God Has Blessed and Will Keep On Blessing His People

God Has Blessed and Will Keep On Blessing His People


As the Angels Looked On, God Spoke the World into Being!
                                                                                   The World Came Into Being and Created Innocence Upon It!


By Dr. Lindy Diffenbaugh



Through the Power of Word, God Spoke Mankind Into Being


Our God is a God of Vision. He is a God of Purpose. He knows the Beginning from the End for every life, every city, every nation, and ultimately, for the entire world. When the earthly purpose of one of His creations is fulfilled, or when He recognizes that it will never be fulfilled, God establishes the end of that life and its influence on the Earth. He is God. He is able to do this. He does not have to ask for anyone’s permission and He does not have to explain His actions to anyone; always remember, HE IS GOD-The Creator of the Global Sphere that we call Home, the planet Earth, as well as every other planet, star, moon, solar system,   and all other beings in the Universe.


We have all been given an ample amount of time and resources to complete the purpose that God has defined for our lives on Earth, as in Heaven. Our purpose is usually/always greater than anything that we can think or imagine. The diligent soul will seek out that purpose. In fact, “The soul of the sluggard desires and has nothing: but the soul of the diligent shall be made fat.”-Proverbs 13:4. Choose This Day to go after all that God has purposed for your life with unyielding diligence. Partner with HIM to bring it to pass. He is passionate about your completion of the purpose that He has designed for your life. You must seek His purpose every single day, with every ounce of passion that God has poured into your heart, mind, and soul.


Without doubt or question, consider this one absolute truth-YOU, like every other human being, are a unique piece that fits into a grand heavenly design. Your God, the Creator of All Things, designed blueprints that do not fit the design fashioned for any other living being. If you decide to stop working at fulfilling that magnificent, God designed purpose for your life, God does not have a Plan-B to recreate the likeness of YOU!  Without YOU fulfilling Your, God  defined purpose, there will be a significant disruption in the grand scheme of things on the Earth. 

With the knowledge of who God is, we begin to recognize His unlimited capacity to produce, create, and reproduce, not only on the Earth, but any and everything throughout the Universe. In essence, we begin to discern the thoughts of God, when we begin to become familiar with at least a piece of the nature of God Himself. Because we know the nature of God, we know that He will not stop with us until He gets what He wants in and through our lives.


Man Was Made In “Our” Image

Above all, our God is a God of Purpose. He knows the beginning from the end. He has exclusive knowledge for the specific purpose and design for the Solar System, to include every planet, and every living and non-living thing on each planet in that Galaxy.


God is the author of Life. Not just Human life and Animal life, but every form of life. He knows what is necessary to keep them breathing, to keep them alive,  and to keep them fed. He knows and He provides for every need of every being and entity on every planet in the Universe.


When we look at the first chapter of the Book of John, we find that everything was made by the SPOKEN WORD. God Spoke and Worlds came into being. It is interesting that when God made the Earth, and other things that were to become a part of the Earth, The Bible reflects that God said, “Let there be…and there was.” However, when He created Man, God said, “Let Us create man in OUR image.” Thus, we see a greater emphasis and importance of all Humanity.  in fact, if God made us in His likeness, He certainly must have had great expectations for the lives of every God Created Being. Every other thing that was created by God was made to serve man and to meet his needs on the Earth. Things such as the moon and the sun, the rain, the bodies of water, etc. were established by “Let There Be.” Man was created in the image of “Us”, i.e., the Trinity-Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit.


Mankind Was Created to Rule the Earth With The Triune God


Why was Man so important, that God would create him in His Own image? In reality and in effect,  Man was made to rule and reign over the Earth in God’s Stead. In fact, man had full reign-under God’s watchful Eye and His expert guidance-(Genesis 2:15). As you know, our Creator’s original plans for mankind were thwarted by the intervention of the Snake, that old serpent that we call the Demonic Devil himself; in fact, we might as well use his proper name, “Beelzebub”. This name is said to be, the name of a previous Demon God.  As you surely know by now, Adam and Eve were deceived by the snake, that old serpent/Beelzebub/Satan/ That Old Serpent that we now call the Devil. Once Satan tainted the lives of Adam and Eve, a drastic change came upon the Earth.


With the diabolical moves of Satan in the Garden, mankind lost their capacity to maintain exclusive earthly control of God’s creation-(Genesis 3: 1.) Their explicit cooperation with the serpent, opened a door for this slimy, disgusting, lying devil, led the First Couple of the Garden, to walk right in and bring disruption and destruction to the Earth. In other words, the fall from Grace of the “First Couple” released a Virus onto the Earth. From that point in time, to this one, Satan and his demon followers, have the disrupted the Earth, and led humanity, into a position to step in and throw God’s plans out of Heavenly sync, and ultimately into absolute and utter chaos.


We must be continually on guard. We know that our enemy is a ruthless thief. In fact, he is the most wicked and diabolical thief that this world has ever known, or that it will ever know. And he is going about the Earth with a grand plan to bring destruction to the destiny of God’s entire earthly creation. To that, Church, I would say that we are surely on this Earth to establish God’s plans on Earth as they are defined in Heaven. In fact, it is time to wake up and shake up, and overcome the powers of darkness on this earth, as they have already been defeated, as far as Heaven is concerned.


   We, All of Humanity, Must Resist The Devil’s Darkness


Satan’s place in the equation is to be certain that we are not successful in that task. He wants full dominance of this planet. God has given us, mankind, power to overcome the works and the intent of the enemy. We are the resistance. We cannot sleep in the Garden while the enemy roams about this Earth with the intent to bring destruction to God’s plans. With the full force of the Trinity standing with us, we can and must prevail. We can be bold and ruthless in our destructive assignment against Hell, because we know that Satan’s defeat is certain.


In fact, in Genesis 3:22 God Almighty included the Godhead-God, Christ, and the Holy Ghost-in His reaction to the fall of man, as well as His decision to banish them from the Garden of Eden. He informed the Godhead that Mankind had become like one of US. What did that mean? His lament was, that by design, man had no concept of the knowledge of Good and Evil. After man partook of the fruit of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, his eyes were opened, and he received the vision of the Godhead-i.e. the ability to discern good and evil.


Because of the nature of our God, the fall of mankind from the righteous standard of Heaven, put Him in a position that demanded that He punish Adam and Eve, His first created beings, for their treasonous acts with that old serpent called the devil. In fact, without doubt, He had all authority and power to destroy these beings that He created, right then and right there. But, as we know and must never forget, our God is a God of Mercy.


In response to their sin, God banished the couple from the Garden. In light of His judgment, what did they have to look forward to in their earthly sojourn? God decreed that nothing was to be given to them freely. They would now have to work the ground and bring forth their own sustenance. It was also decreed by God’s Spoken Word, that when the woman gave birth, that it would be with great pain and agony. With that, God banished the first couple from the Garden of Eden, His created Paradise. He posted Angels with Flaming Swords to prevent them from re-entry into the garden. They were banished and on their own in a land where Satan was still going about like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour.


To this day, Satan continues to roam to and fro about the Earth. He has one intention. He desires to bring destruction to God’s Creation and the plans that He has for each of us, as well as the continents and nations of the Earth, and as well as the entirety of our Global home. We must be vigilant and ruthless. We must play our part in God’s plan to recover all from this crafty serpent.


Satan’s Destiny is Certain


We must keep in mind that Satan, the great deceiver of the earth, faces a destiny where he will be thrown into a lake of fire and sulfur, into which the beast and false prophet have already been thrust into. The best part of Satan’s fate is that in that pit, he will be tormented in merciless fashion The most exciting part of the Devil’s fate, is that in that pit, he will receive that torment day and night forever and ever! (Revelation 20:10.)

With that I will end this writing. As you read, or have read this post, understand that this is not a “fairy tale!” It is in fact the truth and reality of what has occurred to bring mankind and the devil’s army up to where they are in this day. It is also imperative that there have been many, many, God appointed and anointed warriors that have come before us. In fact, there will also be those that will come after us.  In other words, your assignment on the planet earth, is temporary. You do not have forever to get it right. You have your yesterdays and your to-days; there is no guarantee that your life will go on and on and on, on this earth. 


Thus, You Have Today! With that said, Make Every Day Count for God’s Kingdom and Your Purpose on Earth as In Heaven! Live Each Day With the Intention to Move In Closer into the Heavenly Purpose that You Were Designed to Fulfill!






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