Our Heavenly Identity in Christ


Our Heavenly Identity in Christ

By Dr. Lindy S. Diffenbaugh

The Bride Must Make Herself Ready
   The Bride of Christ Has Made Herself Ready                     

The World that we live in this day, is filled with turmoil, battle, destruction, and chaos. These atmospheric irritants greatly out-weigh the love, joy, peace, and goodwill to all men, that we should now be pouring out upon the broken needy “would-be saints” that now cover this earth.  We see wars and rumors of wars, that are continually being fought all around the globe. This massive global drama is now playing out, just as our Lord warned us, that would cover the earth in the last days. 

 In fact, we live in a time when every man, woman, and child on this earth must, Chose YOU This Day, Which Master, that they will serve. Will they bow down to Satan, or to God! There can be no fence sitters. If God Be God, then we must follow Him; if they decide that Satan is god…they he would be the lord that they follow.

Why, you may ask, is it so important that we make a choice in This Day? That is an absolute simple question, that carries a simple answer! Today is the Day of Salvation! You Cannot Waiver Between two Choices! If God is Lord, then Choose Him…If Satan is Lord Choose Him! But This is a Day When You Cannot Waiver Between the Two!  

The right choice, of course, would be to step into the heavenly calling that God, their Creator has defined and designed for the life of each and every one of his created beings. In fact, we every man, woman, and child on the earth, was created with a well-defined pathway and purpose to follow. 

The Bride of Christ Must Carry Out Her Heavenly Identity


Today is the day for the Bride of Christ-also known as, the Church of the living God-To Step into Her Heavenly Call and to Stand With Christ on This Earth! His Bride cannot shine her own light onto the Peoples of the Earth. She Must Shine The Light of Christ into Every Dark Place that She is Able to Wield His Influence on This Earth.

This is not a day when we can go on with “life as usual.” Though while we count on the unrealistic idea that we have all the time in the world to Get Right with God, and Change the World for Christ, that is truly an unrealistic expectation.

While revivals have moved across the nations of the earth for centuries, despite their duration and their intensity, they seem to leave little, lasting impact on the Body of Christ. Of course souls are saved, and lives are changed in these revivals. Nevertheless, when the revival is over, it is over.

When the Curtain on the Revival Stage Goes Down On the Glory of the Heavenly Outpourings, life inside and outside of the Church, will often go back to “Business as Usual.”  In the end, these “Spiritual Moves” create immediate, but minimal long-term impact on the parishioners. And sadly, the revival fires go out quickly before they can impact any significant transformation into the world around them.

With that said, we can do little to amend or append any perceived Spiritual holes or emptiness left by past revivals. It is, however, imperative that we wake ourselves up, shake ourselves off, and begin to petition Heaven for a Massive, Unprecedented move of His Holy Spirit, in the churches, cultures, and societies around the world.


A God Breathed Revival Comes With a Price

If you do not yet know. great revivals of the past were not birthed by great preaching…although great sermons ultimately contributed to the revival…however the great revivals were released , because someone, or many “someone’s,” paid a price on their knees in the place of prayer.

As these massive intercessory prayers are released unto God, He hears their petitions as they come before His Throne. Once He ears the prayers, Our Heavenly Father,  will certainly respond those prayers. He calls us to petition Him in prayer, because He desires to release the blessings that we desire from His Heavenly Throne Room.


It is way past time that God’s children, His saints, petition Him for a move to be released directly from His Throne Room, Straight into the needs, lives, and hearts of His Earthly Saints. When the move of His Spirit comes upon the Saints of God, it should awaken, shake up, and stir up the entire Body of Christ. Unfortunately, some will respond and say yes to Christ, while some will turn their backs on Heaven’s glory, and walk directly into the darkness, and the flames of Hell Fire for all eternity.


God’s Saints Must Ignite a Massive Revival on Earth as In Heaven

We must intercede from the earth, directly into the Throne Room of Heaven’s Grace. The times in which we live, demand that the Saints of the Most-High God, call on His Name. We must petition Him for a massive global revival, that will carry and release a significant impact of God’s Glory, upon every life, every church, and into the lands and cultures of the World.

 The pendulum is now swinging between the good and the evil that inhabit our planet.  There is much evidence that it is swinging towards, and in fact could be stuck on, the evil side of things. There is evidence that there has been some movement of the pendulum towards the God side, of the pendulum; however, it has not picked up enough momentum to Change the World that the Body of Christ has been positioned to dominate and conquer for Heaven’s Purpose and Glory.

The plight of lives and nations around the world, demands that Christ’s Bride wake herself up and step into her true, God given, God defined, and God designed identity. Christ paid a precious price to allow His God Given Royal Stature, to be bequeathed upon Christ’s Eternal Bride. It is past time for Her to fully lay hold of that inheritance.

I promise you that the devil’s crowd is not sitting around waiting for something to happen with the warriors of God. No, they have truly put themselves on the offense. They are loyal to their evil master Satan. They have no idea that he is using them and will eventually discard them, and send them straight into eternal hell fire and damnation.

However, We, Christ’s Body and His Fighting Warriors on this earth, are called and commissioned by God Himself to be “Watchmen on the Wall”.  Why? Because it is our responsibility to intercept and overtake the efforts of hell to rob us and our children, from their God given inheritance of deep faith and righteousness on this earth.

Ezekiel 33:6 charges us that, “If an appointed watchman sees the disaster coming to God’s people, and if the watchmen do not alarm them of the impending doom before them, then any life that is lost or taken away in their own iniquity, the Lord will require the watchman’s blood, as the punishment for the loss of that life.” In the light of Ezekiel 33:6, in such a situation, yes, you and I are our brother’s keeper.

God’s Blood Washed Saints Stand As Watchmen on the Wall

The word of God in this passage is very clear. Those of us who are called by God and saved by the blood of His Son, are, in fact, required to stand as Watchmen on the Wall. In other words, it is our job to set a watch in the heavenlies. We are enlisted to be warriors in the spirit realm, to discern and destroy demonic blueprints, and plans for the destruction of human lives. We must also stand in resistance to the threat of hell that taunts and threatens God’s chosen people, with the sole intention of totally destroying their lives on earth and sentencing them to the Eternal Darkness of Hell!   

We are not just called to be watchmen and warriors in the heavenlies, we are also called to intervene in the lives of the unsuspecting captives of Satan on this earth. When we see them go into captivity or step onto a destructive course, we cannot stand back. We must act. We must warn them that they are walking on a slippery slope.

Further we are called to wrestle their souls from the hands of demonic forces, and escort them out of hell’s darkness into the light of Heaven. However, if we leave these in captivity, if we gossip about their involvement with Hell, or mock them for their ignorance, when they fall headlong into disaster, their blood will surely be on our hands.

 Proverbs 24:10-12 addresses this issue more clearly, as it says, 10 If you faint in the day of distress, how small is your strength! 11 Rescue those being led awayto death,and restrainthose stumblingtoward the slaughter12If you say, ‘Behold, we did not know about this,’ does not He who weighs hearts consider it? Does not the One who guards your life know? Will He not repay a man according to his deeds?” Likewise, we must never fail to warn those who are walking on a slippery slope. If wewarn them and they respond to our warning, then they will certainly be rescued from destruction. But if we see their impending doom, and fail to warn them, then surely we will be accountable for their destruction.

Further after we have wrestled their souls from the hands of demonic entities, we must escort them out of darkness into the light. We may say that, that does not seem fair; but, let me ask this question: If we see a friend’s child getting ready to step into ongoing traffic, and we do not try to stop them, would we not be held in some way accountable for that child’s injury or death?  It is the same if we hold back our faith and watch an unsaved friend walk headlong into the devil’s trap. They are walking into eternal death if someone does not intervene.

If someone does not share the truth of the Gospel with them, they have no hope. They will burn eternally in hell…do you want that for your friend, or for any human being?

Prayer and Intercession

In fact, you try to intervene to save a friend from destruction or death if they reject the efforts to bring them to Christ, what do you do?  Do you walk away from them? Physically you may walk away from them physically, but you must pray and keep on praying for their hearts soften towards the truth of the Gospel.

In fact, you must pray and keep on praying for their eternal salvation. Instead, you engage them every chance that you get. Not with the gospel, but with genuine human kindness. The salvation of a lost soul often takes time and patience. It also takes love, understanding, and much forgiveness.  

More than anything else, it takes prayer and intercession. You must be closely yoked with God’s word and His Spirit.  Like a battering ram, you must go forth and break-through the darkness of the hearts of those who do not know the Lord, as well as those that have walked with Him for many decades throughout their lives, yet they have nevertheless turned their backs on Him, in this season of their lives.  

Slowly and methodically, over the past century, WE, the Bride of Christ—have lost our God given, Christ purchased heavenly identity. We have lost touch with our call to rise and be the Militant Church, armed with the God given authority to take down demonic giants, and establish a righteous standard of grace, faith, and righteousness on the Earth.

Some may still ask, “Why is that our job?” The best and only answers I have for that question is, “Because that is what we, Christ’s body were put on this Earth to do.” Or, simply put, “As you have freely received freely give.”  Where would you be if someone had not shared the Gospel of Christ with you?

We, Christ’s Body/God’s Mighty Warriors, are in fact called, equipped, and empowered by the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ, to reflect the light within us and to overpower the darkness in lost souls on this earth.

Because we have failed to dominate the world with the Truth and the Light of Our Risen Lord, we have given Hell’s agents liberty to move in and belch out death and destruction on the “would be” saints of God, and to take over territories that should be fortresses of Heaven on the Earth. In fact, the enemy’s camp is celebrating our slothful response, to the hellish horrors and atrocities that they have slung our way.

 To be honest, the impotency of the Church, as well as their tendency to blend in with the darkness rather than hold up a flaming torch of truth and light, has empowered the devil’s army to advance, and for the most part, to take the upper hand of power and control of the people and institutions of the Earth.

As a result, at the hand of the enemy, the Body of Christ has taken significant blows of destruction and loss of power. Because of Satan’s deceptive skill and prowess, the people of God have barely noticed their own spiritual impotency.

In fact, on their watch sin, and untimely death are both running rampant in this world. Beyond that, blood bought souls have been captivated by Hell, and in massive numbers they are plunging into the inescapable flames of hell fire.

God’s Warriors Shatter the Darkness

We, Christ’s Body of Skilled Warriors, are in fact called, equipped, and empowered by the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ. With that power within us, we can now release the light within us, in order to overtake, overcome, and overpower the dark forces of hell that roam to and frow about the earth, successfully seeking to devour and destroy God’s “would be” army on this Earth.

Unfortunately, because we have failed to dominate the world with the Truth and the Light of Christ Glorious Victory, we have given Hell’s agents the liberty to move in, and belch out death and destruction onto the “would be” saints of God that live among us. Not only do they live among us, but they intimidate us. We fear their response and reaction to us if we would dare to share the righteous standard of our faith with them.

In fact, there are those in God’s Kingdom that work hard to blend their light with the darkness that hovers over and moves through this earth. Thus, the hesitancy of God’s own Saints to open their mouths and share the truth of the Gospel, leaves the lost “would-be saints” on this earth, to walk headlong into the jaws of hell.

With that liberty God’s own “would be warriors” have handed the minions of hell, they have taken over territories that should be fortresses of Heaven on the Earth; however thanks to these “so called saints,”they have become dark pits of lies, deceptions, and unbridled lawlessness and blatant sin.

In fact, the enemy’s camp is celebrating our slothful response, to the hellish horrors and atrocities that they have slung our way. They are surely laughing and mocking God’s weak and faithless soldiers. To be honest, the weakness of the Church has empowered the devils army to advance, and for the most part, to take the upper hand of power and control of the people and institutions of the Earth.

At the hand of the enemy, the Body of Christ has taken significant blows of destruction and loss of power. Because of Satan’s deceptive skill and prowess, the people of God have barely noticed their own spiritual impotency.

In fact, on our watch, sin, and death are running rampant in this world. Beyond that, blood bought souls have been captivated by Hell, and in massive numbers they are plunging into the inescapable flames of Hell Fire every single day. And Yes! It really is THAT bad!

It’s past time that we, the Armies of the Most-High God of Heaven and Earth, break off and release unbridled warfare and destruction to the oppressive forces of Hell that taunt the Armies of the Living God, day and night, night and day, day and night.

We, Christ’s Mighty Army, must stop equating ourselves with the average and ordinary folks of society. We must never again clump ourselves in with the masses of people in this world. In Fact, what did God say to Us-His Warriors in the Book of Revelation…With the Authority of Heaven He Said: “Come Out of Her MY People.” In other words, “What are you doing hanging out with the dark and evil forces of hell?” In other words, our  Father in Heaven proclaimed to His People, “Come Out of Her NOW”.


Christ did not fight a grueling and gruesome Battle against Hell, so that He could give us an average and ordinary existence on this Earth. He came and died, to give us life and that more abundantly. He did not endure a bloody, treacherous, beating so that we could sleep in late every day, and rest on the surety of our own salvation.


He did not hang on a cross to save our souls, so that we could close ourselves up in a bubble of church meetings and weekly outings with the Saints. While the Church social committees are planning outings and potlucks, there are millions around the world who are plunging headlong into disastrous deaths, and then they are thrust into the eternal flames of hellfire and eternal damnation.


Yes, we are saved and yes, we are favored by God and given an unimaginable hope and a future. But that does not mean that we hide in Christian caves and sing Kumbaya, while millions are thrust into eternal damnation every day. We are not living from a position for Eternal Salvation for our good alone. We are certainly not called to do nothing but enjoy His glory and goodness on the Earth, for the remainder of our lives.


We are called to be the Militant Church that stands up and puts the fear of God in the heart of the enemy. We are called and commissioned by Heaven to put the enemy back in the dungeon of Hell, where he belongs, for once and for all, and for all eternity.


Christ did not die to save us from the flames of Hell, so that we could live in utter defeat and submission to the devil for the remainder of our days. We are called to resist and destroy the devil’s forces. We are called to be Watchmen on the wall.


The minions of hell possess one singular intent where the Body of Christ is concerned. They are intent on releasing destruction to you and me, as well as everything that we hold dear. They want our submission to their mission. They want us to burn in the flames of hellfire forever, while they stand back and mercilessly mock us, every single day throughout the endless existence of our never ending, eternal existence.  


Why Does Satan Take Our Demise So Seriously?


Why is this end game so vital to the enemy of our souls? In fact, when they are able to take down God’s Chosen Saints, they will take absolute, legal control of this Earth. If they were to be successful, the Devil wins and the Kingdom of Heaven on earth is destroyed, forever. It is that simple.


And by the way, when the minions of Hell theoretically take God’s Saints down, when they seduce themto walk away from their heavenly inheritance and run with darkness for the remainder of their days, Hell’s minions will celebrate because, at that time, they will hold the Destiny of God’s Would-Be Warriors, in their demonic grip. And Sadly, at this point, God has no choice but to turn His head and weep, as one of His own, disappears into the abyss, for all eternity.

While Satan and every minion in Hell are mocking the defeated saints that they have captured, Our Creator God is weeping. He cannot intervene because His lost saints have rejected Him and chose their fate in the hands of Hell. When these “would be saints” leave this Earth, they will not pass go, or collect any cash reward; they will in fact be plunged into deepest pits of Hell. What will happen when these land in Hell?  The devil will take his liberty to mercilessly torture and mock them throughout every second and every endless moment of their endless stay in the dark and merciless pits of death, hell, and darkness.  

If that day comes upon God’s very own children, there will surely be endless weeping and gnashing of teeth, as all Hell celebrates their demise. In the end, if God’s created beings chose to walk away from a Royal Eternal Inheritance, and descend into the depths of Hell, the minions of darkness will have every right to mock and laugh them to scorn. At that point, the “Defeated Bride,” will have no defense against the taunting voices of hellish minions of hell.  


Christ Came to Gives Us Life and That More Abundantly! (John 10:10)


Jesus came to the Earth to give us Abundant Life in Christ. He defeated death, hell, and the grave so that we, His Intricately Created and Woven Together Children, could overcome every threat, every lie, and every mocking minion of Hell! For This Purpose was Chris Manifested on this Earth-To destroy the works of the enemy. (1 John 3:3)


Christ’s purpose on this Earth was in fact, to please the Father. But when Christ left His heavenly glory, He faced scorn, hatred, and rejection from the peoples of the earth. This treatment was hurled at the Son of God, who had willingly stepped into the darkness of the Earth, to Bring the Life and Light of Salvation to God’s Children. Why would He do that? I believe that your name and mine were somewhere at the top of His list of “Whys,” when He stepped out of His Heavenly Glory, onto the darkness of the Earth.


When Christ touched down onto the soil of this planet, He was Royalty, sent from Heaven’s Throne. “Through Christ all things had been made and without him nothing had been made that was made.” (John 1:3).  The Abundant Life of Heaven was inherent in Him, and that life became available to release the unquenchable light of Heaven, upon all of mankind. However, it could only be released if and when, they turned their backs against the darkness, and embraced the Light of Heaven’s Glory on This Earth.


Christ’s light was so strong, that it outshone the darkness, and the darkness was not able to overcome it, (John 1: 3-5). Although the world had been made by Christ, when He entered the world, He was rejected and bitterly opposed. (John 1:9-10). In fact, He was opposed by those that He had come to save from the burning in the flaming torches of hell fire. He came to spare them from eternal torture, yet they were intent on murdering this innocent man.


Our Lord came to the Earth to live a life of shame and disgrace, so that we could rule and reign as Kings and Priests on the Earth for all eternity. Yes, it was the Father’s plan, and yes Christ overcame in the end. But that does not mean that it was “no big deal,” that He left the Glory of Heaven to become nothing, so that we, His Body and His Bride, could become something for the Glory of God.


God Demands Righteousness From His Bride


Let me ask this question: If you are a mother or a father, have you ever had a child rebel against you and everything that you hold dear? Did this rebellion come after years of laying down your life and working multiple jobs to give that child what they needed and desired?

Did they reject your faith in the God-the faith that had carried you and them, through every trial that you as a family had ever faced? Did they mock you? Did they curse you? Did they call you names? Did they choose their own “gods” over yours? Did they live self-destructive lives, in mockery of your “religion”?

Did their words and their judgments cut you to the core of your being? Did they tear your heart out? Did they make you question every decision that you made, and every step that you took to give them all that you could lay hold of in the world? Did they leave you without answers and without solutions? Did they leave you in a place that all that was left to say was, “If I had it to do over again, I would have done it all the same way.”

Even though you know and realize that you followed your heart and sought God at every turn, but you still inherited their wrath at the end of the day, would you still be up to doing it all again?  If you said yes to those questions, I believe that it reflects the love that you have for that child. Even though they slay you, the love is still there. Even though they reject you, you would still lay down your life for them again today, or any day that they may need you.


 God’s Love Releases Great Strength


That is Love. If you, being Earthly parents can feel and give selfless love to your children, then, how much more love is flowing from Christ’s Body, from the Lord of Glory for you and me? In fact, Christ knew the price that He was to pay when He stepped out of Heaven and onto this Earth. He reckoned with the height and depth of the pain that He would certainly have to face. I postulate that the pain of His earthly sojourn that led him to the cross, was not the pain of the cross itself, although that was surely a consideration. So, what else did Christ grapple with in making his decision to leave His heavenly glory, for a life of shame, rejection, and pain on the Earth?

When we look at Christ’s sacrifice for a dying world, what He gave up, what He lost, and the degree of rejection that He endured, it does not begin to compare to what we as parents endure for our kids. Our suffering is certainly miniscule, in comparison to the agony that  Christ endured for us!


Reflect for a moment, on the Lord’s sojourn on the Earth, in the light of Isaiah 53, beginning in vs. 3: “He was despised and rejected by mankind, those for whom He had laid His life down. He was a man of suffering and familiar with pain. People hid their faces from Him, and they despised Him.”  Christ, the Lord of All and Creator of ALL THINGS, was despised and held in low esteem.

Christ, our blessed Savior, was oppressed and He was afflicted. He did not fight back. In the end, He laid it all down for us. He gave His Ultimate, so that we would not burn in the flames of Hell fire for all eternity.




Let the Words Sink into Your Spirit. Let the Description of the Lord’s Suffering take root in the Deepest depths of who you are. Make a place in your heart and soul for these words, so that you will always remember the dear price that the Prince of Heaven paid on this Earth, for you and for me, for all those that came before us and all that will follow.

Have you ever asked yourself, or wondered why our Precious Savior would subject Himself to the horrendous mockery and torture that he endured for us? The answer is simple. It was our only shot to escape Satan’s desire to consume us and eternally separate us from Heavenly glory forever.

In essence, Christ gave His all, so that you and I would be spared the untold and unrelenting pain, the torture, misery, and agony that we would endure in hell. In other words, He who knew no sin, laid his life down on a cross, so that you and I, sinners at birth, would not have to burn in the flames of hellfire forever. By the way, if you do not know, “forever” is eternal…in other words…it never, ever, no, never, ends.

When Christ was given His Earthly Assignment, He did not give it a second thought. The Gather said go, He did not question His assignment, He simply responded; He left Heaven’s Glory, and accepted the Earthly Assignment to Save Humanity form Hell!

They wanted to hang him on the Cross to die. For what sin? Healing the Sick Raising the Dead? Maybe hung him because they were afraid that he would see their sin and the darkness of their hearts. Maybe their fear was that He would send them all to hell. Despite their fear, when Christ was crucified, when they actually killed that innocent man, their eternal fate was already sealed.

But Today, on this side of the resurrection we have more-light. We have the understanding and the promise that Christ’s death was carried out of His own free will. IN FACT, He gave His life for our salvation. He was sinless…Eternity was already HIS! He was sinless.

However, He who was sinless died for sinners, that were on their way to hell. They had no other option…they were doomed. But for Christ they/we would have burn in the flames of hell fire after this life. Because of Christ, we will rule and reign with Him in glory for all eternity. That is if you know him, and if He lives in your heart.

We must all confess our sins to God and Receive the Grace of His Forgiveness.  If you are willing to do that, then Say This Prayer: Lord Jesus, I know that I am a sinner, and I ask for Your forgiveness. I believe You died for my sins and rose from the dead. I turn from my sins and invite You to come into my heart and life. I want to trust and follow You as my Lord and Savior. AMEN

P.S.-Saying that Prayer is vital to Your Salvation. However, the sincerity of your commitment to the Depth of the Prayer and Not Your, Reciting the Words of the Prayer by Rote, Determines the Effectiveness of the Prayer! Selah


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