Of Whom The World Was Not Worthy!

Nothing Less than the Intentional Unrelenting Faith, Coupled With

Staunch Persistence, Will Annihilate Our Enemies from Hell 


He Will Never Leave You Or Forsake You


     By Dr. Lindy S. Diffenbaugh, DD


There is an entire chapter in the Book of Hebrews that speaks of the “Heroes of Faith.” These carried very little fame in their day, but in this day, they are known for their staunch resistance to death, hell, and darkness.  They were mighty warriors who never hesitated to stand against and overcome hell, for the Glory of God.

The author of Hebrews lists a litany of men and women of God whose absolute commitment to the plans and purposes of God, that literally changed the World for the Glory of God on this Earth! 

Whether or not they knew that they were impacting their world for God’s Kingdom Purposes, is not certain. We do know that they were fearless and willing to fight to their death if they had to, in order to allow God’s Kingdom to overcome and prevail on this Earth.  

Most of God’s “Heroes of Faith” were not wealthy, nor did they carry great physical strength; however, despite their lack of wealth and their physical make-up, they carried an entire treasure chest of Spiritual Passion and an extremely rich heritage of Faith for God’s purposes and plans for their lives and their missions on the Earth.

The depth of their passion was God released and they did not hesitate to yield their all for His purpose to be fulfilled through their lives! 

The strength of their passion emanated from the knowledge that God had given them both the assignment and the ability to carry it out. 


God Trusted Them with His Mission, And They Picked It Up and Ran With It!


These were keenly aware that if they did not prevail in the battle, that the enemy would overtake them, and hell would prevail against God’s people.

They were willing to sacrifice their own lives, before they would hand the devil the victory.  They Always Knew How to Stand Against the Weapons of Hell knew what to do when Hell was exerting its mightiest weapons, that were fashioned to push God’s warriors into a corner of fear with threats to their lives, their families and their futures. Yet they never gave in to the threats, because the caliber of their God given purpose and passion, prevented the fear factor from holding them back in the battle.

Each of these Fearless Warriors Walked Through Obstacles and Prevailed!  

Forces of darkness endeavored to stand in the way of living out their destiny; each of these intentionally faced the enemies before them and proceeded to run the course that God had determined for them to carry out on this earth.  The author of Hebrews honored them when he wrote that “these were those of whom the world was not worthy.”

He also noted that there were others who lived their lives on the Earth by listening to God, learning His ways, and running the race of life all the way through to victory. By allowing God to walk with them through the demonic forces that ruthlessly stood before them, and in the end they manifested overcoming victory on Earth, as it had been planned in Heaven

 From Cover to Cover, The Bible Speaks of An Untold Number of “Heroes of Faith!


In fact, it is my intention to tell the stories of other men and women of God, who carry like precious faith, as did the men and women that are spoken of in the Book of Hebrews! I also intend to continue to document their lives on in other posts on this blog.


In Fact, as you stay faithful in reading my Blog Posts, I promise that others will soon show up on this venue, so stay faithful to reading this Blog and I will stay faithful to keep on creating Blog Posts that will impact you for the Glory of God!





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