The Strength and Unending Faithfulness of the Prophet Ezekiel


The Importance of Ezekiel’s “Wheel Within a Wheel” Prophecy


By Dr. Lindy S. Diffenbaugh, D.D.


audioEzekiel A Man Of Vision and Action

Ezekiel’s name carries the meaning, “Strengthened by God”; In fact, it was “BY GOD” that Ezekiel was chosen to carry that name. As we should all know by now, God never makes a mistake; He had known from the beginning of time what Ezekiel’s life, mission, and destiny would demand of him. He also knew that Ezekiel would be faithful to the mission and destiny that God knew that he was to step into.


During the early years of his young adult life, Ezekiel was living in Jerusalem when he was a priest in the Temple. He served the Lord and the people of God well in this position. In fact, his faithfulness to that mission most likely was what turned God’s favor towards Ezekiel. In fact, Ezekiel never failed to take hold of the missions assigned to him, no matter how difficult they might be. 


     The Intrusive Force of the Babylonian Takeover


When the Babylonians and King Jehoiachin invaded Israel, Ezekiel was in the second group to be taken captive. During his time in captivity Ezekiel became a true and Valued Prophet of God!


Ezekiel’s ministry released condemnation and judgment on the nation of Judah.; yet, after the destruction of Jerusalem, Ezekiel prophesied the restoration of Jerusalem. He wanted the people to know that their endurance would be rewarded, and the nation of Judah would be restored. In fact, his prophecies, were continually releasing a prophetic vision of the restoration of Jerusalem. 


The glory of God is revealed to Ezekiel in a “wheel within a wheel”. It is explained in Ezekiel 1:16, that the wheel’s appearance and its work was like the color of beryl: and the four (wheels) had one likeness. Their appearance was seen as, a wheel in the middle of a wheel. 


“Ezekiel’s Wheel” is a rather strange phrase; in fact, it makes one think of a horse and buggy and old men wearing overalls.  But that vision had nothing to do with Ezekiel. He was a Prophet living in Babylon. He was 25 when he was captured and exiled. Prior to being uprooted from his homeland, he was destined to become a priest before he turned 30.  He most likely came from the Tribe of Levi, which was set aside for the priesthood by God, (Ezekiel 1:20-21).



The Bible Shines a Great Light on This Mighty Prophet of God


As with other servants of God, the Bible reveals much more detail concerning the life and exploits of the Prophet Ezekiel. His exploits were no doubt, selfless, powerful, and strong. They are surely a model for every lover of God to read, consider, and to emulate! 


While you may disagree with me on that point, it is in fact certain in my mind that you and I would have the capacity to emulate a servant and prophet of God. 


In fact, like Ezekiel and every other hero of faith, we have at least one factor in common; in fact, each and every created being on this earth was created in the image of God.  We are joined together as His children, and thus we carry His “DNA”, so to speak. 


It is right there, with that comment, that you may wonder, how on earth we can all have the same DNA? The answer to that question is simple: We are all related because we are all “God Created Beings”. In other words, we all have the same Father, thus we are all members of His Creation, on Earth, as in Heaven!


So, to help you out on this point, let me point you back to your own life growing up, and through-out your life following your youth, and your teen years. Some of you may have had a sibling that was the total opposite from what and who you were. While you recognized that factor, it is likely that you did not doubt that your sibling was certainly your sibling. You may have asked yourself, “How can we have the same parents and still be so very different?”


That question alone reveals the endless creativity and ingenuity of our God; He has a deep, deep well of knowledge regarding what human the race is made of, and how each individual was designed to live, work, and create on this earth. In fact, it is said that there are no two people that are created from the same “mold!”


Yet they are all made by God and in His image. From that standpoint, they live and work out their lives with fear and trembling. Why? Simply because their faithful Creator is watching over them. In fact, just as He was with Adam and Eve, David of Old, the Apostle Paul, etc. etc. etc., so will He be with you and me. 


The only factor that is missing when God’s strategy for your life and mine is this: will we work to know Him, and listen to His directions, and His ability to create a Masterpiece Out of Our Lives!


As you ponder the above message, ask yourself, “Am I living ‘MY OWN BEST LIFE NOW”, or like Ezekiel, am I Hearing God and Following His “Blueprints” for My Life”? 


I urge You to ponder that question in the deepest part of your mind, body and soul. Ponder it in light of the Biblical precedence that was set by the Prophet Ezekiel, and so many other Heroes of Faith that we encounter in the Word of God?


Once You Ponder the Height, Width, and the Depth of your own life, and how it might line up with God’s plans and purposes for your life on this earth, you will surely find that God has a higher call for your life. In fact, if you are to follow the path of Ezekiel, then you must do enough soul searching to know and understand that we may be living our own desires, rather than the path that the Lord has designed for us from the beginning of time…even many millenniums from the day that we were born!


I do not write this message to condemn you, but to inspire you to seek God, and ask Him, “What would You have me to do, for the remainder of my days on this Earth?” 





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