Warriors Arise & Tune Your Spiritual Ears to the Silent Alarm!!!

Warriors Arise! The Silent Alarm Is Sounding!



Warriors Arise! The Silent Alarm Is Sounding

Warriors Arise and Respond to the Silent Alarm!


 Tune Your Spiritual Ears to the Silent Alarm That Now Demands Your Immediate Response


BY Dr. Lindy Diffenbaugh, DD, THD





Awaken Your Ears to the “Sound of the Silent Alarm”



Regardless of where you reside on Planet Earth, if you are or are not employed, regardless how big or  how small your family might be, the size of the house in which you live, the number of children that you have birthed and are raising, etc. etc. etc. … whatever the variables are one to the other, we-the collective masses of the populations on this earth are all in this “life thing” together.


We all live on a planet where uncertainty is the norm, and previously unheard-of catastrophes tend to pop up, out of nowhere, on any day, in any place, and/or at any time. As we experience these uncertain times, we must begin to see them for what they really are.


In fact, you may wonder if these are real catastrophes, then you must come-up with a game plan that will empower you to attack, manage, and harness these catastrophic events, so that the catastrophes can be overcome and lessons for future issues can be taught learned by you and taught to others.


Why are such answers so important? If we are to prevail over sin, darkness, and the threat of an early death, we must rise above the destructive forces of hell and the perils of the day. It is imperative that we learn to create absolute certainty out of what seems to be a maze of roadblocks and broken pieces that have torn through all humanity!



The Uncertainty That Blinds Us Must Be Conquered and Destroyed



Why is it that such a vital and necessary task? In fact, as we consider the uncertainty of the days in which we now live in and moving through, we begin to recognize the depth of the battle that looms over us. We seem to be living through such difficult times, because the better part of the population is not prepared and/or positioned to meet the next uncertain event that is rolling towards them with the force of a massive and fast moving bowling ball.


In fact, it has been my observation that most of the people that inhabit planet earth do not have time to consider how to prepare for the future, because they are drowning in sea of peril and pain to get through “this day,” that now confronts them, and begs then for immediate answers to a huge pile of impossible situations that defy solutions.


In the face of the efforts of every man, woman, and child to get through the day, paying their bills, and helping their kids with their homework, and taking care of the basic needs of their families, they have no inkling of what tomorrow holds for them, and/or how they will manage to stay on top of any other “boulders” that may threaten to overcome and overtake them.  


Why is that so important? If we are to overcome obstacles, it is vital that we learn from previous “catastrophes and crashes,” so we can meet the next event that is certainly heading our way; in fact, once we have even begun to sense that this event is heading toward us,  and in fact  we begin to realize that it will soon overtake us, and while we are considering that possibility,  there is another one right behind it, that is already heading your way.


In fact, the catastrophe ready to stir-up a massive fight to keep us drowning in the face of overwhelming, and in some situations, they are circumstances that seem to have no evident remedy.


As I write, I am keenly aware that I am not just “preaching to the choir”! In fact, I have worked with many broken hearts and broken lives over the years! Most have been good providers for their families and great employees for their employers. They make it a habit to go full steam ahead, for their bosses and their jobs! It is when they step into the door of their home, that the reality of their lives and situations slaps them in the face!


How are these situations handled?  In my mind there is only one way to successfully deal with such an “opponent”. We must meet that “opponent” head on in the battle, with absolute certainty that he will be defeated, and we will, once again, be gloriously victorious!



Without a Solid Game Plan, Your Enemy Will Have You In a Choke-Hold!


I have always been told that if we believe that we can accomplish a certain task, then we will labor until we find the right way to get it done. With every obstacle that stands before us, we must be determined to take as many forward and/or upwards, that we can. In fact, as we overcome obstacles, and keep moving forward, we will eventually find our way to yet another stair step that will lead us to certain hope and absolute victory.


As we ride that event all the way through to total and certain success, we will absolutely defeat and thrust a force of total destruction, to the once uncertain direction of our ways; in fact, we will find ourselves moving up to the next higher step in that proverbial “staircase” that will take us all the way to victory.


We must allow this issue/uncertainty to strengthen our tenacity that will cause us to move through anything that life and/or hell manages to throw our way. As our own determination and tenacity allows us to rid ourselves of this obstacle, then will be able to create a blueprint for the next battle that is bound to threaten us once again. In fact, when the next difficult roadblock stands before us, we will be prepared to stand in its face, as a strong and mighty warrior and take it down all the way to the ground.


I am sure that you know as well as I, that such battles will certainly arise in your life and mine without warning. Such battles will carry such a seeming uncertainty, that the problems that stand before you will seem like, look like, and feel like an impenetrable concrete wall.


With that reality in our understanding, we cannot close our eyes to such atrocities that surround and overwhelm us for another moment. We must strive to meet the atrocities that surround us with grace and tenacity. We must resist the desire to bury our heads in the sand, as we close our eyes to the crime, chaos, discord, division, hate, pain, and every other atrocity and uncertainty that overwhelms the better part of humanity.


If we see the tough issues that people close to us endure, and look the other way, then we could be complicit in the demise of so many precious inhabitants of the planet earth. When we see that they are helplessly out of control, if we have the resources to put them on the right course, then we must do just that.


At some point, in this scenario somebody with keen discernment of what is taking place in the natural, as well as in the spiritual realm, must begin to sound the alarm far and wide, to reach the populations that reside in the north, south, east, and west on the planet earth.


I say all of this because, in fact our world, our nations, and our very lives are certainly vulnerable to onslaughts from destructive, unforeseen forces strait out of Hell, that will surely reveal our previously unknown vulnerabilities to these overwhelming dark demonic forces from Hell.



What is Our Vulnerability When Hell Stands in Our Face?



Simply put, humanity on its own is no match for the overwhelming demonic forces that have marked the people of the earth as their number one enemy.  In the face of Satan and his devilish armies we, God’s created beings, are no match for the overwhelming demonic takeover, of the forces and entities that intend to flood the World with Pure Evil Devil Darkness.


I believe that it is safe to say that we, the people that inhabit this planet, are targeted by the minions of hell, to find themselves in the middle of such atrocities, in the natural that we can see coming towards us, yet we do not so easily recognize that these are minions from hell that have been inspired by none other than their Liar and Thief, Satan himself!


Considering the origin of such dilemmas, how do average and ordinary citizens of the earth, as well as the collective “we the people,” respond to these unstoppable minions from Death, Darkness, and the Deepest Places Located in the darkest, deepest Pits of Hell?


As I see it, we have 2 options available to us. First, we can stand-by and wait for the government to intervene and apply a remedy to that which Hell has dropped upon us. Not to criticize the government, but for the most part they do not fight spiritual battles, and they do not, as a rule, know how to wield spiritual weapons against the unseen enemies of the Earth.


In short, the responsibility to stop the intrusions of Hell on Earth, lands squarely on the shoulders of the All Powerful, Mighty Warrior Armies of the Most-High God of Heaven and Earth.



We Will Overcome Through Strategic Heavenly Warfare



How do we understand and engage in strategic warfare, that Heaven has delivered to us straight from God’s Throne Room? The most appropriate option that comes to mind, is that we can individually and/or collectively sound the alarm that will alert the people that inhabit this planet, that it is time to do something to get our lives, our families, our finances, and our world back on course.


Why, you may ask, in this time are we, or should we be sounding a spiritual, or rather than a literal alarm, in this day and time? To answer that question—ask yourself, “Why do I set an alarm before I go to bed every night?” The answer of course, is that the alarm is set to wake ourselves up out of a deep morning sleep!


Why is that important? The importance of it is that life is not lived in between the sheets; in fact, neither will our boss drop off a paycheck to our door every month if we do not get out of bed and get to work on time in the morning!


That alarm must be loud. In fact, it must be intrusive. Why? Because if it is not loud and intrusive, we could remain in a deep sleep through the disasters, rather than intercept and overcome them.


Thus, the primary purpose for the morning alarm clock, is to Wake US UP and Get US Out Of OUR DEEP SLUMBER, so that we can Thrust Ourselves into A Massive Effort to Bring Absolute Restoration and Rehabilitation of Planet Earth!!!



Warriors Tune Your Ears to the Silent Alarm



There is another type of alarm that we must be cognizant of, to turn our spiritual ears towards, as we prepare our hearts, minds, and souls to prepare for the battle. Why? Because it is an alarm that will warn us that there is a massive catastrophe headed our way, or in the worst cases scenario, the catastrophe is in-fact, already upon us.


Again, understand that this is not an alarm that will go off during the day, or night to wake you up and get you out of bed. In fact, I am still speaking in Spiritual, rather than Literal Terms.


This alarms that we hear when there is fire breaking out in your home, in the workplace, or in the great outdoors are certainly vital, valuable, and necessary; they are not however, the kind of alarms that we must hear when the enemy is closing in on us.


In fact, the alarm that I am speaking of must be discerned in the spirit realm. When dark forces break into our lives, to rob us of everything that we hold precious and dear, as they try to destroy our loved ones, and rob us of every good and precious gift that our God has afforded us. These are the times that demand that our spiritual ears be opened and attuned to the alarm that is sounding far and wide on the earth.



All Ears Must Be Opened and Keenly Attuned To The “Mayday Alarm”!



This type of alarm can be likened to the “May Day” alarm, that is often heard during times of war, or when destructive forces are coming upon a company, an organization, a city, or a nation.


This “Right Now Alarm” that is sounding and resounding throughout the earth, has a similar purpose. That purpose is to awaken the Warriors of the Most-High God, that have fallen into a deep slumber somewhere deep in the depth of their spirit being!!!


Once awakened, God’s Warriors must discern an urgency for them to shift their focus from their everyday life and routine, not only in their bodies, but also deep within their souls and spirits, where their identity is formed.


They must begin to see themselves as the Champions and Warriors that God has called and created them to be, for such a time as this!


This revelation demands that we begin to establish a higher standard of living life with excellence, rather than give into the rut of the mundane workaday world, where the masses have learned to live and exist.


When this alarm, or the sound within their souls is heard, it will abruptly awaken the true-identity of the Sons and Daughters of the Most-High God.


When they recognize who, or Whose, they are, they will respond to the Demand for All God’s Warriors to Prepare for Battle!



May Day-May Day: Warriors Prepare for War



So, what is this urgency that is pulling the Army of God step by step, into the battle that is now upon this earth?


In fact, the demand for urgency is that we are already drastically behind the power curve. The enemy is at the door, and he has infiltrated every mountain of society.


In a time that Hell is working overtime to defeat God’s Army, we are stuck in a rut of living our lives in the distractions of the earthly realm.


I do understand that issues at home, work, in relationships, and such, can be distracting. But throwing your entire focus on these is like staring at your belly button all day long.


Recognizing that the problem is there, and it is bigger than you, does not solve the problem. In fact, living with an inward or personal focus, with little or no thought to the times in which we live, does not solve anyone’s problems.



Spiritual Solutions Must Be Employed


When the world is spinning out of control, the situation demands that we be ready to release spiritual solutions into the earth and the atmosphere. In the natural, we have less control over the demonic forces of darkness if we are dependent on physical senses.


However, our God is always with us in the battle. He sends heavenly aid in the form of Angel Armies, as well as Heavenly Guidance through the Word of God, which is released by the Holy Spirit in our lives. as we engage Him during the many battles with darkness that we will encounter, these will all work together for us and with us, to release  interference between the light and the darkness. As we call upon and connect with our supernatural back-up plan, our strength in the battle will intensify and ultimately, we will prevail.


In fact, if we do not stand up and wage spiritual warfare against the death, hell, and darkness that now invades our lives, moves through our lives, and world to leave death and destruction to every Saint/Would Be Saint, in our world, then God has no “Plan B” to pick up our slack.


In fact, you can try to overcome Satan with your self-taught skills, but I promise you that in the natural, the skills of humanity will not carry you through to the place of Victory as you engage the devil in the place of battle.


As tough as it seems, as we face the prince of darkness and his minions in a heated warfare in this day, the warfare that has infiltrated our lives today will only get worse as time goes by. Why is that? It is, I believe, because the devil and his minions are ruthless and angry. They are determined to flood our entire planet with utter darkness, until their diabolical wickedness seeks to flood the entirety of the Globe.


We, the Body of Christ, are Plan A! In fact, We are Plan ONLY!  It is Time that WE respond as if God’s plan for eternity depends on Us, The Body, and the Bride of Christ.



We Must Act As If If Our Heavenly Eternity Depends On Us, BECAUSE, IN FACT,



As the Intensity of the Darkness Covers the Earth, We Must Prepare to Prevail Against It with all of our strength. As we see the wickedness of the wicked increasing, we must also be aware that such activity will activity will continue to increase and intensify over the coming months, years, and decades of time.


In other words, the power of the battles of the darkness will not only fail to slow down, but they will increase and grow exponentially, as they targets the Saints/Would Be Saints of the Most-High God.


They will prevail against us, unless the Armies of the Living God on this earth, i.e. You and Me, Step into the Battle and Press Back Against the Death and Darkness that Hell is Unleashing on our Earthly Home.


While the wickedness increases and infiltrates the Globe, we, the Righteous of the Lord must throw all caution aside, as we put on the full armor of God and assume a battle- ready, offensive position against the minions of hell.


With guidance of the Tri-une God of Heaven’s Angel Armies fighting with us, if we do not shrink back in the battle, we will without doubt prevail in the battle and push the armies of Hell back into the flames of Hell Fire.


If the wicked were to succeed, it would not only bring destruction to the Earth and its entire population, but it would give Satan full reign over the entirety of the Earth, and all that therein resides.


In other words, the defeat of God’s creation, by hell’s minions, would dethrone our God, the Creator, and the Emperor of all things. It would result in the unfathomable disgrace to the Kingdoms of Our Lord and of His Christ!


As a matter of fact, if you live in the United States of America, it is very probable, in fact most of us believe that it is a reality that a demon invader, intruder, and interloper stole our 2020 Presidential Election.


That Diabolical Thief is now working against Israel, which we have always supported in this nation, and he could possibly be covertly making way for China to take possession of OUR Great, One Nation Under God. Did anybody see that coming in the last 3 or 4 years? Certainly, we did not!


Fortunately, the man that actually “Legally” won the presidential office, is fighting for justice to Make America Great Again. In fact, there is no doubt that the Hand of God is on this man, and he will surely prevail above those who are working in the dark to serve the purpose and plans of the devil himself.


God’s Earthly Kingdom Must Be Prepared for the Battle. Hypothetically speaking, if God’s Kingdom on earth was over-run by a foreign-communistic nation, Christianity would be wiped out, as it was many years ago in China, and in other countries. In fact, if that was to happen, Satan could be elevated to the place of ruler-ship over the entire Universe.


Once you allow that to sink in, you begin to recognize why it is imperative that Every Warrior In Christ Stand with Great Intensity, in Absolute opposition to the Gates of Hell.  They must stand with unwavering resolve, every single day while they can still breathe air into their nostrils.



The Bible Promises the Deliverance of the Saints



Of course, if you have read your Bible through to the end of the Book of Revelation, you surely know that the beast, Satan himself, will be cast into the pit of hell at the end of days.


After that magnificent event, the culmination of this current dispensation will be the unification of Christ and His Eternal Bride.


That is why I believe that this message is so urgent. We cannot take for granted that the victory is ours, whether we live like hell, or spend our days walking with our Savior. No! The Lord’s Armies in past generations, as in this one, have been and will continue to be honorable.


The enemy that we face, demands that we rise and stand as one unified force, in resistance to the darkness that shrouds the enemy, and in the Light of the Lord’s Strength, as One Unified Force.


Further, Immediate Action is Demanded Now. If we wait one more moment, it would be much too little, and way too late. Today is the Day That WE Must Put on The Full Armor of God and Fight and Win the Battle of the Ages!



The Collective “WE” Must Hear and Respond


In case you have not considered it yet, you are not in this battle alone. This alarm is not just for those people out there!!! It sounds for YOU! It sounds for ME! Every living creature will, in some way be impacted by the sound of this alarm, and with or without knowing it, they will react to it.


The fact that the alarm exists, that it’s sounds can only be spiritually discerned in this day, throughout the earth, and its atmosphere, indicates that the culmination of earthly time, as we know it, is upon us.


No one knows if it will be fulfilled in this decade or the next, or the next, because God’s timing is not relative to our earthly expectations of His timetable.


It is, however, certain that planet earth, and all that therein lies, is closer than it has ever been, to the final shift out of time and a massive thrust into the reality of the Eternal Home of the Earthly Saints.


After the death of every life on this Earth, those who have honored and followed Christ, will exchange their frail earthly bodies, for the perfection of the Heavenly bodies, that will be given to them when God, their Creator welcomes them into Heaven.



Who Has Released the Global Alarm?


To answer the above question, ask yourself, where is the alarm coming from? Certainly, only one entity has the capacity to release such a global sound into all the entirety of the Earth.


Why is the alarm sounding now? Clearly, our Creator, God Himself is keenly aware that many people, to include His Chosen vessels, have fallen into a deep slumber regarding earthly preparations for the Second Coming of Christ. In fact, there is most likely only a small portion of the planet Earth, that would even consider that Christ might come in their lifetime


Distractions of the times in which we live have lulled many, if not most, into a deep hypnotic spiritual slumber. If you wonder how that could happen on the entire earth, to such a huge portion of the population, there is surely only one entity that could make that happen. If you think about it, you can surely pinpoint exactly who that might be. It is, of course, Satan himself.


That old serpent who is seeking to take full ownership of our home, our lives, the earth and the fullness thereof. Yes, it is the devil himself that strives to take over our planet, our cities, our nation, and ultimately our world.


Consider the fact that Hell has released its “top guns,” while the supposed saints of the Most-High God are distracted by the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eye, and the pride of life.


Thus, you can begin to realize that in our present state, we are totally unprepared for the battle that is before us, if it not already upon us.


Consider the Ten Virgins in Matthew, chapter 25. Only five of them were attuned to the times of their day. How do we know that? In fact, only five of them had filled their lamps with oil. They knew that the coming of the Bridegroom was imminent. With that knowledge, they saw fit to prepare      themselves for His coming.


The foolishness of the other five distracted them from the certainty of the coming of the Bridegroom at any moment. In other words, this caused them to neglect to make certain that they had enough oil in their lamps when the Bridegroom arrived.


Will You Be Prepared When the Midnight Cry Sounds?



When you hear the call, “The bridegroom is here come out to meet Him,” will you slumber and sleep? Or will you go out to meet Him?  Nevertheless, those who had oil in their lamps were prepared to go out and meet the bridegroom, while the others had to go out and buy oil to light their lamps.


Surely, we all know the story, those who were prepared were ushered into meet the bridegroom.  Once they entered in, the door was shut. And by the way, let me ask this question: what exactly did it mean to for the Virgins to “have oil in their lamps”?  In fact, how does that apply to this day? 


I believe that in “This Day” Having Oil In Our Lamps, indicates that we have our minds on Heavenly things! It means that our focus is on the things of God and not the things of the Earth.


It means that we are preparing yourself as a Warrior of the Most-High God, because in fact, the enemy is crafty, and he knows how to seduce all of humanity. In fact, he knows how to shove sin in your face, and make it seem like it was all God’s idea.


                                                                           God’s Army Overcomes Hell’s Darkness



We are the warriors that Christ has identified to face the enemy and take him down. With the Lord fighting with us, we will overcome and overpower Satan and his minions.


On the other hand, there was then, as there is now, no possibility of the unprepared virgins to enter the celebration of the Bridegroom and His Bride.


That parable alone gives us clarity as to why the Spirit of God is sounding the alarm on the earth right now, in this day, and hour.


Certainly, the Bridegroom is Coming! And yes, no man knows the day or the hour of his return, save the Father in Heaven.


It is, however,  imperative that we, His Bride, must always be prepared to meet Him in the Air. Why? Because there will be a day when He descends from Heaven to the Earth to Escort His Bride to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb! In fact, when he descends from Heaven, you surely want/need to be ready.


By that, I do not mean that your earthly affairs must be in order when he arrives. In fact, that should be the least of your worries when you hear that Trumpet sound.  It is, of course, good to keep the bills paid, stay strong at work, and make sure you and your family are healthy, safe, and close to God. But do not allow your domestic chores to take precedence over your walk with God.


Understand this, Before We Meet Our Lord in the Air, There Is a War to be fought and won in the spiritual realm on this earth before we meet Our Lord in the Air!



We Must Hear and We Must Respond!


It is vital that we hear, and it is even more imperative that we respond to the call of Heaven! In fact, in these days of uncertainty, there is a demand for us to expect more of ourselves, and more of the world in which we live.



We must be prepared to Meet Him In the Air. WE must recognize that there are those who have no oil in their lamps. We do not have the luxury to sleep while the Bridegroom tarries.


If we are to awaken our fellow sleeping saints and ensure that their lamps are filled with an unending flow of heavenly oil, we must be forerunners in this expedition. We must be awake!



Certainly, there will be many who cannot hear this global and atmospheric alarm. In fact, to hear the sound, we must stop trying to hear spiritual things with our natural ears. Why? Because this alarm can, will, and must be heard by spirit ears alone.



The sound of the alarm will reverberate within the heart and the depth of the “spirit being” of everyone who has ears to hear beyond the natural.



Specifically, this sound is targeting The Warrior That RESIDES WITHIN YOUR SPIRIT BEINGS! Why? Because It IS Time to Wake Up and Fight the Good Fight of Faith for the Reality of the Eternal Destiny That We, God’s Children, Were Born to Inherit!


Warriors Wake Up! This Is Your Time To  Prevail Over Death and Darkmess!





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