The Fire Of Heaven Comes With Deep Grace and Untold Passion

When the Fire Of God Comes To Purge and To Bless Your Life Will Be Forever Change Forever

              By Dr, Lindy S. Diffenbaugh, DD

God’s Grace Gives His People The Purpose and the Passion to Worship Him Exclusively

The Fire Of God Comes to Bless and to Purge

The Heavenly Fire of God Will Ignite Your Passion For Heaven On Earth

This Legacy of the Zeal for Heavenly Grace and the Exclusive Worship of our Great and Mighty God, Jehovah, has been passed down to the faithful followers of Christ, that call upon His Name and Seek His Presence day and night. Along with their passion, they are purpose driven, and they release the burning force of their passion to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit on This Earth, and it is Received in Heaven! .

Such Fire Driven Lovers of Christ, are genuinely passionate, as they focus on their love and service to their God in Heaven, their hearts overflow with a burning desire to give their all to the Heavenly mandate, that was given to them by their Creator God.

As they worship and adore Him, they strive to give their all to the purpose that He has released into their lives. Because He has saved them from the eternal flames of hell fire, their greatest passion is to give their all to Him, the Blessed Object of Their Passionate Love.

The the zeal of that passionate love and service to God, is a theme that we see throughout the Bible. If there is no love and no worship, then there is no relationship between the “self-defined” worshiper and the God that they that claim to worship with their heart, soul, and mind.

    The Most Magnificent Worshiper of Christ

Who, you may wonder, could I possibly be speaking of? In fact, the most magnificent worshiper that we read of in the New Testament of the Bible, is Mary Magdalen.

Consider her response to Christ when she was at a dinner in Galilee. Ponder in your own mind, how she reacted to His presence when Christ the Savior was in the room.

In fact, Mary ignored every other guest in this home and she gave her honest and pure affection to Jesus. She washed his feet with her own tears. This was an act of exclusive devotion, was witnessed by every guest in the house. In fact, these were appalled at the lavish release of honor and worship, that this woman, a notorious prostitute, poured out onto the Messiah, Jesus Christ, her Lord!

Why would a Holy Man of God allow a known prostitute, to wash His feet with her hair? From the perspective of the other guests in the room, a woman could not be more sinful that this prostitute! But to Jesus, she was an honorable worshiper of Christ.

In fact, when Mary Magdalen served Christ with pure and absolute honor, He allowed her to bless Him, without question or rebuke, and absolutely no objections.

Why did Christ allow this “well known common whore” to serve Him? I believe that it was simply because she threw all caution aside and she honored Christ for who He was! She ignored the ridicule and she lavished the purity of her honor onto the object of her love, i.e. Christ, Her Savior!

In fact, it was because of her good judgement and the high esteem that she lavished onto Christ, that she herself was honored by the Lord on that day. In fact, this lady not only became a “soul winner” after that day, but in this day, we can read the above story of this woman in Luke 7:36-50, in the Holy Bible. In fact, a known prostitute was transformed when she threw caution to the wind, and turned all of her affections onto Jesus Christ, Her Messiah!

How did the wealthy “aristocrats” in the room respond to Christ allowing a prostitute to wash His feet? Of course, they were appalled. Judas himself was in the room. What, do you think were his thoughts on the matter? Of course, Judas wanted to know “Why was this ointment not sold and the proceeds given to the poor?”

In other words, there was a significant objection by the others in the room, when the sacrificial offering that Mary Magdalene had poured out onto the Lord, the Savior of All Humanity. She was rebuked by the so-called aristocrats in the room, as they objected to the “prostitute’s” offering to Jesus the Messiah! Jesus, however, they had no objection to this woman’s gracious adoration and the honor that she lavished upon Him!


Our God is a Jealous God


There can be no doubt that God Himself is a Jealous God and He deserves our worship…in fact we have been put on this Earth to worship Him and Him alone.

It would certainly not, or should not, be excessive if the entire world shut down every business, every meeting, every doctor’s appointment, every pleasure, and necessary assignment, in order to take a day, a week, or a month, to worship the Lord of Glory. Selah!!!


Some may object, because in their minds such a breaking away from the workplace would be excessive and of course, they would lose way too much money, in this frivolous offering to their Creator, the God of Heaven and Earth.

We must understand that this time of exclusive worship of our Messiah, would no doubt be rewarded in this life, and throughout all eternity. In fact, if they looked away from their own needs and wants and allowed  their love and passion to be poured out onto their Glorious Risen Lord and Savior, it would no doubt change their lives forever! !

We must understand that all that we sacrifice for Christ, will be noted by Heaven, and contributed towards the certain goal of every lover of Christ, to one day step into eternity and hear the Master say, “Well Done My Good and Faithful Servant, Come and Bask in My Glory!”

This Legacy of Zeal and the Exclusive Worship of our Great and Mighty God that we see in Mary Magdalene, the Apostle Paul, and many other saints in Biblical writing, has been passed along to/and by so many other faithful followers of Christ, to include you and me and every other Worshiper of the Most-High God.

These mighty men and women of God have embraced the mandate of Worship to Our Lord, with all of their hearts, souls, and minds…others have demonstrated the kind of lukewarm passion that Jesus would surely spew from his mouth.

Every lover of Christ should surely know where they stand as they lavish their worship from this Earth, up to the Throne Room of Heaven, where the Lord consumes it with with great passion and appreciation.  So, at this point, allow me to ask this one simple question: Do you see yourself as a worshiper like Mary, or are you a Judas who will take all the money that he could get his hands on for  for himself and his own purpose?

While you think on that, know this…You Cannot Be Both! Why? Because God Calls for Exclusive Worship!  How would it work out for your marriage, if you told your beloved spouse that you were going out with the neighbor’s husband, or wife? Things might get a bit heated in your home when you walk in the house after that illicit ‘date’.

Imagine how God feels and reacts, when He sees Christians in Church on Sunday morning, yet He is also aware that they were out with the neighbor’s wife the night before? In fact, He also knows that they took money that was not theirs, from the vault at work? In fact, whatever your weakness in life that separates you from the Grace of God, must be examined, dealt with, and tossed into the abyss, where it will never be seen again!

Please understand that it is not my intent to target people and accuse them of wrongdoing. In fact, it is my intent to share a message that God put on my heart. Self-examination is your responsibility, along with making any “course correction” between you and God, your family and friends!


Passionate Love for Our Lord Is A Running Biblical Theme


There can be no doubt that God Himself is a Jealous God and He demands that we worship Him and Him alone. Our passion for Him must be hot…the flames of our passion must burn out of control, and our passion must burn continuously, not just for a moment or a season of time. They must burn continuously, without distraction! Why?

The answer to the why, is because for love to be real love, it must be TRUE LOVE.  If there isn’t a continuous flame burning for Christ in your heart with great Passion and Zeal for Him…then you have a hobby…a pass time…a whim that is hot today and could be iced cold tomorrow.

In other words: if your love and service to Christ, isn’t on fire…then why bother? Why go through the motions, if it isn’t true Love, if it isn’t hot passionate love, if it isn’t a burst out of control, red hot flames of fire, then Why Bother? What’s the Point?

In fact, If you are not on fire with passion for the object of your Love, then your Love is Not True Love.




In the book of Revelations, God addresses the church of Laodicea…3:15 “I know your works, that you are neither cold nor hot. I would that you were cold or hot.

16 So because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will vomit you out of My mouth.”

That is how GOD feels about a heart without passion, without commitment, without bold intention…and without zeal!


That’s how God feels about Love without Fire. If you do not give your all for Him…then He will, surely spew you out of HIS MOUTH. WHY?


Because When You Are Lukewarm, It Is Repulsive To Him, And He Will Immediately Spew You Out Of His Mouth! Not Because He Hates You, But Because His Heart Breaks Because of Your Betrayal Of His Grace and Goodness Towards You!



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