Demand The Dunamis Power On Earth as In Heaven                     

      Demand The Dunamis Power On Earth As In Heaven


   By Dr. Lindy Diffenbaugh


Warfare Demands Dunamis Power

We read in the Bible that is truly an inherent fiery force flowing from depths of the inner being of every Warrior Commissioned by the Most-High God of Heaven and Earth. When the trials  and needs of the situations on the earth demand it, the release of this intercessory strength will erupt from the depths of the heart and soul of the Ever-Ready Heaven Empowered Warriors of God.

In fact these Warriors have been trained, empowered and commissioned by the Most High God on Earth, as in Heaven. In fact, if you are keen to the workings of the satanic warriors of the deep dark underworld, where the darkness is thick, and the fire is excruciating and unrelenting,  then you have most likely already discerned the presence of these wicked minions of that champion the death and destruction of everything that God holds dear. Demons thrive in the deep, dark portals of hell; in fact they consume the darkness as they work diligently to destroy mankind.

One Truth You Must Understand

If you have perceived the wicked presence of the  diabolical demonic, hell trained minions of Satan, then you must hold onto this one truth concerning the works of death and darkness; in fact, you must know and never lose site of the absolute truth of this one simple reality of Hell.  

In fact, in order to lay hold of the reality of “this truth,” you must know and understand this: The only weapon that Satan and every one of his minions possess, is the Wickedness of the Force of the Power of Their Continual Lies. In fact if the lies are the only weapon that hell possesses, then why are Satan and his armies as powerful as they are?

If you want to know the truth, it is that Satan and his demons have been stripped of all their inherent God given power, except for the force of their devious and sometimes deadly lies. They thrust these lies all over the earth to bring doubt, darkness, and death onto and  throughout the populations of the earth.

Who do they target with these diabolical lies? In fact, Satan’s crowd is not always particular, as to who they release their lies upon. In fact, every one that stands in the way of Hell’s forces, and/or who are genuinely deceived by the lying hellish, devilish imps, and the threats that they thrust upon humanity, will surely be targeted by Satan and the wicked demons that stand with him in his mission to destroy God’s Purpose Created Saints.

Just WHO do the demonic forces of Hell spew their wicked and evil lies out to? In fact, it is my belief that the demons of Hell spit out their venom to anyone who diligently follows God, and /or anyone else who will believe and act on their lies. Thus, if you understand that reality, then you can enter the battle with great authority, knowing that through Christ, the “one weapon enemy” is already defeated.

The Devil’s Diabolical Minions Thrive on The Spiritual Darkness on Earth-As in Hell

In the Isaiah 60:2, the prophet speaks of a time when Darkness Covers the Earth, and Deep Darkness the people. If you have not discerned it, we now live in a day when deep spiritual darkness overpowers the light and the glory in every sphere of life and living. The only way to really move into  the light of Heaven, is to commune with the God of Heaven and Earth on a continual night and day basis.

In fact, the dark forces from hell, have invaded the Earth on a mission to lie to, cheat, and steal the very life out of God’s created Masterpieces; if you are unsure of who these Heaven-Sent Masterpieces might be, let me enlighten you on that subject. These are in fact. the men, women, and children of God, who worship Him and populate the Earth with His Glorious Heaven Filled Righteousness.

Of course, Satan’s army works overtime to steal and rob these God created beings; they work overtime to press God’s warriors into the death and darkness that Hell freely offers to every person that walks the Earth. In fact, Hell makes the portals of Hell sound very important and in fact vital, to the future of the planet and the world beyond.

Why does Satan do this? Of course Satan does it to bring doubt and confusion to every living God Created, child of God. It is sad that there are way too many would be saints, that have turned away from the Light of the Glorious Gospel of Christ.

Certainly the sadness is intensified when you recognize that  the have stepped into the hands of that diabolically wicked deceiver, Satan himself  Why do you think that so many people  would make such a drastic and destructive decision for their lives? If you have not guessed the answer to that question, then let me enlighten you.

In fact, this wicked, diabolical serpent, has convinced them that the Great God of Heaven is, in fact the one who Is deceiving the entire world. Satan wants all of humanity to believe that he, himself is the only enlightened being in the Universe; in fact he wants them to understand that he is the only one that can lead them to everlasting glory on this Earth, as well as in the afterlife.

The tragedy of that is, that there are hordes of people that buy into the lie that Satan has been pedaling to the saints of God,  since the beginning of time. In fact, this DEFEATED LYING DEVIL has been pedaling his deep, dark lies since he enticed Eve to take a bite from “that God forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden. While she, and later her husband saw no harm in one bite, she cut off the glory of Heave on Earth, for every generation of humanity that would follow from that day forward.

With that said, the most important question that must be asked, is this:  Who’s responsibility is it to reach out and save those who have fallen into the deceptive force of this ruthless predator? In fact, we must always be aware that the resurrection force of Christ is still on this earth, and it is still potent enough to plunder hell and populate Heaven. 

How Do We Lay Hold of the Dunamis Power of Heaven to Walk As Christ Walked?

So, how do we lay hold of the power to seek and save the lost?  While Christ walked the Earth, He offered Himself to be broken bread and poured out wine. He came to seek and save the lost, and to lead them to the road that that would ultimately take them to Heaven’s Glory. He turned lives from darkness to light. He saved lives and souls, and all the while, He was pointing them to their Heavenly purpose. His human visitation on this earth, resulted in the salvation of many, many souls that were, from birth, destined for hell.

In this day, we do not, as a rule, see the Lord of Glory, WALKING the earth to save the last, the least and the lost! So, the next question would be, if Christ does not walk the earth, preach the gospel, and release salvation to the the souls of the saints in this day, then how is salvation to be released on the earth? How do we bring down light in a world of darkness?  In fact, how does anybody find the pathway that leads to Heaven’s Glory?

In fact, in the last chapter of the book of Matthew, Jesus gave a mandate to His Disciples to “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: 20Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen.”

In that message, Christ gave us, you and I and every born again believer, the mandate and the dunimis power to go forth in His Name,  to intervene in breaking the lost out of the bondage from Satan and his minions, and to lift them up into  into the glory of Heaven’s power and purpose…

The mandate thus rests upon the Born Again, God Worshiping, Saints of the Most High God; and by the way, this is a High and Holy Calling, and not one to be taken Lightly.

We Have The Privilege To Carry the Blessing and Glory of Christ into the Highways and By-Ways of the Earth with the Message of the Gospel and the Dunamis Power of Heaven to Compel Them to Come into God’s Glorious Kingdom of Goodness, Hope and Eternal Goodness and Grace on Earth as in Heaven!We Compel “Them” to Come Into the His Glorious Eternal Kingdom!






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