door of Hell and he will, ruthlessly throw us into the raging hot flames of Hell Fire! Of course I have never been to Hell to test the temperature of the Hell’s flames, but my guess it is most likely hotter than the heat of the hottest flame that we have heard of or experienced on this Earth!


Hell Is Not a Game of a Joke-It is a Certain Reality That Every Person On Earth Must Reckon With

As I close this message, I pray that as you read this post, and other messages concerning your after-life when you leave the Earth. I Pray that you will take it seriously, and if you have questions and need help understanding the reality of the after life; in fact, it is imperative that you seek out a pastor or someone that you know, KNOWS THE WORD OF GOD!  Do not put off the matters of your walk with God, as you seek to understand the certainty That You Must Do All That You Can Do to Be Elevated into God’s Heavenly Glory After This Life is Over.


Why is that So Important? It is Vital Because WHEN You Leave This Earth You Will Either Be Thrust into the Flames of Hell Fire, or You Will Meet the Lord in the His Heavenly Glory!  When You Meet The Lord, He Will Surely Say to You:

Well Done My Good and Faithful Warrior!

Now Enter Into My Heavenly Glory!

Choose Christ NOW! Tomorrow is not Promised to Any God Created Being!












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