The Lion of Judah Fights Along Side You In the Battle Against Hell’s Minions

The Lion Of Judah Fights Along Side You In The Battle Against Hell’s Minions


By Dr. Lindy S. Diffenbaugh, DD


It Takes The Lion of Judah and Battle Ready Warriors To Overcome Hell's Minions!


The Lion Of Judah Fights Along Side You In The Battle Against Hell’s Minions


The Bible speaks of a power that is an inherent force that flows from depths of the inner being of every Warrior, Commissioned by the Most-High God of Heaven and Earth. When the trials, demands, and needs of the situation on the Earth demand it, the release of this intercessory force will erupt from the depths of the heart and soul of the ever-ready Heaven Powered Warrior of the God of Heaven and Earth!


In fact, if they are keen to the workings of Hell’s minions of the dark underworld, then it is likely that they will immediately discern the presence of these wicked minions of death, hell, and darkness on the Earth, as it is in the depth of the flames of Hell-Fire.


If you have perceived the wicked presence of that diabolical force, which is, of course, Headed-Up by Satan himself, then you must hold onto this one truth concerning the works of death and darkness; in fact, you must know and never lose site of the absolute truth of this one simple reality concerning Hell. 


It is ‘here’ that you must discern that truth.  In fact, if you are to lay hold of the reality of “that truth,” you must know and understand this: The only weapon that Satan and every one of His minions possess, is the Wickedness of the Force of the Power of Their Continual Diabolical and Evil Lies.


If the devil’s lie is the only ‘weapon’ that hell possesses, then why are Satan and his armies as powerful as they are? If you want to know the truth, it is that Satan, along with his devil army, have been stripped of all their inherent God given power, i.e. they have NO POWER, except for the force of their devious and sometimes deadly lies that they can, will, and do invent and spew out onto the Earth.


Who do they target with such lies? In fact, Satan’s crowd is not always particular, as to who they release their lies to, or upon. In fact, every one that stands in the way of Hell’s forces, and/or who are genuinely deceived by the lying  forces that they carry, will surely be targeted by Satan and the wicked demons that stand with this defeated devil and his warrior imps


Just WHO do the demonic forces of Hell spew their wicked and evil lies out to? In fact, it is my guess that the demons of Hell spit out their lies onto anyone that will believe and act on them.  Thus, if you understand that reality, then you can enter the battle with great authority, knowing that the enemy is already defeated.


The Devil’s (Defeated) Force of Dark Warriors Thrive In Deep and Utter Darkness


The bible speaks of a time when Darkness Covers the Earth, and Deep Darkness the people. If you have not discerned it yet, we now live in a day when utter spiritual darkness overpowers the light and the glory in every sphere of life and living.  The only ways to really move into  the light of Heaven, is to commune with the God of Heaven and Earth on a continual, everyday basis. You make God’s presence and guidance your number one priority; in fact, you reach up to God as an act of your will that must be established and practiced until it empowers the defeat of death, Hell, and darkness.


In fact, the dark forces from Hell have invaded the Earth on a mission to lie, cheat, and steal the very life out of God’s created Masterpieces; if you are unsure of exactly certain of who these Heaven-Sent Masterpieces might be, let me enlighten you on that subject. These are in fact. the men, women, and children who worship God and populate the Earth with His Heaven Filled Righteousness.


Of course, Satan’s army works overtime to steal and rob these God created beings of everything that God has promised them. Do you remember when God told Adam and Eve not to touch the fruit of that one tree, or they would surely die? What was that? It was a stinking lie! That was many many many decades ago; can you imagine haw well the Devil has learned to twist and turn the lie around, so that it sounds like the Gospel Truth! 


In fact, Satan and his imps work overtime to press God’s warriors into the death and darkness, that Hell freely offers to every person that walks the Earth. In fact, Hell makes the portals of Hell sound very important and vital to the future of the planet and the world beyond. He does this, of course, to bring doubt and confusion to every living God Created, Child of God. 


Sadly, in fact, there are way too many would be saints, that have turned away from the Light of the Glorious Gospel of Christ, while they have turned to the wicked deceiver Satan! Why would they do that?  If you have not guessed the answer to that question, then let me enlighten you.


In fact, this wicked, diabolical serpent, has convinced them that the Great God of Heaven is, in fact the one who Is deceiving the entire world.  Satan wants all of humanity to believe that he is the only enlightened being in the Universe; in fact he wants them to understand that he is the only one that can lead them to everlasting glory on this Earth, as well as in the afterlife.


The tragedy is that there are hordes of people that buy into the lie that Satan has been pedaling since the beginning of time, to a massive number of God created beings. In fact, this DEFEATED LYING DEVIL has been pedaling his lies since the creation of Adam and Eve, the two first unsuspecting victims of this ruthless, crafty, and diabolically evil rogue predator from Hell. 


Who Will Rescue the Last, the Least, and the Lost of This World?


With that said, the most important question that must be asked, is this:  “Who’s responsibility is it to reach out and save those who have fallen into the deceptive force of this ruthless predator? In fact, just before the resurrection force of carried Christ to Heaven, He released a mandate  to seek and save the lost.  While Christ walked the Earth, He offered Himself to be broken bread and poured out wine. If We are to follow in His footsteps, then We must live by the same mandate!


He came to seek and save the lost, and to lead them to the road that that would lead them to Heaven’s Glory. He turned lives from darkness to light. He saved lives and souls, and all the while, He was pointing them to their Heavenly purpose.


His human visitation on this earth, resulted in the salvation of many, many souls that were, from birth, destined for hell. But in this day, we do not, as a rule, see the Lord of Glory, WALKING the Earth to save the last, the least and the lost of broken humanity!


The next question would be, if Christ no longer walks the Earth, how do people find the Lord and how do they walk from the darkness to the light? In fact, how does anybody find the pathway that leads to Heaven’s Glory, on Earth as in Heaven?


In fact, that is where you and I can step up and call on the Name of the Lord to intervene in breaking the lost souls on this Earth, out of the bondage from Satan and his army, and show them the way into the glory of Heaven’s power and purpose.


It is Past Time to Enter Your Prayer Closet and Shut the Door! 


Isaiah 60 tells us to, “Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the LORD rises upon you. See, darkness covers the earth and thick darkness is over the people, but the LORD rises upon you and his glory appears over you. Nations will come to your light, and kings to the brightness of your dawn.” 


There are many ways that we could interpret the above scripture. In fact, I will speak of it as I see it to be a part of the process that God demands to turn His people into  Intercessors for His purposes to be released all around the globe. If the people on this earth are to turn from their self-seeking ways, and become mighty Warriors themselves, then it is likely that they will not find the way on their own.


It is also important to know that there are some who have been abused by their own parents, that had portrayed themselves as Christians, but lived lives of drunkenness; in fact in many cases, they were ruthless, mean, and hateful to their children. 


It is in these kinds of homes, where children have learned to say, “If this is how Christians treat their children then, I want nothing to do with Christianity.” Sadly, when a child, or any human being, is turned off by the behavior of Christians, they will no doubt find themselves lost in the maze of confusion and conflict that Satan, himself has prepared for them. 


As we follow in Christ’s foot-steps, we must learn to seek  and save the last, the least and the lost sheep on this Earth. In fact, this is where you may ask, who exactly are the “lost sheep” of the Earth?  These are they who are on this earth to make a name, a living, or a future for themselves and their families.  Some might want to pay the bills, while others want to build their own empire on this Earth, so the people around them will say, “Well done,  great man, or woman, there is no one that can compare to your skills and abilities.”



It is Time to Step into Your Prayer Closet and Shut the Door


When the people of God step into their prayer closet, Intercessory Prayer is diligently practiced and fully engaged. Our God’s ears are open and attentive to our prayers, and blessings fall straight from His heart and His hand. The impact of prayer releases exceeding abundant power and blessings towards you, your family, your church, your city, your nation, and your world.


There is no limitation of the impact of the release of a massive thrust of the  force of Kingdom Intercession. It is vitally important that the intercessory strength that you release, has the potency to transform darkness to light, hope to despair, war to peace, and strength to the weakest people, places, and things in this world.


When we pray, it is imperative that our intercession is in direct alignment with God’s purpose and intentions to hear the petitions of those who touch His heart in prayer, day and night, night, and day, on the earth. Intercession is ultimately empowered by the intensity that pulsates behind the prayers. 


If a fainthearted warrior lurks behind the prayer effort to engage the God of Heaven Himself, then it will certainly not attract Heaven’s immediate intervention. Why?  The “why” is that the strength and passion of our prayers, are the force that moves God’s hand and his heart towards, His children. When God’s heart is moved, His hand will certainly move on behalf of those who love Him.  


Jesus Himself ever lives to make intercession for Us. He calls out our names, and He speaks to the Father concerning our needs, our trials, and our infirmities. When our prayers touch the heart of God, He is able to save us completely. (Hebrews 7:25) We, the people of God, do not know how to pray as we ought to pray. Why? Because we see through a glass darkly. 


Jesus Has a Magnificent View of Earth From Heaven


Jesus has a magnificent, panoramic view of the entire conflict that is being waged between Heaven and Earth. He is the most compelling intercessor in the Universe. From an elevated Vantage Point, Christ guides and instructs us through the process. He will surely deliver us from the snare of the Fowler and the noisome pestilence.


We, the Warriors of Christ, find our safety IN CHRIST! The TRUTH of Christ and the WORD, are the source of our strength and authority in every battle that we come up against on this Earth. We will surely see thousands of warriors fall to the ground, but because we are in Christ, and the Holy Spirit is in us, we will stand. With the Christ IN Us-Moving Through Us, we will certainly prevail in even the fiercest battles that lie before us.


Holy Spirit is the agent sent from Heaven, to pray through us with wordless groans. (Romans 8:26) Holy Spirit lives inside of us. He leads us into Kingdom intercession. It is He who gives us the words to verbalize and release our prayers to Heaven’s throne. If we truly want to please the Father in Heaven, then prayer and intercession are the gateway to His heart. They are also the keys to every victory that we will ever claim.


By definition, Intercession is the act of offering petitions that we exchange for His Grace and Blessing.  The Latin translation of the word implies, a going between on behalf of another. In other words, there is someone on earth who has a need, and there is a God in Heaven who has the answer for that need. The intercessor sees both and steps in between the two, to secure the intervention of the Lord in the life of the other. Intercession is thus calling on the Father to act on behalf of another person to save them and to set these captives free.


When you pray you deliver those who sit in darkness, and they will see a great light. When you pray you lift heavy burdens that others cannot lift on their own. When you pray bodies are healed, marriages are repaired, finances are delivered. When you pray captives are set free. When you pray, souls that are marching headlong into the flames of hell, find Jesus and step onto a new pathway to Heaven.


The bottom-line of intersession is that: When you pray, you untie the hands of God and invite Him to release His phenomenal authority and power into the most hopeless and helpless situations known to man. What does this do? It unequivocally secures the battle and takes Satan out of the picture, at least for that battle. Finally, when you pray you increase your strength and ability to prevail against Hell and the powers of darkness that have been sabotaging the efforts of mankind on the earth.


Your vigilance on the spiritual battlefield, as well as every battle that you win, increases your authority in the Kingdom, and your ability to take on greater battles. Your victories build you up in your most holy faith and they strengthen your ability to face any and every power of darkness that comes against you, the people of the Earth, and brings disruption to the affairs of men.


To further the definition and increase depth of Intercession, it can also be said that intercession is the effort and intention to get the Father in Heaven what He wants. If Jesus’s one desire was to do the will of Him who sent Him, how much more should we keep the passions of our Father in our mind, our spirit, and in our mouth, when we pray?


When we pray the passions of the Father and the plans of the Father that are revealed by the Holy Ghost, then we are truly partnered with Christ, seeking, and contending for God’s intervention on the earth for Nations, National Leaders, Global Unity, and Eternal Purpose to perpetuate and prevail on the earth. 


In Luke 11, Jesus gave His disciples a blueprint for prayer. He started by saying that they were to pray to the Father in Heaven. They were to worship God and Hallow His name, as they began to pray. They were taught the importance of declaring the coming of the Kingdom on earth as it is in Heaven, and for the will of God to be done in the same way. 


Finally, Jesus taught His disciples to petition the Father, to release the sustenance that they needed, and to ask the Father to forgive their sins, as they also forgave others. They were to pray to resist temptation and to be delivered from evil. 


In the brevity of this simple prayer, we find the foundation and the basis for intercession. There is nothing that we need or that we must pray for, that would not be supported in this prayer. But this prayer is a blueprint to defeat every demonic force that we face on this earth.


We must grasp the authority of this intercessory Blueprint, and allow the depth of the Spirit within us, to take us to the deepest depths of this prayer and beyond. We must always consult and listen to the Holy Spirit when we pray. He takes us far beyond the constraints of our own flesh, mind, and heart. 


Prayer is a great privilege. It is an open door to go into the throne room of grace, to find help and mercy in a time of need. (Hebrews 4:16) This is a Spiritual effort. It is not a fleshly act. Christ gives us permission to petition Him boldly, to save our children, provide financial intervention, heal our loved ones, break Satanic strongholds, open doors for us that no man can shut, etc. etc.  What leader on this earth will afford us these same privileges? We must have an appointment to get 10-minutes with leaders of worldly organizations. And then, they may or may not deliver our petitions. 


God has never failed us. He is the Creator and Proprietor of all the Planet Earth. He manages a vast Kingdom. He hears the cry of every Saint, and He meets their needs. He watches after the sparrows and other wildlife on the Earth.


But Beyond all of that (and more), God somehow manages to tend to the needs of the cattle on a thousand hills. Yet, despite all His vast responsibilities, God has an open-door policy. He invites us to Come Boldly before Him and He will reach out His hands of grace and meet our every needs. 


As intercessors and disciples of Christ, we must remain disciplined, vigilant, and awake, because the enemy still moves about the earth seeking whom he may devour. When the enemy is upon us, it is not a time to sleep in the garden.  God has invited us to petition Him to intervene on our behalf. It is time to respond to that invitation. 



He Seeks Warriors of Valor and Authority


As Spiritual Warriors, in the Spirit we can decree a thing and it will come to pass.  We can declare overcoming victory, because the Holy Spirit has released Words of Promise in our Spirit man. We can declare that God’s hand is upon us, and we will find His favor. We can declare that no weapon formed against us will prosper, and as we declare, the enemy’s plans will be abruptly disrupted.  We can declare that our children are arrows in the hand of God, and He will release them into their direct purpose and destiny that He had intended before they were ever conceived. We can declare financial increase and it will manifest. 


But understand this, you must decree these things repeatedly until they are established. You must not grow weary in the process. Because you see, the battle that you face when you decree a thing in prayer, is in your mind. When you see evidence of your own lack or defeat all around you year after year, you begin to believe the evidence, and you agree with the lies of the enemy.


The only way to obliterate those lies from your mind, is to continually challenge them every hour of every day, until you rid your mind of demonic lies and fill it with great faith.


Yes, they are mere decrees, but when they come out of your mouth as declarations of war, they are weapons that resist and take down the destructive forces of Death, Hell, and Darkness. 


In the Spirit, we cast down principalities and powers, and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God. In the Spirit, we will tell mountains to move, command sickness to leave, rebuke the storms, and much, much more. 


These kinds of responses, in the face of pain and destruction, darkness and depression, lack and poverty, are not the norm of the natural man. They are the exertions of the Spirit within us, that know no barriers or boundaries on Earth. We can be sure that Holy Ghost knows the impact of the glory of Heaven in the natural world.


That is why we must rid our thinking of the deceptions of Hell, and command that our flesh stay silent, in the face of disaster or uncertainty. 


We must never forget the great and precious promises of the Father. When sickness is diagnosed, when we face disaster, when we are afraid, the natural response is to panic and allow fear to take over. That response will certainly invite demons from Hell to take over the battle. It will certainly bring about the natural results of death, hell, and the destruction. 


When the threat of hell knocks on the door, you must silence your flesh. Then you must send your Spirit man to answer the door. His Spirit Force will certainly take down the threat that waits outside the door.


This response will automatically come forth when we have nurtured and empowered our Spirit with the truth of the Word of God. It comes because we have built up a strong fortress of faith, hope, and love within us. It comes when we have learned to trust in the Lord with all our hearts, and when we are not leaning on our own understanding. (Proverbs 3:5) 


Because we have built up a deep well of Faith within our spirits, when we face a trial there will be an automatic surge of the Spirit that will rise-up within us. We will know that the Spirit is with us, by the groans that we feel in the depth of our spirits. 


As these groans increase, we will eventually feel like we are carrying something that did not originate with us. In short, we will recognize that we are pregnant with the answer to the problems that we face. All we must do to prevail against Hell, is to persist in the battle and intensify our prayers.


If we cut off the prayers prematurely, then we will abort the release of Heaven’s deliverance in our lives. But if we keep on praying and if we don’t give up, then we will step into the promise of God for deliverance 


We must always pray and keep on praying in order to see Victory in the Battle. If we stop praying prematurely, we will abort the Victory Heaven in our lives. 


This is a day of disaster and desperation. It is also a day when God’s favor and his supernatural grace and strength is upon us…A day when he will begin to move darkness back and bring His Kingdom to the Earth. It is also a day when the enemy is raging against God’s purposes.


It is imperative that, if we have not already learned to “run with the footmen,” that we call on the Holy Spirit. He will teach us move through that test of the footmen, to victory. This is so vital because the horsemen are upon us.


If we have fainted with the footmen, then how will we ever contend with the horsemen?” (Jeremiah 12:5) Pray that you will be found worthy of the battle in this day and in the days to come, because in this day you are determining to become an intercessory force on the earth to take down the Giant. 


To overcome in that day, we must continually Stay in the Spirit, Pray in the Spirit, Listen to the Holy Spirit when we Pray, and Do what Holy Spirit tells us to do in Prayer. Do not invent your own prayer style! Listen to Holy Spirit and respond as He leads you!


We Live in Uncertain Times With Darkness All Around

In closing, let me encourage your to give no heed to the darkness that covers the Darth and the deep darkness that is carried by so many people. Yes, you will realize that it is there. By the fact that you know that this darkness covers the Earth and the people, because of your relationship with the Lord of all and Creator of all things, you have the authority to go, by the Spirit, into the throne of His Grace, and Petition Him to Touch the Poor and Needy, and the Last the Least and the Lost of this World!


So Go Forth Mighty Warriors of the Most High God and Pull God’s People out of the Darkness and  Bring Them Into the Glorious Light of Christ!





















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