Formed in the Likeness of Issachar

Formed in the Likeness of Issachar 

To Know the Times and What On Earth To Do



  We, Like Issachar of Old, Must Know the Times and Ruthlessly Prevail Against Hell on Earth


By: Dr. Lindy Diffenbaugh


As I begin this writing, I see there are multiple issues and protocols related to the governing of the entities and lives, that as I put pen to paper and begin the compilation of this writing, it occurs to me that there will be readers that question somewhere in their minds and hearts, how the people of America, and/or the people of any global nation, could possibly be (re)formed into the similitude of “The Ancient Tribe of Issachar.”


In fact, as the modern American that walks this earth in this day and time, live in an entirely different world than the one that our forefathers inhabited. As I begin to talk about our “forefathers,” I want to make it clear in this writing, that I am addressing the ancient Tribes of Issachar, that walked out their earthly sojourn on this earth, the planet that we now call home.


The globe that the modern man, woman, and child now call home, is not a world where people ride on donkeys or horses to get from Point A to Point B; in fact, the modern-day population has found a better/more expedient way to negotiate the route from Point A to Point B.


As I am certain that you know that these move from one place to another in automobiles, on motorcycles, busses, trains, and airplanes; in fact, in this day, donkeys and horses are no longer our “ride” from one place to another. In fact, in our current day world, we also live-in houses, not huts, and these are usually homes that are made of bricks and mortar, and not of mud and rocks.


None of the above rhetoric is meant to snub those that once rode on donkeys and horses, because they lived at a time when that was the most sophisticated form of travel to get where they were going.  Please understand that I share all the above, to highlight where we are today, versus where they were in the days when Issachar and many other great men and women of God inhabited the earth, the same Planet that We Now Call Our Home!  In


The Similitude of The Sons of Issachar


If you have hung around this Earth long enough, you certainly understand that almost nothing on the planet stays the same for any length of time. The seasons change at least four times every year, fashions tend to change with the times and the seasons, relationships and marriages often change for the good and sometimes, in a rocky “relationship”, they can change for the bad. Hearts will break and lives will change for a time, but sooner or later, life will move into a recovery mode, and a new phase of  life on earth will begin.


During our sojourn on planet earth, we must learn to understand the seasons, and how to adapt and walk through them. Flexibility is a must as we grow through life; because although we may like what we have right now, the fashions, relationships, marriages, government, etc. etc. etc. could change before we get out of bed tomorrow morning! In fact, we should be prepared for any and everything to change.


 There Is One Thing On This Earth That Will Never Change

There is however ONE, that we can depend on that will never change.  Who is this ONE unchangeable Being? Almighty God is the ONE that announced in the bible that, “I am God, and I Change Not!” (Malachi 3:6). In fact, God is a Trinity; He is the Father that never changes, the Son that walked this earth, and the Holy Spirit that inhabits our very beings.

He is gracious enough to guide us into all truth and righteousness, as we move through this earth. As we walk with Him, we must never work to change His mind; instead, we must learn to listen to His Voice, read His Word, and follow in His Pathways. As we do both, we will become more like Him, and we will begin to know the plans that He has for us and others in our lives, on this earth.


In fact, I can almost guarantee that Issachar was most likely one who turned a keen ear unto God and savored every word that came from the mouth of the Lord. Otherwise, how would he have known the times and the things that he had to accomplish for Israel? You may think that Issachar was bright and that he just had good ideas. I don’t know about you, but in my life, the more I walk with God and read His word, the more “good ideas” tend to come into my mind! I am certain that it must have been  the same with the Sons of Issachar! Selah!


What On Our Earth is Not What It Was Back Then?


The people of this world have also undergone significant change. In fact, when there is an alleged crime or injustice committed between two people in this day, we usually do not come after them with destructive, or worse, deadly weapons in our hands, and we certainly do not (usually) come at them with the intent to fight through to the death, if indeed, that should become necessary.


On the other hand, surely there were methods, tactics, and various pieces of equipment that were vital to those that lived in the days of Issachar. As we consider the automobile, the truck, and the airplane that are today  absolutely vital forms of transportation; just as it was  back in “that day” that  there were horses and donkeys, and other animals that were no doubt vital pieces of equipment, as well as animals, and tools that were absolute necessities for those that lived during those times.  


In fact, I speculate that every man that could afford one, had a horse to ride on in that day. It is certainly likely that these had gained an equally high stature, as those who drive Mercedes and Cadillacs in our world, in this day. The horses, like our Mercedes, were necessary to carry out their God given missions on this earth. In fact, if they owned a horse back then, I speculate that it was no doubt a very “Mercedes-Like” big deal.


In other words, there has been much change from the days when the Issachar Company walked the earth, versus those who now walk the earth in this modern day. Clearly, we have upgraded the “stuff” that it takes to survive on the earth; but that does not mean that we are better people than the Saints that lived when the Sons of Issachar sojourned on this earth.


We are, as they were, average and ordinary people, doing the best that we can to build an earthly life that will honor our God and create an honorable and fruitful life, in the time that has been allotted to us on this Beautiful Globe by Our Magnificent Creator.










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