The Saga of the Misplaced Eagle

The Saga of the Misplaced Eagle 





The Saga of the Misplaced Eagle!

I begin with a story of the egg of a mother eagle that was waiting to be hatched. In fact, the  mother and father eagle were anxiously waiting for their baby eaglet to crack that shell and present himself to the world! Day after day, while tucked safely inside the shell, the little eagle  wondered, “Is this the day that I will make my entrance into the world?” As fate would have it, before it hatched, the egg fell from its mother’s nest, and landed far below in the nest of a sparrow. 

Coincidentally, the mother sparrow was preparing to hatch her own litter of baby sparrows. And of course, coincidentally the sparrow eggs and the eagle egg hatched at the very same time. Thus, the little misplaced eaglet grew up as a “sparrow,” amongst a family populated with “Sparrows Only”. Of course, when the one little eaglet landed in their nest, the population then added that one little eaglet to their family.

Because the eaglet was still tiny, neither the mother nor the father sparrow seemed to have any concerns for this…sort of odd, or strange, little “sparrow.” He was welcomed into the family and remained there, most likely his entire life. Thus that baby eaglet never knew his true identity. He never recognized that he did not look like the other babies in the nest. He simply accepted his “sparrow identity,” and happily settled into the sparrow family, with no questions asked! 

Despite his DNA, the moment that this baby eaglet awoke in a nest of sparrows, he immediately took on the identity of a sparrow. While he was created for majesty, without question or concern, this eaglet was now “slumming it,” with the sparrow family. He hung around the base, mundane bird ghettos of the town. Think about that for a moment.  An eagle, the most majestic winged bird on the earth, grew up among the least skilled and most seldom noticed birds, the family of sparrows.

If you do not know, sparrows are of course common, average, and ordinary birds. They fly but they do not soar. They eat worms from the ground, rather than harvesting fish from the ocean or animals of the wild. In comparison to the eagle,  sparrows are weak and they possess limited capacities. Thus, this “would be sparrow” had no idea or understanding that he had been created for majesty. He was made not only to fly, but to soar above every other God created, winged creature. He was created to be a majestic creature with the ability to breakthrough every barrier that stood in his way. 

The above information is the absolute truth regarding the newly-hatched Sparrow-Eaglet. Though he was created to reach the highest heights in the heaven-the little Sparrow/ Eaglet, remained on the ground, searching everyday for a few worms to keep him alive. He remained with his sparrow-family, never recognizing that he was made to be so much more than his “sparrow” identity could possibly recognize.

I Would Love to Soar Like That!

As the eaglet grew he began to notice things around him, that he had not seen before.  In fact, one day, the now maturing eagle looked up and saw an eagle soaring in the upper stratosphere of the heavens. The majesty of the image took his breath away.

When the eagle was out of his sight, he turned and flew back into his sparrow home. As he flew away, the image of the soaring eagle burned in his heart and soul. He sighed and said to himself, “Oh how I would love to soar like that, above it all, in the highest heights of the heavens!”

Of course, the tragedy of the plight of this mis-placed eagle, is that this had eagle spent all of  his days in the “sparrow slums,” rather than soaring above every other winged creature. He had become one of  thousands of sparrows in his area, despite the fact that he had been created to be one of the few, elite and majestic eagles.

He could have soared above the clouds, as well as every other feathered flying creature made by God. As a member of the Eagle Family, this creature could have broken every barrier and every boundary in the sky, and he could have reached heavenly heights that no sparrow, or any other bird, would dare to attempt to ascend to or above.

Large Portions of Humanity Go Through Life Cloaked With Mistaken Identities

Just like the misplaced eagle, many of God’s created members of humanity have had to grapple with the confusion of mistaken identities. Like the eagle, we are all creations of the Most-High God. He has created and hardwired us with an operating system that is far superior to every other God Created Being! 

The minute that a saint is  born again, the Holy Ghost begins to program them with the strength and power of the Word of God. He releases words into our spirits, such as, “I am fearfully and wonderfully made,” (psalm 149:13), “Nothing shall be impossible to you,” (Matthew 17:20), and “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me,” (Philippians 4:13).

In fact, throughout the books and pages of the Bible, there are hundreds, even thousands such words that are “there for the taking.” I am not endorsing “name it, and claim it,” but I am saying Selah! Search out these nuggets of Biblical truths, and meditate on them day and night. Hold them in your heart and mind, until the truth and the reality of their essence take root in your heart, mind, and spirit.

As you grow and develop in life, hopefully you will realize that you have two very broad choices.  You can believe and live out the rhetoric that is thrown around at work, on television, and in our everyday lives; or you can reach out, grab hold of, and ruthlessly grasp the power and the authority of God’s Holy Word.

If you fail to search out the truth that Your Creator penned Biblical Writ, and then flood your heart, spirit, and mind with these eternal, never changing truths, then you will continually fall short of the glory and goodness that you have been designed to carry. You may fly, but you will most likely never soar. You will always look at others who are living out the fullness of the truth of what God has said about them, and you will may ask, “Why did HE choose them instead of me, to soar above the crowd?” The best answer for that, is that, I believe, God’s “High Soaring Saints,” have Chosen to be Chosen! They laid down their lives and prayed, “Choose Me Lord; Use ME Lord; Lord, Here I Am, USE ME!” 

After years at working and trying to get ahead in life, you may take a look at those who appear to be soaring effortlessly above the crowd; you may even will feel a sigh of pain and disappointment in your heart. You will then quietly whisper to yourself, “Oh, if I could only live my life like that.” The tragedy is, of course, that, “that” is exactly where God intended for you to be.

Never doubt that God created you with a solid Heaven Breathed Purpose in mind.  Sadly, way too many God created beings fall into deep dark sin; their mantra is surely, “Eat, Drink, and be Merry, for tomorrow we die.” In fact they may not realize that they have fallen out of the goodness and Grace that God had ordained for them, until it is too late.  

Sadly, these will be lying on their death beds, and it will come to them that they have missed the plan and purpose that God had  waiting for them to carry out on Earth, as in Heaven. At that point, all that they can hope to do is repent before they take their last breath. They may be forgiven, they may find their way to Heaven, but it is very likely that they will not receive the Crown of Glory that God had wanted to give them. 

Never doubt that God has always intended for all of Humanity to “Soar Above the Cloud” and to rise above everything that stands in the way of their God designed forward movement, however He has also given us the freedom to choose our paths in this life. Every “Child of God,” must choose their own pathway. They can either decide to stand back and watch others soar, or they can “take flying lessons” and determine to step into every good pathway that our Creator has laid out for our lives.

  How Did This Happen

 So, the question that now begs a response is, “Can a born-again child of God really miss the glory that the blood covenant has designed and purchased for their lives?”

The Bible says that after the born-again experience, “old things are passed away and, behold all things have become new.” (2 Cor 5:17) Further, it says, “Do not be conformed to this world, but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind.” (Romans 12:2)

So here is the issue, we are either passively or aggressively taught that there are some people who are gifted, some people who are not. There are some who are smart, and those that will, as some would say, “ride the proverbial short bus”. There are some who will go straight to the top of their professions, and there are some who will always be the worker-bees in the workplace of life. While these are very vague, ramifications of such contrasts and performances, that can and do rest deeply and  take root in the depth of the souls of all  humanity.

But know this and never forget it, when you dedicate life to Christ, and your life is in the Hands of God, a process begins within your spirit being. You will begin to see that the “old things” within your soul begin to fade away, and your entire “operating system” will be transformed into His desire, design and plan for your life. In essence, you will be “recharged” and reinvigorated to soar above the crowd and you will allow God to recharge your “operating system”, because it is evident that He has put you on this earth for a Heavenly Purpose. In other  words, your are charging forward into His Original Plan for Your LIFE!” In Other Words, “Behold All Things Have Become NEW!” (2 Corinthians 5:17)   

Before you get too excited, understand that such a transformation is a process. It is (usually) not an overnight miracle.  “Why not,” you may ask? For starters, the ‘computer’ that guides your functionality, might have been ready to be “updated,” but you either missed it, or you did not choose to download the “update” into your operating system.   

In fact, living life from the “old system”, even when you know that there is an available update, often becomes so comfortable, that you refuse to go forward. Of course, the most likely reason that you refuse to go forward, is that you have gotten comfortable with the way that the “same old YOU” plays out in your life.

In other words, your inner computer has chosen not to operate in Heavenly Places with Christ Jesus. In fact, it clings to every piece of flesh that it can partake of, without giving the urgency for change, a second thought. Sadly, if you ignore the doors that God has planned for your to walk through, and seek to maintain the “Status Quo” that has made you so very comfortable, then you will surly miss the Purpose of God in your life.  

When you come to your senses and seek to repent of ignoring your God defined and God designed purpose for your life, will it be too late? I don’t know! Remember, No One I Promised Tomorrow! We have today. Seek God for His direction for TODAY! 


Your Future Demands a TodayTransformation!

So, to “be transformed by the renewing of your mind,” (Romans 12:12), YOU must make some deliberate decisions. Do you see the need to change and rearrange your thoughts and actions? This, of course, may sound easy, but when you recognize how much of your subconscious and functional programing took place during your childhood and your teen years, you will begin to realize that you are far from the Heavenly Target that God Has Defined and Designed for YOU! At that point, you can either settle into the utterly flawed,  “already designed” package of YOU in your present day form, or you will come to a place where you are able to decide that it is time for you to Work With the God Head of Heaven and Earth, and allow the Father, Son, and Holy Gods lead you onto a pathway where old things pass away and all things become new. 

With that said, let me say this: What lies in the depths of your mind and soul, lies in the bottom of a very deep well. Such remnants of your past life linger deep within your subconscious mind.  They make up the greater part of the soul defined being that emanates from the deep recesses of who YOU really are. 

Thus, the renewing of your mind could take up decades of your life. In fact, while you will begin to see your life get better and better with every passing day, month, and year, the journey will most likely continue until the day that you leave this earth. In other words, as you begin to change and improve your life and personality, you will eventually realize that “old things have, (in fact), passed away and all things in an every day process of absolute Heaven designed renewal.” (2 Corinthians 5:17-paraphrase)

It Is Never Too Late to Soar

The last thought in the above paragraph, concerns the the residual thinking of the old nature. You see, the old nature is prone to awfulize and catastrophize. The old nature looks at impossibilities and traps itself in yesterday’s achievements, while believing that catastrophe looms before them. Thus, no matter how good the achievements have been, either you believe that you will break down at some point, or you will never be able to achieve anything higher than that one achievement.

Your soul tells you that you are are stuck in this one fixed position and you will never find a higher place. Your soul tells you to just deal with it, and don’t complain. In fact, the old nature will not even allow you to move one step beyond your current skill-set. This is where you are, and this is where you will stay.

In fact, when you see another co-worker break out of the mold that the two of you have been stuck in, you immediately tell yourself that it is just “dumb luck.” You are certain that  your co-worker will most likely fail at the new job and return right back to the trappings that you have resigned yourself to. Why would you think such a thing? Quite simply, because you understand being stuck. It happens to everyone at some point in their lives. It is, however, more difficult for the old nature to  understand how someone can break out of the perceived “status-quo” of a mundane life and work place, and soar to the top of the proverbial “heap.”  

The new nature, on the other hand, is wide open to possibilities. This is so because the new nature is programmed by the Word of God. Therefore, you can do all things through Christ who gives you strength. (Phil 4:13) Also, if you say to that mountain, be thou removed and be cast into the sea, that will happen. (Mark 11:23)

In fact when your soul or anybody else for that matter, tells you that you are a nobody, and you will never achieve success in this life, you must recognize that you are hearing a lie from the depths of hell. If you do not see it for what it is, then you will continually believe that lie. Again, you have two choices. First,  can receive, believe, and own the dagger that the lie released into your soul. The other choice that you must make is that you can declare the Truth of the Word of God over your life, and send the lie back to Hell where it came from.  Do not ever entertain the daggers of Satan’s lies that he sends your way. In the face of such vicious lies, proclaim outlaid,  “I am fearfully and wonderfully made in Christ,” (Psalm 139:14),  “I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus.” (2 Cor 5:21), etc. etc. etc.

This is the short lesson on how to renew your mind. You must understand that the transformation will not happen just because you found a scripture in the Bible and said it out loud once or twice.

Transformation is a Process

Understand that the process of transformation will take time. You must be vigilant about the areas of your life that need to change. You must feed your mind daily with truth before the lies of the flesh begin to dissipate. Remember some of those beliefs have been with you throughout your life. They will not, as a rule, leave quickly or easily.

But be encouraged in knowing this: What you are seeking demands a significant persistent spiritual effort. You must search out spiritual scriptures and apply them to the struggles of your own fleshly struggles. You must memorize them and repeat them over and over in your heart, mind, and soul. Declare war on the enemy’s lies against you, and ruminate on “whatsoever things are true, lovely and of a good report”

You ask, how do you do that? In the place of prayer, you speak to the truth of the scriptures over the struggles of your flesh. In order to allow them to sink into the deepest place of your mind,  your mind, you must deliberately declare them over and over throughout the day and when you go to bed at night.

As you do this the Holy Spirit, who knows no boundaries of space or time, will work with your human spirit, and begin to release the transformation that you have been searching for.  

Understand this, you cannot say one day, “I am the righteousness of God in Christ,” and the next day declare, “I am a terrible person, no wonder people hate me.” Your message must be consistent across time as you move through the process of renewing your heart, soul, and mind.

Always know that, persistence and focus are absolutely imperative, as you move through the process of Spiritual Transformation. When you achieve victory in one area of your life, live in it, soak in it, simmer in it, in fact, immerse yourself all the way into it.

When something else comes up in you that is inconsistent with your Heavenly Identity, start a new word/prayer, faith campaign. Go after it with vigor, because you now know that you, along with the Spirit that lives within you, are now the master(s) of your fate and the captains of your soul.

And yes, all of this will take some time. Do not allow that to discourage you. When you recognize that things are not changing as quickly as you expected, don’t give up. In fact, go at it even harder.

Know this, with every achievement and victory in your transformation, you will become a more refined and useful tool in the hand of God. In every achievement towards becoming God’s warrior, you will come closer to becoming a new sharp threshing instrument, having teeth. (Isaiah 41:13) With every victory of transformation, you will Soar Higher than the Eagles! You will ultimately touch Heaven and rule the Kingdoms of the Earth with Christ.

Empower Yourself And You Will Soar

Empowering yourself is a simple matter of switching your perspective and choosing to believe that you have the power to forge ahead into the new thing that God is taking you to.  For example, you may currently have a perception that you’re not talented or resourceful. This belief will thrust you into a  cycle of fear, futility, and inactivity, because you won’t see the point of trying to improve your performance, or you’ll be too afraid to try.

Regardless of the perceptions and beliefs that may be holding you back, there are specific things you can do to transform them and embrace more empowering beliefs.  Below you’ll find three easy ways to help you switch your perspective from disempowerment to absolute empowerment:

1) Challenge your limiting beliefs and fears.  The most difficult thing about perceptions is that they appear to be undeniable truth in your own mind.  For example, you may have held a belief for years that you’re not good at a particular task or activity, but when you begin to explore that “truth” later on, you realize that you never gave it your full effort or you didn’t allow enough time to fully master it.  Keep pressing forward. When the mastery finally comes, you will realize that you’re capable of much more than you ever suspected!

To fully empower yourself, get into the habit of questioning and challenging any limiting beliefs, fears, and doubts that come up about you or your capabilities.  Are they true?  Why do you think so?  Have you ever tried to prove them wrong?

By asking such targeted questions, and by being willing to expand your perceptions, you quickly realize that you and you alone have the choice and the ability to move yourself forward in this life. 

2) Affirm your strengths and capabilities frequently. Along with disempowerment, usually comes a belief that you’re weak and powerless, which is simply another perception!  Begin changing this perception by affirming frequently that you are strong, powerful, talented, and capable. 

Build  yourself up with encouraging words and thoughts and you’ll begin to believe in yourself more and more each day.  Over time, this belief will be strengthened, and you’ll be able to do things you never would have believed you were capable of before.

3) Take Action. Feeling disempowered usually causes you to hold back on taking action, either because you’re frightened, or because you believe it’s futile to try to change anything. 

Your first impulse might be to wait until you’re feeling stronger before you take action, but did you know that taking action can make you feel stronger?  That’s right, taking action empowers you!

Be willing to act as you work to build up your confidence, even if you have to take very small steps.  Come up with one small action you can take, push your fear aside and then go for it! 

Then keep that positive cycle going by taking small action steps and moving forward bit by bit, and eventually you’ll realize that you are anything but weak and powerless!

You Were Created to Soar Above The Clouds

So How does any of the above writing, tie into the Eagle that actually identified as a Sparrow? Consider the eagle, he was created to be the most bold and mighty creature ever created by God. Why did he not step into his God given legacy?

To keep it short, let’s just say, he fell into the wrong crowd, he adopted their habits, and carried doubts about his ability to be anything more than he saw himself to be.  

If you can identify with the Eagle in this story, maybe it is time to take a look into the mirror of “heaven” and begin to recognize that you are, indeed early and wonderfully made.

If no one has ever given you this piece of information, let me give it to you now: YOU were never created to be average and ordinary, you were created to Soar High Above the Clouds…If you can identify with That Statement, you, Like the Mighty Eagle, were Created to Soar With Christ in Heavenly Places, On Earth As In Heaven! 

















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