In The Beginning God Created

The First Couple Falls For Satan’s Diabolical Seduction to the Evil Side of The Garden

By Lindy S. Diffenbaugh, D. D. 


In the beginning, after God had created HEAVEN AND EARTH, and populated the Global Habitation with Oceans, Greenery, Mountains, Soil, Sand, Plants, Flowers, Fish, and Fowl, the Lord Created the First two God Formed, Created Beings. The two of these were the Pinnacle Masterpiece of His Glorious Creation.

Before you ask why these two were so special, it was surely because Adam and Eve, and every created Human Being since that time, were created in the Image of God Himself.

Being created in God’s image, gave the couple the opportunity to name the plants and animals, and every other created every other created being/plant/tree, etc. in the garden at that time.  Unlike the world that you and I were born into, Adam and Eve were created in a time when the earth reflected a state of pure innocence, and in fact, they were able to maintain their innocence for some time.

The Couple often Walked With God in the Garden of Eden, in the cool of the day. God walked with them, and He taught them about ‘living their best lives now’ in the Beautiful and Breathtaking Garden of Eden.

Adam and Eve were privileged to Learn of the Things of the Universe/Earth from their Faithful Creator, Almighty God Himself. He allowed them to roam about His creation and to partake of any fruit of any tree in the Garden, that they desired!”  He did however, stipulate one exception which was, “You must not eat of This One Tree!!! 

 That One Tree, The Devil, And the Fall

God let Adam and Eve know that if they “ate of the fruit of That Tree,” then the two of them would surely die. If you do not know this story, then you would probably ask, “What was so special about that tree, and why would they die if they partook of the fruit of it?” The importance of the tree was that it was in fact, The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Biblical writings explain in the Book of Genesis that, if Adam and Eve would even take one bite of its fruit, then they would surely die. Of course, their death would be a death of all of the goodness and glory that they would inherit while they were in the Garden of Eden. 

Not only did they understand that they must not eat of the fruit of the tree, but the Snake, aka: Lucifer himself, the Old Serpent that we call the devil, also knew very well the inherent danger of eating the fruit of that tree.

Despite God’s warning, along with everyone’s  knowledge of the danger of eating the fruit of that Tree, the diabolical snake, the devil himself, played the role of a cunning deceiver.

When Eve suggested that if she ate that fruit, that she would “surely die,” Satan stepped up and assured her that “she would not surely die.” In other words, Satan elevated himself above God, and he told the woman that she would “not surely die” from eating the  Fruit that God had Forbidden.

With the devil’s consult, Eve decided to take a bite of of the fruit of that tree. She not only took a bite of the fruit, but she also shared it with her husband, Adam. Following their transgression, the First Couple clearly realized that they had sinned against the Living God.

Their transgression against His commandment was certainly not ignored by their Almighty Creator.  Thus, in the Garden of Eden, where evil seduced Innocence, the Devil seduced the innocence of the entirety of the human race, as he knew that by seducing this one couple, that the entirety of humanity lost any opportunity that they would have been afforced by God. They allowed themselves to be seduced, and in so doing, they managed to release death, hell and darkness, onto the entire human race!


Evil Seduces Innocence

While Adam and Eve were new to the “Garden of Eden Culture,” God Himself gave them all the information that they needed to know, in order to negotiate their new Garden Home. God had clearly told them that they could eat of any fruit in the garden, but, “Do Not Eat From the Fruit of That Tree or You Will Surely Die!” However, after God’s unquestionable and clear warnings not to eat of the fruit of that one tree, “the cunning snake” encouraged them to partake of the fruit of that tree.

In response to their objections and God’s warnings, this wicked and diabolical deceiver, assured them that what God had forbidden them to eat, would make them “like gods, knowing good and evil” (Genesis 3:5).

Because the couple followed the serpent’s directions, the  two of them fell from God’s good grace. In fact, when God later expelled the couple from the Garden, it was precisely because they had “become like one of “US”, knowing good and evil” (Genesis 3:22).”

Having a clear knowledge of what this knowledge might consist of, they still did not take God’s warning seriously. Unfortunately, immediately after “their garden transgression,” Adam and Eve became aware of how badly that “Serpent had played” them. It seems that these unsuspecting citizens of Eden, were the first victims of the seduction of this crafty, yet diabolically evil devil.


An Eternal Curse Was Released Onto Mankind

The price of this knowledge was, of course, an eternal curse on all of mankind, and a permanent expulsion from the Garden. The Godhead, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit-met and determined that the transgression of Adam and Eve, would lead to the immortality for all of humanity.

While, knowledge can be a good thing, and sometimes very helpful, in this scenario the cost of that knowledge turned out to be astronomical. In fact, it  produced  far reaching consequences, to Adam and Eve first, and eventually all of mankind. 


The Serpent Takes Advantage of The First Couple’s Innocence

It is very clear that God gave Adam and Eve access to everything in the Garden, except for the Fruit of That One Tree. Thus, what choice did Satan have to put before Eve on that day? He promised her that if she ate the fruit of that tree, that she would not surely die.

Unfortunately, after the “deed was done,” it could not be undone! Thus, one sentence out of the mouth of the lying snake, had greatly damaged the loving, nurturing relationship that Adam and Eve had formed with God. The devil’s first underhanded effort was to tempt the woman and push her beyond what she was permitted by God to do. Again, I must say that Satan is good at what he does. That does not make him good. It simply makes him wicked, evil, and cunning!


The Father of All Lies

In fact, Satan, the “Father of All Lies,” the one that had been around forever, and was cunning enough to make it sound like God was the one that was lying. 

So, of course, Eve took the lie, hook, line and sinker, and she subsequently sold out all humanity, when, without hesitation she took advantage of the invite to taste the fruit of “That One Tree!” She did not say, “Let me ask my husband,” or “Let me run it by God.” She simply took the fruit and took the most-deadly bite of any fruit ever produced on the earth.

After the greatest liar in the universe, made Eve believe that God had lied to her, this lying devil assured Eve that, “She would not surely die.”

With that devilish consult, Eve freely took the deadliest bite that has ever been consumed from any piece of fruit from that day to this one. She bit into the lie of the devil and opened the doors of Hell to Rob Heaven and Populate Hell.


Their Eyes Were Opened 

As if that was not enough, Eve gave the fruit to Adam and told him to partake of it. Nowhere in the Bible can you find any writing that reflects that Adam posed even one objection to the deed. He took the fruit and tragically, he bit into the lie of the devil. After the Root of Sin Emerged from the couple’s blatant transgression, what happened next?

Their eyes were opened to the reality before them, and they could see the truth of light and darkness, and heaven and hell. Their innocence was gone, and they surely knew it. In fact, Adam and Eve had stepped out of the place of purity, and into the quicksand of sin, darkness, and death.

All that it took to contaminate all of humanity from that day forward, was one little suggestion, that led to one bite of the God forbidden fruit. That one “invitation” opened the door that resulted in  darkness covering the earth, and deep darkness the people. All of this was the result of one suggestion from the pinnacle of evil, the devil himself (Isaiah 60:2). How Did Eve’s Sin Cause All of Humanity to Fall From God’s Good Grace

Why is the Entire Race Vulnerable to The Tragic Fall of Adam and Eve 

Think about it! What if you were out walking in the neighborhood, and a guy comes up to you and offers to give you some illegal drugs, and you say, “Sure, I would love some.” He gives you the drugs and walks away. You partake of the drugs and a cop shows up and you are arrested. That is exactly what should have happened.

But, in the above scenario, when you were caught with the illegal drugs, the entire country was not arrested for your infraction. So what is the difference between your sin, and the sin of Adam and Eve? I do not have a textbook answer to that question, but I have an opinion. It was the Law and Not God that said, “Don’t Do Drugs.” The Bible does say that we are the temple of the Lord, and we must be good stewards of the Lord’s temple.

As far as I know, no one has ever gone to jail for not taking care of their own bodies. So, in my opinion, Adam and Eve were sorely chastised by God for disobeying His instructions, because up to that point, the First Couple of humanity was pure. They had not had the opportunity to rebel against God and follow Satan. They trusted Him and followed His directions in the Garden, at least up to the entry of the Devil in their Garden home.

Beyond that, because these were the first human beings to inhabit the earth, and up to the time of that demonic devil take-down, they were pure. Their bodies were perfect. They understood and seemed to have had no struggle understanding good from evil.

Thus, when the serpent enticed them, it was easier to say, “Yes” to the enticement from hell, but very difficult to follow the instructions from God, and of course, to follow the “letter of the God given Law.” While Satan enticed Adam and Eve, whether they considered it or not, they nevertheless had a choice to Obey or Disobey God.

They could have seen it as an opportunity, rather than blatant disobedience. Regardless of how they saw it and what they did, the deed was done, and humanity was tainted forever. Satan got his foot in the door between God and The First Couple, and the Battle between Heaven and Hell was on!


Before You Criticize The First Couple Know This

Every God Created Being Is Vulnerable to the Seductive Forces of Hell. To this day, the entire human race is vulnerable to fall for devil inspired enticements and invitations. Satan himself will gleefully seduce you and me, and anyone else that he can grab hold of, to cause them to partake of the delicious delicacies that  have the power to lead all of humanity away from Heaven, and  then thrust them into seeking out the depth of the dark spirits of hell, that work continually to steal the souls of God’s Chosen Vessels. Once sin was released by Adam and Eve, it could not be erased from the “inheritance of mankind.” We live in a world where sin runs rampant.

In fact, there are people that commit every forbidden sin that we read about in the Bible. There are also, many people that do not know that the activities that they are involved in  are devil inspired and deeply sinful. Why? Because television seems to be more popular than the Bible, in this day and time in which we live. For many lost souls on this earth, sin has chased them down and made them believe that their sins are just another way to have fun. Most believe that their sinful deviation from God’s Way, Truth, and Life, is simply their way of enjoying His Creation.
Do not be fooled. God is not mocked! What a man Sows He Reaps!

We Must Sound the Alarm!

I have written this article to “sound the alarm” that, “Hell is Real and It Has Released Sin into the Hearts, Minds, and Souls of all Humanity.”  Beyond that, Hell is definitely real and Satan is Still roaming the earth to seduce as any men, women, and children  that he can devour.

What is his goal? He is diligently working to plunder Heaven populate Hell. What can you and I do to impact the morality of the population of this earth? My first suggestion would be that everything starts with prayer; first you pray and ask God to lead and guide you as to what you are to do next.

Do not stop praying until you get the answers that you need, to reach out to lost souls that flippantly walk in darkness on this earth, never realizing that they are walking into the traps of Satan himself and slowly dying in their own sins.

Ultimately, through our intercession with the Lord, we will move through just learning what to say and do, into a place where we feel like we are going to bust open if we do not have someone to share the truth of the Gospel and to lead many, many souls to Heaven’s Throne Room Of Goodness, Grace, and Glory!!!
So Go Forth Mighty Warrior and Bring Souls Out of Darkness and into the Light!!!




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