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Since the first missionary trip to Africa that my husband and I embarked upon, I have wanted to know why such a gorgeous nation had been labeled as the “Dark Continent!. Since that time, I have done more in-depth research concerning the origin of the term “Dark Continent,” as it related to Africa. I wanted to understand where the term originated and how it became an “identifier” of one of the most gorgeous Continents on the Earth. During that first visit to the continent of Africa, as well as subsequent visits, I was overwhelmed with the absolutely gorgeous lay of the land, the  greenery, and the inherent beauty of the continent. There was nothing anywhere that I observed that that screamed, “DARK CONTINENT!”

As I began to explore the term “Dark Continent”, my research took me  back to the early days of the continent, before the entirety of the huge land mass had been explored, and revealed. I found that because Africa was such a huge piece of “real estate,” the entirety of the continent appeared to be a mysteryfilled and flooded with darkness. No-one knew what would be uncovered within this overwhelming, but beautiful mass of land.  

What might be found in the massive lay out of the continent, remained a mystery to the people and nations that carried an interest in the African Continent. Exploration of this huge land mass was limited. Due to the fact that there was a huge “question mark” over the darkness of the land, the “would be” explorers engaged in limited endeavors in Africa,  because, in the face of the unknown they  feared for their own lives. They believed that they would find savage people and wild beasts, that would overtake, overpower, and ultimately devour them. Thus, in the process of exploration, these proceeded with great caution.

In short, the explorers fully expected that these “Savage Beasts” and what they perceived to be “Savage People,” would surely come out of the forests and fields and slaughter them. For that reason alone, the Europeans called Africa the “Dark Continent.”


Explorers Were Determined to Claim Africa for Europe

Great fear hovered over this gorgeous piece of continental “real-estate”.  However, despite the   belief that the land was filled with savage beasts and murders, explorers were determined to claim the entirety of theland for Europe. To their credit, they saw Africa as a Place of Powerful Darkness, that could only be saved by a “Direct Application of Christianity.” They wisely perceived Christianity as the “light that would certainly drive away the darkness within the continent.”

That explanation goes right to the root reality of why Africa is called a dark continent.  And why it, as well as every other continent on this globe, is and/or could be considered a Dark Continent.

In fact, so many lands and cultures have deliberately turned their backs on their creator God. They have put their fist in His face and declared, “We will worship who ever we want, and YOU, GOD, will not stop us.” Obviously, God has created one of His greatest global masterpieces within the African Continent.  His work throughout this continent is truly Breathtaking!!! 


   Africa Demands a Massive Application of Christianity

The beauty of the nation is only exceeded by the beauty and grace of the people that inhabit nation. These are truly Jewels in the Crown of Heaven. In fact, there is a rich Christian culture within the continent; however, the continent is alsoplagued with witchcraft, voodoo, and other dark religions.  The true Christians in the land manage to stand in staunch resistance to the darkness that surrounds them. Their battle is fierce, targeted, and as long as darkness covers their continent and deep darkness the people, there will be an ongoing fight fight between the good and the evil in the land.

In this day, we know that the continent has been fully explored, and it is evident that darkness does not cover the entirety of the Nation of Africa. So, if that is true, and it is, then why does the term “Dark Continent” continued to be a term that lingers when Africa becomes a topic of discussion? 

I honestly do not know in the natural why Africa is still called dark. But I do agree that the spiritual darkness of the continent can only be reversed by the direct and massive application of  the light of Christianity and the Faith that springs forth from the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and, by the hope and the saving Grace of the Gospel!  

There must be a broad and wide impartation of the values and goodness that the Christians of the land carry. With the release of Christianity to every personal and national ill, terror, pain, every destructive belief, every injustice, every lie, every dark governmental or personal action in the land, then truly the  glorious light of the Gospel of Christ will overcome and overpower  the darkness and lies that have been germinated in the nation of Africa. 

 In fact, Christ’s light, shining through His Saints, will transform the land, as well as the people that do not now know the Lord and the things that He has done for Africa. 

Every evil that goes on behind the scenes, every demonic infestation that corrupts humanity, government, and society…demands the application of the truth, power, and authority of pure Christianity.

You Are Called to Release HIS Light into the Darkness

And by the way, we are not on this earth to eat drink and be merry,  we are not here to build a legacy or a kingdom for ourselves, and we are not here to watch time go by until the day that we die. Then WHY, you may ask, Are WE Here? The short answer to that question is that, WE, God’s Warriors, Are Here to Be the First Line of Defense Against the Infiltration of Hell’s Army on OUR Planet! Christ Has Warriors on Every Continent! Every Continent Needs  For a Massive Release of Christ and Christianity to Spread  Throughout Their Land! 

Why must we stand against hell’s army? In fact, whether we know it or not, hell is planning a take over of the planet that you and I call home.  And yes, deep spiritual darkness still covers the Earth and Deep Darkness the People, and to some degree, every continent on the earth, in this day is covered by that darkness. And by the way, the People Africa are certainly a target of demonic infestation. 



Consider this, if you own a house and you have lived in it for some time, then that house will begin to take on your qualities, your personality. You decorate it to suit your taste. You don’t stop until it is perfect.

Planet earth is our home. As God’s children, we will release light into our Planet/Earthly Home. If we run with the crowd that hates the good and loves the evil, then the house will release a darkness out into the land around it.  In the same way, the standards that we set and live by on the earth, will either light up, or dim the lights in the nations of the earth that we inhabit.

There are many people in Africa that have found the way the truth and the light of heaven. I am also aware that there are a good number of others in Africa that carry darkness and release that darkness all over that Continent. I am keenly aware that the intensity of the battle between darkness and light, will intensify on every continent of the earth, until Christ returns for His Bride. 

We know that witchcraft is prominent in Africa. We also know that along with worship of Christ in Africa, there are many other religions  that have spread across this land.  There is Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and many more religions that have taken root in the hearts of the people and in the the land that they inhabit.  

As these grow and spread across Africa, they have spiritually intensified the darkness of the atmosphere of the continent. Thus there could be a degree of truth in the reputation of Africa being the dark continent. However before we pin this reputation on Africa alone, we must recognize that that same demonic darkness has infiltrated every continent of the earth that is populated by humanity. 

God’s heart breaks because men love darkness rather than light .  He recognizes that, despite the light of the glorious gospel truth that he has made available to His people, many have been deceived to follow foreign gods, and except they repent and turn to Christ, these will burn in the flames of Hell Fire, because they have turned their backs on Him and followed after foreign gods who will lead them straight to  Hell.

And, without doubt and without remedy, Darkness will remain on the continent as long as a large portion of the population live in sin and worship foreign gods.  God is a jealous God…He does not share His glory with another.  Unless Africans and every other nationality of the earth, choose to worship God and God alone, these will perish.  

Unless the people that worship other gods in Africa, turn their hearts away from foreign gods, and worship God Almighty, and Him alone, then the Hand of God will be lifted from this nation. Africa will remain the dark continent, and she will be subject to the terror, the natural disasters, and the man-made disasters that will surely come upon this earth.  She will perish just as the godless Sodom and Gomorrah perished in the Old Testament. 

   Every God Created Being Must Choose Who They Will Serve

So what is my message…Choose this day who you will serve . If Baal is god, serve him. If Christ is Lord, then serve Him. YOU have a choice in where you will spend  eternity. Choose this day who you will serve. Choose Life. Choose Christ. For your life and the lives of the People of Africa, and every other life on this earth that breathes air, will perish if they do not denounce the demonic religions and activities that they have deeply engaged.

These will certainly feel the torture of the blazing hot flames of hell fire, for all eternity. In fact, they will have no hope that the burning will stop, or that God’s hand reach through the flames of hell and rescue them. Understand this Truth Clearly: Once You Are in Hell, There Will Be No Opportunity For Parole. The Stay in Hell Will Not Be a “Life Sentence”; It will Be an Eternal Sentence. Selah!

To Walk as Saints of God on this Earth Today is a High and Holy Calling! You are not here to enjoy the scenery, nor are you here to hang out and have a blast on this Earth, until God sends Jesus to Take You UP to Heaven! You are Here to Know and to Serve Your One True Creator God. You are also on this Earth to Lead Those Who are Perishing and Headed to Hell, to the Way, the Truth, and The Light of Eternal Creation! Finally, Know This! There are people on this earth that will, in fact, burn in Hell, if You and I do not Lead them to Salvation in Christ Jesus! 

In Closing: I Declare By Faith  that the Glory of the Lord is Come upon the Continent of Africa…The Glory of the Lord is Come upon the People of Africa.  The darkness of the continent must dissipate. When that happens, Africa’s light will break forth like the dawn, and her healing will quickly appear; her righteousness will go before her, and the glory of the Lord will overtake this nation and His glory will be her rear guard.  Nations will come to your light, and kings to the brightness of your dawn. You will Lift up your eyes and look around:  They will come to you. Your sons will come from afar, and your daughters will be carried on the arm.  Then you will look and see that Africa will be radiant with God’s glory, and your heart will tremble and rejoice, because the riches of the sea will be brought to you, and the wealth of the nations will come to you. 

Hail Mighty Warriors of the Most High God … the Lord is with YOU … Go Forth and Declare that Africa Shall Be Saved





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