Africa: The Dark Continent?


Is Africa REALLY A “Dark” Continent???


By Dr. Lindy S. Diffenbaugh, D. D,


Today We Echo the “War Cry” of Reinhardt Bonnke Over the Nation of Africa: “AFRICA SHALL BE SAVED!” 

The Continent of Africa: A Gorgeous Piece of “Real Estate!”

The first time that I was in Africa, I spoke of the reputation of this Breathtakingly Beautiful Nation, as being known the “Dark Continent.” Thus, after returning to the States, I began to question why such a beautiful, bright, rich, and thriving Continent, was tagged as “Dark.” My curiosity led me to search out the “WHY” of this most horrific and unflattering title, that had been pinned on such a gorgeous piece of Global Real Estate.

My studies took me back to the early days when this landmass, known as Africa, had been explored by those from other nations of the Earth. The most prominent nation that engaged in the exploration of  Africa, was the United Kingdom. When the UK  began to explore the huge African continent, their best observation was that the entirety of the continent was, in fact, a “deep, dark mystery.”  Nobody knew what would be found within this enormous mass of land. In fact, when the term “unknown” was the most common description of the land, it seemed normal to “demonize” what might lie within the ‘deep dark’ entirety of the land.

It would be logical to conclude that, give. the information that was available concerning the land prior to an in-depth exploration, the expectation of certain beauty was most likely never considered. With the interior of the land being an unknown, the explorers expected to find that savages and wild beasts had taken possession of the land. They believed that both men and beasts would come out of the forests and fields and consume their entire bodies.. Thus, there was a hesitancy to move into the unknown territory of this outwardly beautiful, yet inwardly uncertain, piece of land. Because the Europeans called Africa “Dark”, few explorers showed even an ounce of desire to set foot on this seemingly “demon infested” land mass.

Those that had determined to lay claim to the massive continent for Europe, saw Africa as a place of powerful darkness that nevertheless carried much potential.  One look at the entirety of this gorgeous Nation, reflected that God had created one of His greatest global masterpieces on this earth, in this mysterious, but gorgeous landmass known as “Africa”.  So now that the continent has been fully explored, why does the term “Dark Continent” continue to be a term that lingers, whenever the subject of “Africa” is engaged?


Christian Values Are Now, and Will Continue to Awaken the Nation of Africa

To be honest, in the natural, I do not know why, at least in the natural, that Africa is still  known to many as the “Dark Continent”. I do, however, agree that the darkness of this beautiful and massive continent, can only be reversed by the direct release of an overflowing dose, of the light of true Christian values. In order to be effective, the depth of the Christian values that humanity carries, must rest on a firm foundation of faith, that emanates from the  power of the resurrected Christ. 

Ultimately, like it is in any other time and any other nation on the Earth, only the Power and the Truth of the Glorious Gospel of Christ, possesses the potency to save the souls of the people of Africa. In case there is any questions regarding the salvation of souls, only the Gospel that carries the power and the force to impact and transform the hearts, minds, and souls of any and every life, city, nation, and ultimately, the entire world. This, of course, includes the repentant hearts, lives, and souls of those in Africa, as well as any other nation on this earth. Christ paid the price to save the heart and soul of every repentant heart on  this earth, to the saving strength and power of the Resurrected Christ.  

The heavenly values and deep goodness of Christianity, can and must be imparted to the people of this and every other nation on the planet earth. “WHY”, you may ask, “Does it take Christian Values to Change Africa?” For starters, when the “Application of Christianity” is released into Africa, it carries dunamis strength and power to heal and restore every personal and national ill, as well as, reverse the impact of terror and pain, every destructive belief, every injustice, every lie, every dark governmental or personal action in the land, and much, much more. When the Light, the Power, and the Gospel are applied to the needs and the will of the People and Nation of Africa, then the hearts and lives of the people with open hearts and gives entrance into the Gospel of  Christ, and allows the Glorious Light of Christ to guide and strengthen the hearts and souls of every Believer in Christ.


National Transformation Through Christ 

When such a “magnificent event” breaks-out throughout Africa, the people and those that govern the nation, will begin to move from the possibilities of earthly hope, to the direction and into the strength of Heavenly Authority and Faith, in and through Christ. In a very real sense, these will be transformed from those who will spend their lives on this earth, and then and eternity in hell. However, for those who know and serve Christ, their terminal lives on the planet earth, into an eternal Life with Christ when their lives on this earth are over. 

Let me be clear, the evangelization of Africa, started at least 2-plus centuries ago. There have been many, many evangelists that have given their lives to the evangelization of the continent and the people of Africa. Despite all of that, a huge portion of the population of Africa does not know Christ. In fact, many of these are involved in witchcraft, voodoo, and other “dark arts” that emanate from the pits of Hell, yet seem to thrive in Africa.

The people in the nations of the earth live in a day when they must embrace the truth of the Gospel of Christ, in order to prevail against that the darkness that moves through this  earth. Just like in any other territory or nation, when the people of Africa embrace the Gospel, Live the Gospel, and Share the Gospel of Christ’s Resurrected Life within the Nation, then and only then, will the entire nation will begin to walk through the door of transformation from the dark to the light! 

The darkness will surely dissipate, and the light will break out and break through into the entire land. This will happen when deep darkness begins to lift and give way to the light in the nation of Africa. When darkness fully yields to the light on the Continent of Africa, then the Values of the African Nation will begin to change dramatically. For starters, when the “application of Christianity” is released to every personal and national ill, terror, pain, every destructive belief, every injustice, every lie, every dark governmental or personal action in the land-then the entire nation will begin to receive the glorious light of the Gospel of Christ. 

When that happens, the people within the nation will begin to be eternally changed. The entire nation will ultimately be transformed from darkness to light. Along with this transformation, the deep darkness that has covered the African continent, will be forced to give way Christ’s Glorious Light that will surely breakout all through the cities, provinces, and communities within Africa. When this begins to happen, then the Light and the Glory of Heaven will prevail throughout the entire continent. Anything and everything, that corrupts man, government, and society within the continent…will demand the application of the power and authority of pure Christianity. Without it, total transformation within the nations will never be fully achieved.  

In case you might have missed the “Class in Sunday School,” when they taught that we are not positioned on this earth to eat, drink, and be merry, while waiting for the Rapture to sweep us away to meet Jesus in the air, let me spell it out for you. We, God’s Warriors, are on this Earth to fight the Battles of the Most-High God. As His Warriors, we are positioned to be the first line of defense and to stand against the certain infiltration of hell’s army. Why? Because whether we know it or not, hell is planning a takeover of the Planet Earth–the place that you and I call “Home.” And yes, at least to a great degree, deep spiritual darkness still covers the earth, and the darkness covers the people. With that in the forefront of our minds, our ultimate task and privilege is to be Warriors to Back The Purpose of God on the Earth, and to Spread His Light, Life, and Liberty all around the Globe.  


Your Physical “House” Reflects Your Spiritual Life

If you own a house, then that house will begin to take on your qualities and your personality. Your decor will suit your taste. You won’t stop setting up the house, until you have replicated “your style,” throughout that house. Planet Earth is your home. As God’s child, you will release His light into your house. If you are one who hates the good and loves the evil, then the house will release a darkness out into your life and the land around you.  In the same way, we either light up, or dim down the lights in the nations of the earth that we inhabit. There are many people in Africa who have found the way, the truth, and the light of Heaven.

However, an untold number of others will proudly carry and release darkness, wherever they go and whatever they do. We know that witchcraft is prominent in Africa, we also know that along with the worship of Christ in Africa, there are many other religions that have spread across this land. There is Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and many more “religions” that have taken root across this gorgeous, “God” designed piece of “Real-Estate.”

As false religions grow and spread across the continent, the spiritual darkness is greatly intensified. It seeks to infiltrate the very air that humanity breathes, as well as the hearts, minds, and souls of the people. Thus, the darkness that has been released in Africa, has great potential to spread across the entire continent. In fact, there are a huge number of people that visit Africa every day, of every year. These may have come for an extended visit or to engage the work that brought them to the Nation in the first place. Imagine the spirits that are carried into the continent, as wells those that people take with them when they leave the continent. 

Africa Shall Be Saved

We are certain that it is the Will of God for Africa to be saved from the infiltration of Hell in their lives and land. We know this because, with every sermon preached in Africa, with every life that has been given to Christ on African soil, with the truth and reality of all of this and more, we can stand back and truly recognize that God and God alone, was the Author and the Finisher of Africa’s creation and its destiny, 

We also must recognize that Africa, like every other nation, as well as all of humanity on this planet, is caught up in a warfare between Heaven and Hell. It is a Tug of War for the Soul of the Nation and the Lives that Dwell Therein. Only Christian Values and Deep Prayer will be a catalyst that will help Africa Overpower the darkness that is upon the nation and release the Hope and the Glory that God Has Prepared for this Beautiful Nation, that is Filled With Beautiful God Appointed and Anointed Saints that live to release a righteous standard and Heavenly Work on the Earth. 

 With that said, I will close my message with one short WORD for All of Africa: Africa Choose You This Day Who You as a Person, a People, and a Nation Will Serve.

I pray that in the “House of Africa”, that The Choice Will Be to Love, Honor, and Worship The Creator God of Heaven, Earth, and Certainly of The Glorious Nation of Africa!  



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