If God Be For Us Hell Is Already Defeated

If God Be For Us Hell Is Already Defeated

Choose You This Day

                God’s Warriors VS Demonic Imps from Hell

In the beginning, after God had created HEAVEN AND EARTH and After populating the Global Habitation with Oceans, Greenery, and Mountains, Soil, Sand, Plants, Flowers, and Fish and Fowl, the Lord Created Adam and Eve. These of course were the first two created Human Beings. Of all of His Created Beings, these two, Adam and Eve, were the the pinnacle of his Created Beings.

Before you ask why these two were so special, it was surely because Adam and Eve, and every created Human Being since that time, were created in the image of God Himself.  Because Adam and Eve, were created in the image of God, they were given the opportunity to name the plants and animals, and every living creature.

Despite the condition of humanity in this day and time, of course, both Adam and Eve were created in a state of pure innocence, and in fact, they maintained their innocence for some time. They often walked with God in the cool of the day. He taught them about ‘living their best life now’ in the Beautiful Garden of Eden, and they learned about the things of the earth from their magnificent and faithful Creator Himself.

God encouraged the couple roam about His creation and to partake of “the fruit of any tree in the garden. He did, however, add an exception to that directive. He made it clear to the couple that they could partake of any tree in their surroundings, with the exception of That One Tree!” What was it about that one tree? God let them know that if they “ate of the fruit of That One Tree,” then the two of them would surely die.”

If you do not know this story, then you will probably ask, “What was so special about that tree, and why would they die if they ate from it?”  It was in fact, The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Biblical writings explain in the Book of Genesis, that if Adam and Eve would even take a bite of the fruit, then they would surely die. Not only did the First Couple of the Garden understand that they must not eat of that one tree, so did the Snake, that devilish serpent, know the danger of eating of that tree.

Despite God’s warning, along with Adam and Eve’s knowledge of the danger of eating the fruit of that One Tree, the diabolical snake, that old serpent the devil, played the role of “the cunning deceiver.” When Eve suggested that if she ate that fruit, that she would “surely die,” Satan promised her that  “she would not surely die.”

In other words, Satan elevated himself above God, and he told the woman that she would “not surely die” from eating the God Forbidden Fruit. Thus, she took a bite of the fruit, and shared it with her husband, Adam. Following their transgression, they clearly realized that they had sinned against the living God. Their transgression against His commandment, was certainly not ignored by their Almighty Creator.

God Was Fully Aware of the Sin of the First Couple

While Adam and Eve were new to the “Garden of Eden Culture,” God Himself gave them all the information that they needed to know. He clearly said, “Do Not Eat From the Fruit of That Tree or You Will Surely Die!” After God’s unquestionable and clear warnings not to eat of the fruit of that tree, “the cunning snake” encouraged them to “eat of the fruit of that tree.”  In fact, in response to their objections, this wicked snake, the great deceiver, assured them that what God had forbidden eat of, would make them “like gods, knowing good and evil” (Genesis 3:5).

In fact, when God later expelled the couple from the Garden, it was precisely because they had “become like one of us, knowing good and evil” (Genesis 3:22).

Having knowledge “like gods” is impressive, even if it’s not quite clear what this knowledge might consist of. Unfortunately, shortly after “their garden transgression,” Adam and Eve became aware of how badly that the Serpent had “played” them.

It seems that these unsuspecting citizens of Eden, were the first victims of the seduction of Satan. The price of this knowledge was, of course, an eternal curse on mankind, and expulsion from the Garden.

The Godhead, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit-met and determined that the transgression of Adam and Eve, would lead to the immortality for all mankind. Of course, knowledge can be a good thing, and sometimes very helpful. However, in this scenario, its cost turned out to be very high, as it carried far reaching consequences, to Adam and Eve first, and eventually to all of mankind.

Deceived by a Diabolical Liar

It is very clear that God gave Adam and Eve access to everything in the Garden, except for the Fruit of That One Tree. Thus, what choice did Satan put before Eve on that day? As he enticed her to eat of the forbidden fruit, this lying devil got her to eat of the fruit, by doing what he does best. He blatantly lied, as he assured Eve that she would “not surely die,” if she partook of the fruit. That one lie released a curse on all of humanity. Unfortunately, after the “deed” was done, it could not be undone!

Thus, one sentence out of the mouth of the lying devil, greatly damaged the loving, nurturing relationship that Adam and Eve had with God. The devil’s first underhanded effort was to tempt the woman and push her beyond what she was permitted by God to do. Again, I must say that Satan is good at what he does. That does not make him good. It just makes him wicked, evil, and cunning!

In fact, Satan, the Father of All Lies,” was cunning enough to make it sound like God was the one that was lying. He told Eve that, contrary to God’s warning, a warning form the ONE being that cannot lie, that if she ate that fruit, she would not surely die. So, of course, Eve took a bite of the fruit of “That Tree!”

Eve did not hesitate to say yes to Satan’s invitation. She did not say, “Let me ask my husband,” or “Let me run it by God.” She did display a tiny resistance when she told the Serpent that she would surely die if she ate the fruit.

Of course, the greatest Liar in the Universe, Satan Himself, made her believe that God had lied to her, as he assured Eve that, “You will not surely die.” Thus, Eve freely took the deadliest bite that has ever been consumed from any piece of fruit. She bit into the lie of the devil and opened the doors of Hell to rob Heaven and Populate Hell.

As if that was not enough, Eve gave the fruit to Adam and told him to take a bite. Nothing in the Bible reflects that Adam posed one objection to the deed. He took the fruit and tragically, he bit into the lie of the devil.

After The Fruit, the Root of Sin Emerged

So, what happened after the two of them ate of the fruit? Their eyes were opened, and they could see the reality of light and darkness, and heaven and hell. Their innocence was gone, and they surely knew it. They had stepped out of the place of purity, into the quicksand of sin, death, and darkness.

This first sin of the first couple of the garden, was so heinous to them that their first instinct was to cover themselves and hide from God. All that it took to contaminate all of humanity, was one little suggestion from hell. That one suggestion led to one bite of one apple, that resulted in the darkness covering the earth, and deep darkness the people.

All of this was the result of one suggestion from a deadly serpent, (Isaiah 60:2). Eve fell for it and Adam did not correct her. In fact, it seems that Adam jumped in with both feet and followed the woman’s lead.


Did Adam or Satan Cause Humanity to Fall?

The question that I would ask at this point, would be, why was the entire race vulnerable to the fall of Eve’s, and later Adam’s, disobedience to God?

Think about it! What if you were out walking in the neighborhood, and a guy comes up to you and offers to give you some illegal drugs, and you say, “Sure, I would love some.” He gives you the drugs and walks away. You partake of the drugs and a cop shows up and you are arrested. That is exactly what should have happened.

But, in the above scenario, when you were caught with the illegal drugs, the entire country was not arrested for your infraction. What is the difference between your sin, and the sin of Adam and Eve?

I do not have a textbook answer to that question, but I have an opinion. It was the Law and Not God that said, “Don’t Do Drugs.” The Bible does say that we are the Timple of the Lord, and we must be good stewards of the Lord’s temple. As far as I know, no one has ever gone to jail for not taking care of their bodies.

In my opinion, Adam and Eve were sorely chastised by God for disobeying His instructions, because up to that point, the First Couple of humanity was pure. They had not had the opportunity to rebel against God and follow Satan.

Beyond that, because these were the first human beings of the earth, and up to the point of that diabolical devil take-down, they were pure. Their bodies were perfect. They had no struggle between good and evil. Thus, it was easy to say “Yes” to the enticement from hell, but very difficult to take instructions from God, and then to follow the “letter of the God given Law.”

While Satan enticed Adam and Eve, whether they considered it or not, they nevertheless had a choice to Obey or Disobey God. They could have seen it as an opportunity, rather than blatant disobedience.

Regardless of how they saw it and what they did, the deed was done, and humanity was tainted forever. Satan got his foot in the door, between God and The First Couple, and the Battle between Heaven and Hell was on!

To this day, the entire human race is vulnerable to fall for the devil inspired enticements and invitations. Satan himself will gleefully seduce you and me, and anyone else that he can grab hold of, to cause them to partake of the delicious, delicacies that could lead all of humanity away from Heaven, and to then thrust them into the into the darkness of hell that lingers on this earth. More specifically, to lead them into the wicked and evil seductions of eternal darkness.

The Saga of Sin in the World

The Ear-Splitting Shrill Released by This Alarm, Summons the Attention of Every Person on the Planet. It Cannot be Ignored. It Must Be Heard, and It Must Be Responded to with Careful Attention. To Ignore It Would Certainly Result in Long-term Captivity or Certain Death.

To Say That the Sound is “Earth Shaking”, Would Surely Be an Understatement. The Violence Of Its Force Agitates the Earth and All That Therein Lies!

While the Masses That Populate the Planet May Not Be Attuned to the Sounding Of This Alarm, Not One Soul That Inhabits the Planet Will Be Able to Escape The Massive Impact of Its Force and Its Probable Destruction.

This Certainty of the Global Collision Course of the Force Behind the Alarm, Awakens Unprecedented Fear and Panic. The Universal Impact That This Force Carries, is Surely Unrivaled on Planet Earth, Up to This Day and Time.


Awake and Arise Mighty Warriors of the Living God

If it is not clear, let me say that the alarm, as well as its resulting disruption and destruction, are staged in and will only function in the spiritual realm. We live in a day that our spiritual ears must carry a greater sensitivity than as our natural ears.

Why is it necessary for our spirit ears to tune into spirit sounds that infiltrate our atmosphere? The answer to that question is, of course, the threat and destruction that we see in the natural, has been engineered by demonic forces operating in the spirit realm. If we do not see them, then we cannot cut them off before they strike.

It is vital that we recognize spiritual activity when, or shortly after it is released, because if we miss the origin of the damage, then the blame for its destruction will focus on the natural realm. If you are not aware of this truth already, let me make it clear; you cannot solve or eradicate a demonic threat with earthly solutions.

You cannot issue a fine, or initiate an incarceration for such alleged perpetrators, and even if you could, it would not be a sufficient intervention to bring absolute destruction to the spiritual forces that function behind the infraction.

Considering the above revelation, we must become “watchmen on the wall,” so to speak. If you are spiritually assigned to the elite fighting force on earth, as in heaven, then your spirit will be awake and attuned to the impact of the intrusive, global spiritual “Mayday” blast. This blast will emanate from the spirit realm, and it will carry enough raw force to shake, awaken, and mobilize Heaven’s earthly warriors to prepare for war.

This alarm commands every earthly spiritual warrior on the planet Earth to ensure that they are positioned and aligned with the Light.  In fact, this is the only position that insures certain resistance against the darkness.

In fact, it is not enough to just be aligned with the light.  God’s warriors must Be the Light. There is no other force, other than the Light, thatcan expose the works of darkness that threaten to destroy God’s Fighting Army!

Every mighty warrior of the Most-High God that resides on the face of this Earth, must be prepared to initiate a massive spiritual breakthrough all around and within the planet.

We cannot initiate the necessary spiritual breakthrough, without the Glorious Light of Heaven! When we allow Heaven’s light to permeate and overtake the darkness of Hell, then we, the Warriors of the Most-High God, will surely release a deadly blow to the forces of darkness, that have not only covered, but they have agitated our planet for far too long.

Let the Church Pray!

We cannot wait for the Government to take control of the lawlessness of hell on the earth. Why? Because, even though there may be good men and women inside governmental bodies, without a doubt, there are as many emissaries as possible of Satan that are legislating the free reign of deep forces of darkness on the earth.

Considering the above understanding, the government can and will fully benefit this nation, if the church prays in godly men and women to rule and reign for Christ on the Governments of the earth. While we wait for that to happen, we must stand as a force of intercession that will release the Light into the Darkness of Hell, that surely seeks to destroy the nations of the earth.

It is unfortunate that a huge portion of the population maintains a keen focus on politics, arts and entertainment, education, and every other institution, industry, and initiative that contributes to life and living on this planet.

There is, however, an extreme deficit of the knowledge of the certainty of eternity, i.e., life beyond death, within the masses that populate the Earth. We must zoom in for a closer look, so that we can see the multitude of “the masses that populate the Earth.” These are people like you and me, they are those that we hold dear, those that we look up to. It is certainly an undisputable truth, that most people live their lives, day in and day out, chasing the tyranny of the urgent, while they fail to consider the voice of, and/or the very existence of Almighty God, the Creator and Maker of ALL PEOPLE AND ALL THINGS!!!

We Must Focus on Heaven, As We Negotiate Our Lives On This Earth

Surely it is evident that there is a huge portion of the population of the planet that is hopelessly caught up in, distracted by, and fascinated with earthly matters, endeavors, and adventures. Clearly, these are literally consumed with the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eye and the pride of life that we read about in 1 John 2:16. Because of these distractions, they fail to grasp the reality that God Himself, holds the stopwatch that will mark the end of their lives, that they believed that they owned.

Another thing that is often overlooked by the people of the earth, is that “It is God who made us, and not we ourselves,” Psalm 100:3. Every person who walks this Earth, has been formed, fashioned, and crafted by the finger of our magnificent and eternal Father in Heaven. Our lives are in His hands. His eyes are on us, and He maintains a paternal watch over the wicked and the good, (Proverbs 15:3).

Yet so many ignore the fact that God holds the blueprints over the purpose and destiny of their very lives. The fact that they neglect to grasp this truth, does not make them bad people, per se; it simply means that they have neglected that which matters most of all-which is, God and His purposes and plans for their lives, home, and the future of the planet that they inhabit.

Each of us has, at one time or another, walked in such ignorance and/or arrogance. We must be attuned to the reality of our own immortality. No one is promised the next moment of their lives, much less tomorrow, or another year.

Should the Lord tarry, there will be a day, an hour, a moment, when each of us breathes his/her last breath. That moment will come upon us like a thief in the night. It is imperative that we reckon with the reality that when it does, the Almighty will not give us a “pause” where He will allow us to align our hearts, souls, and lives with the ways and demands of Heaven. Truly, moment by moment, as an act of our wills, we MUST align our hearts, lives, and ways with His standards of living in truth and righteousness.

It is imperative that we reckon with the reality that no one escapes the Watchful Eye of Their Heavenly Father. If His eye is on the sparrow, He most certainly watches over the heirs of salvation like a mother hen. This is Truth!

This is an Undeniable Reality! It is repeatedly written in the Book of Life. Yet with great arrogance, a huge portion of those that populate this Planet, lives out their days, one after another, without giving a moment’s thought to their Almighty Creator, God! How can this be?

The only explanation for such neglect has got to be one of two things: Either they have not been enlightened to the reality that God is Real, or they have no idea that Hell is knocking at their door, and that God holds their next breath in His hand.

The moral of this story is THIS: You have been given a life. Your life was not given to you to squander on your own importance at home, at work, or in days of recreation. Today IS Truly the Day of Salvation. It is Past Time to Commit Yourselves to a Faithful Creator and Do Good! 1 Peter 4:19


Choose You This Day


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